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Clinical assessment

Paediatrics: Communication skills
Taking a paediatric history
Paediatrics: The presenting complaint
Paediatrics: History of present illness
Paediatrics: Past health history
Paediatrics: Symptom review
Paediatrics: Family history
Examining a child: introduction
Paediatrics: General condition
Paediatrics: Vital signs
Paediatrics: Respiratory system
Paediatrics: Cardiovascular system
Paediatrics: Gastrointestinal system
Paediatrics: Genitourinary system
Paediatrics: Musculoskeletal system


Paediatrics: Cardiopulmonary arrest
Paediatrics: Rapid cardiopulmonary assessment
Paediatric basic life support
Paediatrics: Choking children
Paediatrics: Rhythm disturbances
Paediatrics: Treating supraventricular tachycardia
Paediatrics: Following unsuccessful resuscitation

Emergency and high dependency care

Paediatrics: The ABC of high dependency
Paediatrics: Respiratory distress
Paediatrics: Respiratory distress: management
Paediatrics: Foreign-body inhalation
Paediatrics: Drowning
Paediatrics: Circulation: cardiovascular difficulty
Paediatrics: Cardiovascular system difficulty: assessment
Paediatrics: Cardiovascular system difficulty: therapy - 1
Paediatrics: Cardiovascular system difficulty: therapy- 2
Paediatrics: Cyanosis: assessment
Paediatrics: management of Cyanosis
Paediatrics: Anaphylaxis
Paediatrics: Hypovolaemic shock
Paediatrics: Burns
Paediatrics: Treatment for Burns
Paediatrics: Sepsis
Paediatrics: Altered level of consciousness
Paediatrics: Altered level of consciousness: clinical assessment
Paediatrics: Altered level of consciousness: Glasgow coma scale
Paediatrics: Altered level of consciousness: management
Paediatrics: Status epilepticus
Paediatrics: Poisoning
Paediatrics: Poisoning: management
Paediatrics: Poisoning: antidotes and substrates
Paediatrics: Fluid and electrolytes
Paediatrics: Fluid and electrolytes: dehydration
Paediatrics: Fluid and electrolytes: abnormalities
Paediatrics: Renal insufficiency
Paediatrics: Glucose: hypoglycaemia
Paediatrics: Diabetic ketoacidosis
Paediatrics: Diabetic ketoacidosis: treatment
Paediatrics: Inborn error of metabolism
Paediatrics: Other acid-base problems


Paediatrics: Newborn life support
Perinatal definitions
Paediatrics: Small for gestational age
Paediatrics: Large for gestational age
Paediatrics: Prematurity
Paediatrics: Birth at the limit of viability
Paediatrics: Outcome following prematurity
Paediatrics: Basic obstetrics
Paediatrics: Obstetric problems
Paediatrics: Maternal disorders causing neonatal disease
Paediatrics: Birth trauma
Paediatrics: Non-specifi cally ill neonate
Paediatrics: Neonatal jaundice
Paediatrics: Hypoglycaemia
Paediatrics: Neonatal seizures
Paediatrics: The floppy infant
Paediatrics: Hydrops foetalis
Paediatrics: Routine care of the newborn
Paediatrics: Milk feeding
Paediatrics: Routine neonatal examination
Paediatrics: Normal variations and minor abnormalities
Newborn fluid and electrolyte balance
Paediatrics: Respiratory distress syndrome
Paediatrics: Acute respiratory diseases
Paediatrics: Neonatal respiratory support
Paediatrics: Conventional positive pressure ventilation
Paediatrics: High frequency oscillatory ventilation
Paediatrics: Bronchopulmonary dysplasia
Paediatrics: Circulatory adaptation at birth
Paediatrics: Patent ductus arteriosus
Paediatrics: CNS malformations
Paediatrics: Hypoxic–ischaemic encephalopathy
Paediatrics: Cerebral haemorrhage and ischaemia
Paediatrics: Necrotizing enterocolitis
Paediatrics: Neonatal infection
Paediatrics: Transplacental (congenital infection)
Paediatrics: Prevention of neonatal infection
Paediatrics: Neonatal abstinence syndrome
Inborn errors of metabolism
Paediatrics: Retinopathy of prematurity
Metabolic bone disease
Paediatrics: Orofacial clefts
Paediatrics: Neonatal haematology
Paediatrics: Rh disease (rhesus haemolytic disease)
Paediatrics: Bilirubin encephalopathy (kernicterus)
Paediatrics: Neonatal dermatology
Paediatrics: Perinatal death

Practical procedures

Paediatrics: Capillary blood sampling
Paediatrics: Venepuncture
Paediatrics: Intravenous cannulation
Paediatrics: Peripheral arterial blood sampling
Paediatrics: Peripheral arterial cannulation
Paediatrics: Umbilical arterial catheter
Paediatrics: Umbilical venous catheter
Paediatrics: Central venous catheterization via a peripheral vein
Paediatrics: Airway management
Paediatrics: Mask ventilation
Paediatrics: Endotracheal intubation
Paediatrics: Insertion of a chest drain
Paediatrics: Intraosseous infusion
Paediatrics: Intracardiac injection
Paediatrics: Pericardiocentesis
Paediatrics: Abdominal paracentesis
Paediatrics: Urethral bladder catheterization
Paediatrics: Suprapubic aspiration of urine
Paediatrics: Lumbar puncture
Paediatrics: Cerebral ventricular tap
Paediatrics: Exchange transfusion


Paediatrics: Cardiovascular Common presentations
Paediatrics: Heart failure
Paediatrics: Heart murmurs
Paediatrics: Murmurs: clinical features
Paediatrics: Acyanotic: congenital heart disease
Paediatrics: Left to right shunt: atrial septal defect
Paediatrics: Ventricular septal defect
Paediatrics: Persistent ductus arteriosus
Paediatrics: Right to left shunt: tetralogy of Fallot
Paediatrics: Transposition of the great arteries
Paediatrics: Common mixing: complete atrioventricular septal defect
Paediatrics: Tricuspid atresia
Paediatrics: Aortic stenosis
Paediatrics: Pulmonary stenosis
Paediatrics: Coarctation of the aorta
Paediatrics: Hypoplastic left heart syndrome
Paediatrics: Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection
Paediatrics: Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy
Paediatrics: Dextrocardia
Paediatrics: Infection: infective bacterial endocarditis
Paediatrics: Rheumatic fever
Paediatrics: Pericarditis
Paediatrics: Myocarditis
Paediatrics: Cardiomyopathy
Paediatrics: Cardiac arrhythmias

Paediatrics: Respiratory medicine

Paediatrics: Respiratory medicine
Paediatrics: Common presentation: wheeze
Paediatrics: Common presentation: stridor
Paediatrics: Common presentation: cough
Paediatrics: Common presentation: breathlessness
Paediatrics: Common presentation: snoring
Paediatrics: Investigations
Paediatrics: Asthma
Paediatrics: Asthma: drug delivery devices
Paediatrics: Asthma: clinic management (1)
Paediatrics: Asthma: clinic management (2)
Paediatrics: Cystic fibrosis
Paediatrics: Cystic fibrosis: problems
Paediatrics: Cystic fibrosis: management (1)
Paediatrics: Cystic fibrosis: management (2)
Paediatrics: Chronic lung disease of prematurity
Paediatrics: Congenital respiratory tract disorders
Paediatrics: Sleep apnoea
Paediatrics: Allergic rhinitis
Paediatrics: Upper airway infections
Paediatrics: Laryngeal and tracheal inflammation
Paediatrics: Bronchial disease
Paediatrics: Bronchiolitis
Paediatrics: Pneumonia
Paediatrics: Pneumonia treatment
Paediatrics: Pneumonia: effusion, empyema
Pulmonary tuberculosis

Gastroenterology and nutrition

Paediatrics: Healthy eating for children
Paediatrics: Vomiting
Paediatrics: Acute diarrhoea
Paediatrics: Chronic diarrhoea
Paediatrics: Constipation
Paediatrics: Faltering growth (failure to thrive)
Paediatrics: Recurrent abdominal pain
Paediatrics: Gastrointestinal haemorrhage
Paediatrics: Jaundice
Paediatrics: Adverse reactions to food
Paediatrics: Nutritional disorders
Paediatrics: Nutritional support
Paediatrics: Parenteral nutrition
Paediatrics: Oesophageal disorders
Paediatrics: Pancreatitis
Paediatrics: Intestinal disorders
Paediatrics: Inflammatory bowel disease
Paediatrics: Malabsorption
Paediatrics: Coeliac disease
Paediatrics: Gastrointestinal infections
Paediatrics: Intestinal parasites
Paediatrics: Acute hepatitis
Paediatrics: Chronic liver failure
Paediatrics: Alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency
Paediatrics: Wilson’s disease
Paediatrics: Liver transplantation


Paediatrics: Polyuria and frequency
Paediatrics: Abdominal/renal mass
Paediatrics: Haematuria
Paediatrics: Proteinuria
Paediatrics: Urinary tract infection
Paediatrics: Vesicoureteric reflux
Paediatrics: Acute kidney injury
Paediatrics: Acute kidney injury: diagnosis and treatment
Paediatrics: Chronic kidney disease
Paediatrics: Chronic kidney disease: treatment
Paediatrics: Congenital urinary tract anomalies
Paediatrics: Inherited renal disease
Paediatrics: Glomerulonephritis
Paediatrics: Haemolytic–uraemic syndrome
Paediatrics: Nephrotic syndrome
Paediatrics: Nephrotic syndrome: complications and follow-up
Paediatrics: Renal tubular disorders
Paediatrics: Proximal renal tubular acidosis
Paediatrics: Bartter’s syndrome
Paediatrics: Renal calculi
Paediatrics: Hypertension: definition
Paediatrics: Hypertension: causes and features
Paediatrics: Hypertension: management

Endocrinology and diabetes

Paediatrics: Obesity
Paediatrics: Obesity: management
Paediatrics: Type 1 diabetes mellitus
Paediatrics: Type 1 diabetes mellitus: management
Paediatrics: Type 1 diabetes mellitus: insulin therapy
Paediatrics: Acute complications of Type 1 diabetes mellitus
Paediatrics: Type 1 diabetes mellitus: long-term complications
Paediatrics: Type 1 diabetes mellitus: associated illnesses
Paediatrics: Type 2 diabetes mellitus
Paediatrics: Other forms of diabetes mellitus
Paediatrics: Goitre
Paediatrics: Solitary thyroid nodule
Paediatrics: Thyroid carcinoma
Paediatrics: Congenital hypothyroidism
Paediatrics: Acquired hypothyroidism
Paediatrics: Hyperthyroidism (thyrotoxicosis)
Paediatrics: Graves’s disease
Paediatrics: Thyroiditis
Paediatrics: Adrenal insufficiency
Paediatrics: Adrenal insufficiency: treatment
Paediatrics: Adrenal excess
Paediatrics: Congenital adrenal hyperplasia
Paediatrics: Mineralocorticoid excess
Paediatrics: Mineralocorticoid deficiency
Paediatrics: Inherited endocrine syndromes
Paediatrics: Hypocalcaemia
Paediatrics: Rickets
Paediatrics: Hypercalcaemia
Paediatrics: Posterior pituitary: syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion
Paediatrics: Hypopituitarism
Paediatrics: Posterior pituitary: diabetes insipidus
Paediatrics: Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Growth and puberty

Paediatrics: Normal growth
Paediatrics: Normal puberty
Paediatrics: Assessment of growth
Paediatrics: Assessment of puberty
Paediatrics: Short stature
Paediatrics: Constitutional delay in growth and puberty
Paediatrics: Intrauterine growth retardation
Paediatrics: Turner’s syndrome
Paediatrics: Chronic inflammatory disorders
Paediatrics: Skeletal dysplasias
Paediatrics: Growth hormone deficiency
Paediatrics: Growth hormone deficiency: management
Paediatrics: Tall stature
Paediatrics: Delayed puberty: assessment
Paediatrics: Delayed puberty: management
Paediatrics: Precocious puberty
Paediatrics: Precocious puberty: management
Paediatrics: Variants of normal puberty
Paediatrics: Disorders of sex development
Paediatrics: Disorders of sex development: management
Paediatrics: Androgen insensitivity syndrome
Paediatrics: Micropenis
Paediatrics: Gynaecomastia


Paediatrics: Neurology Examination
Paediatrics: Neurology Examination: children aged <5 years who can’t walk
Paediatrics: Congenital abnormalities
Paediatrics: Paroxysmal episodes: not epilepsy
Paediatrics: Paroxysmal episodes: general management
Paediatrics: Seizures and childhood epilepsies
Paediatrics: Seizures: management
Paediatrics: Epilepsies: neonatal
Paediatrics: Epilepsies: infantile
Paediatrics: Epilepsies: mid to late childhood (1)
Paediatrics: Epilepsies: mid to late childhood (2)
Paediatrics: Headache
Paediatrics: Headache: migraine
Paediatrics: Bell’s palsy
Paediatrics: Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
Paediatrics: Stroke in childhood
Paediatrics: Acute abnormal movements
Subdural haemorrhage in a child under 2 years
Paediatrics: Neurocutaneous disorders
Paediatrics: Macrocephaly and microcephaly
Paediatrics: Degenerative disorders
Paediatrics: Neuromuscular disorders
Paediatrics: Peripheral neuropathies
Paediatrics: Guillain–Barre syndrome
Paediatrics: Neuromuscular junction
Paediatrics: Muscular disorders
Paediatrics: Management of neuromuscular junction and muscular disorders
Paediatrics: Cerebral palsy
Paediatrics: Acute encephalopathy

Child development

Paediatrics: Managing and living with disability
Paediatrics: Normal development
Paediatrics: Gross motor development
Paediatrics: Fine motor development
Paediatrics: Speech and language development
Paediatrics: Social, emotional, and behavioural development
Paediatrics: Developmental assessment
Paediatrics: Neurodevelopmental delay
Paediatrics: Learning difficulties/disabilities
Paediatrics: Developmental co-ordination disorder
Paediatrics: Communication difficulties

Child and family psychiatry

Paediatrics: Prevalence
Paediatrics: Classification, categories, and dimensions
Paediatrics: Comorbidity and causation
Paediatrics: Developmental perspective
Paediatrics: Systemic thinking
Paediatrics: Assessment
Paediatrics: History taking
Paediatrics: Communicating
Paediatrics: Asking the difficult questions
Paediatrics: Depression
Paediatrics: Suicide and non-fatal deliberate self-harm
Paediatrics: Bipolar disorder
Paediatrics: Anxiety disorders
Paediatrics: Post-traumatic stress disorder
Paediatrics: Obsessive compulsive disorder
Paediatrics: Attachment disorder
Paediatrics: Schizophrenia
Paediatrics: Somatoform disorders and typical consultation–liaison presentations
Paediatrics: Anorexia nervosa
Paediatrics: Bulimia nervosa
Paediatrics: Oppositional defiant and conduct disorders
Paediatrics: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Paediatrics: Autism spectrum disorders
Paediatrics: Individual psychotherapy
Paediatrics: Family therapy
Paediatrics: Psychopharmacotherapy


Paediatrics: Anaemia
Paediatrics: Haemolytic anaemias
Paediatrics: Deficiency anaemias
Paediatrics: Red blood count membrane defect anaemias
Paediatrics: Red blood count enzyme defect anaemias
Paediatrics: Sickle cell disease
Paediatrics: Thalassaemia
Paediatrics: Immune haemolytic anaemia
Paediatrics: Red blood cell fragmentation
Paediatrics: Aplastic anaemia
Paediatrics: Failure of red cell production (pure red cell aplasia)
Paediatrics: Polycythaemia
Paediatrics: Abnormal bleeding or bruising
Paediatrics: Coagulation studies
Paediatrics: Disseminated intravascular coagulation
Paediatrics: Haemophilia A
Paediatrics: Haemophilia B
Paediatrics: von Willebrand disease
Paediatrics: Platelet function disorders
Paediatrics: Thrombocytosis
Paediatrics: Thrombocytopenia
Paediatrics: Acute immune thrombocytopenia
Paediatrics: Thrombophilia
Paediatrics: Blood transfusion reactions


Paediatrics: Epidemiology of childhood cancer
Paediatrics: Oncology Clinical assessment: history
Paediatrics: Oncology Clinical examination
Paediatrics: Key investigations
Paediatrics: Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Paediatrics: Acute myeloid leukaemia
Paediatrics: Chronic myeloid leukaemia (adult type)
Paediatrics: Juvenile myelomonocytic leukaemia
Paediatrics: Lymphoma
Paediatrics: Central nervous system tumours (1)
Paediatrics: Central nervous system tumours (2)
Paediatrics: Neuroblastoma
Paediatrics: Wilms’ tumour (nephroblastoma)
Paediatrics: Other renal tumours in childhood
Paediatrics: Bone tumours
Paediatrics: Rhabdomyosarcoma
Paediatrics: Germ cell tumours
Paediatrics: Primary liver tumours
Paediatrics: Other rare tumours
Paediatrics: Langerhans cell histiocytosis
Paediatrics: Haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis
Paediatrics: Chemotherapy
Paediatrics: Stem cell transplant
Paediatrics: Radiotherapy
Paediatrics: Surgery
Paediatrics: Acute care
Paediatrics: Acute care: biochemistry
Paediatrics: Acute care: other
Paediatrics: Urgent care
Paediatrics: Principles of follow-up
Paediatrics: Palliative care

Infectious diseases

Paediatrics: Infectious diseases
Paediatrics: The child with fever
Paediatrics: Fever: examination and assessment
Paediatrics: Fever: management (green features)
Paediatrics: Fever: management (red or amber features)
Paediatrics: Prolonged fever of unknown cause
Paediatrics: Common infections characterized by rash
Paediatrics: Exanthem 1: measles
Paediatrics: Exanthem 2: group A streptococcus
Paediatrics: Exanthem 3: rubella
Paediatrics: Exanthem 4: enteroviruses
Paediatrics: Exanthem 5: parvovirus
Paediatrics: Exanthem 6: human herpes virus 6
Paediatrics: Rash: chickenpox and zoster
Paediatrics: Rash: infectious mononucleosis
Paediatrics: Lyme disease
Paediatrics: Mumps
Paediatrics: Bacteraemia and shock
Paediatrics: Kawasaki disease
Paediatrics: Skin and soft tissues
Paediatrics: Meningitis
Paediatrics: Mycobacteria
Paediatrics: Tropical infections
Paediatrics: Immunodeficiency disorders
Paediatrics: Human immunodeficiency virus
Paediatrics: Immunizations

Bones and joints

Paediatrics: Bones and joints Clinical assessment
Paediatrics: The limping child
Paediatrics: The limping child: differential diagnosis
Paediatrics: Infections: septic arthritis
Paediatrics: Infections: osteomyelitis
Paediatrics: Spinal disorders
Paediatrics: Spine: kyphosis
Paediatrics: Spine: scoliosis
Paediatrics: Hip disorders: developmental dysplasia of the hip
Paediatrics: Hip disorders: Perthes’ disease
Paediatrics: Hip disorders: slipped upper femoral epiphysis
Paediatrics: Knee disorders
Paediatrics: Orthopaedic trauma
Paediatrics: Osteochondroses
Paediatrics: Osteogenesis imperfecta
Paediatrics: Osteopetrosis
Paediatrics: Cleidocranial dysplasia
Paediatrics: Skeletal dysplasias
Paediatrics: Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
Paediatrics: Juvenile idiopathic arthritis: clinical principles and management
Paediatrics: Systemic arthritis
Paediatrics: Oligoarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis
Paediatrics: Rheumatoid factor-positive polyarthritis
Paediatrics: Rheumatoid factor-negative polyarthritis
Paediatrics: Psoriatic arthritis
Paediatrics: Enthesitis-related arthritis
Paediatrics: Systemic lupus erythematosus
Paediatrics: Juvenile dermatomyositis
Paediatrics: Mixed connective tissue disease - overlap syndromes
Paediatrics: Scleroderma
Paediatrics: Henoch–Schonlein purpura
Paediatrics: Polyarteritis nodosa
Paediatrics: Wegener’s granulomatosis
Paediatrics: Takayasu’s arteritis (pulseless disease)

Adolescent health

Paediatrics: Adolescent health Communication
Paediatrics: Adolescence: overview
Paediatrics: Adolescent health problems
Paediatrics: Substance misuse
Paediatrics: Sexual health problems
Paediatrics: Adolescence and chronic illness


Paediatrics: Dermatology Assessment of a rash
Paediatrics: Atopic eczema/dermatitis
Paediatrics: Red scaly rashes
Paediatrics: Papular rashes (1)
Paediatrics: Papular rashes (2)
Paediatrics: Vesiculobullous rashes
Paediatrics: Red blanching (erythematous) rashes
Paediatrics: Pruritus
Paediatrics: Pustular rashes
Paediatrics: Purpuric rashes
Paediatrics: Lymphoedema
Paediatrics: Blood vessel disorders
Paediatrics: Skin infection: viral and bacterial
Paediatrics: Fungal skin infections
Paediatrics: Parasitic skin infections
Paediatrics: Protozoal skin infections
Paediatrics: Hair disorders
Paediatrics: Nail disorders
Paediatrics: Photosensitivity and light eruptions
Paediatrics: Pigmentation disorders
Paediatrics: Collagen and elastin disorders
Paediatrics: Connective tissue disorders
Paediatrics: Miscellaneous skin conditions

Paediatric Surgery

Paediatrics: Paediatric Surgery Symptoms and signs that should cause concern
Paediatrics: Congenital abnormalities: upper airway
Paediatrics: Congenital abnormalities: tracheo-oesophageal
Paediatrics: Congenital abnormalities: oesophagus
Paediatrics: Congenital abnormalities: lung
Paediatrics: Congenital abnormalities: chest
Paediatrics: Idiopathic hypertrophic pyloric stenosis
Paediatrics: Ingested foreign bodies
Paediatrics: Bezoars
Paediatrics: Midgut malrotation and volvulus
Paediatrics: Intussusception
Paediatrics: Duodenal atresia
Paediatrics: Small bowel atresias
Paediatrics: Meconium ileus
Paediatrics: Acute appendicitis
Paediatrics: Mesenteric adenitis
Paediatrics: Meckel’s diverticulum
Paediatrics: Gastroschisis
Paediatrics: Exomphalos (omphalocele)
Paediatrics: Inguinal hernias
Paediatrics: Hydroceles
Paediatrics: Hirschsprung’s disease
Paediatrics: Rectal prolapse
Paediatrics: Anorectal malformations
Paediatrics: Umbilical anomalies
Paediatrics: Testicular torsion
Paediatrics: Orchitis and epididymitis
Paediatrics: Testicular trauma
Paediatrics: Undescended testes (cryptorchidism)
Paediatrics: Retractile testes
Paediatrics: Hypospadias
Paediatrics: Phimosis and paraphimosis
Paediatrics: Balanitis/balanoposthitis
Paediatrics: Priapism
Paediatrics: Penile trauma
Paediatrics: Imperforate hymen
Paediatrics: Labial adhesions in infants
Paediatrics: Miscellaneous conditions
Paediatrics: Perioperative care
Paediatrics: Consent for surgery
Paediatrics: Post-operative care: fluids
Paediatrics: Post-operative care: analgesia
Paediatrics: Post-operative care: drains and wounds

Special senses

Paediatrics: Special senses Common presentations
Paediatrics: Hearing assessment
Paediatrics: Childhood deafness
Paediatrics: Disorders of the ear
Paediatrics: Common disorders of the nose
Paediatrics: Disorders of mouth and tongue
Paediatrics: Visual development and examination
Paediatrics: Vision assessment
Paediatrics: Vision screening in the UK
Paediatrics: Squints (strabismus)
Paediatrics: Ametropia (refractive disorders)
Paediatrics: Amblyopia
Paediatrics: Visual impairment
Paediatrics: Nystagmus
Paediatrics: Disorders of the eye: infection and inflammatory
Paediatrics: Eye foreign body
Paediatrics: Cataract
Paediatrics: Glaucoma
Paediatrics: Orbit and eyelids
Paediatrics: Back of the eye problems
Paediatrics: Trauma


Paediatrics: Clinical genetics and genetic counselling
Paediatrics: When to refer to clinical genetics
Paediatrics: Taking a family history
Paediatrics: Genetic testing
Paediatrics: Chromosome tests
Paediatrics: Molecular genetic analysis
Paediatrics: Practical issues relating to genetic testing
Paediatrics: Down syndrome
Paediatrics: Common chromosomal disorders
Paediatrics: Genetic disorders with cardiac features
Paediatrics: Genetic testing in cognitive impairment
Paediatrics: Genetic disorders with neuromuscular features
Paediatrics: Genetic disorders with dermatological features
Paediatrics: Genetic disorders of growth

Inherited metabolic disease

Paediatrics: General principles of Inherited metabolic disease
Paediatrics: Metabolic syndromes: neurological
Paediatrics: Metabolic syndromes: metabolic acidosis
Paediatrics: Metabolic syndromes: storage dysmorphism
Paediatrics: Metabolic syndromes: hepatic syndromes
Paediatrics: Metabolic syndromes: cardiac syndromes
Paediatrics: Urea cycle disorders
Paediatrics: eneral principles of Inherited metabolic disease
Paediatrics: Disorders of organic acid metabolism
Paediatrics: Disorders of carbohydrate metabolism
Disorders of lipoprotein metabolism
Paediatrics: Lysosomal storage diseases
Paediatrics: Disorders of fatty acid oxidation
Paediatrics: Mitochondrial disorders
Paediatrics: Peroxisomal disorders
Paediatrics: Disorders of nucleotide metabolism
Paediatrics: Disorders of porphyrin metabolism
Paediatrics: Disorders of metal metabolism and transport

Community child health

Paediatrics: Community child health
Paediatrics: Voluntary and charitable organizations
Paediatrics: Organizations and structures
Paediatrics: Health surveillance and promotion
Paediatrics: Special educational needs
Paediatrics: Children with disabilities
Paediatrics: Specific learning difficulties
Paediatrics: Chronic fatigue syndrome
Paediatrics: Absence from school
Paediatrics: Constipation and soiling
Paediatrics: Enuresis

Child protection

Paediatrics: Child protection
Paediatrics: Illness fabricated or induced by carers
Paediatrics: Physical abuse
Paediatrics: Sexual abuse
Paediatrics: Emotional abuse
Paediatrics: Medical involvement in child protection
Paediatrics: Referrals to other agencies
Paediatrics: Medical assessment
Paediatrics: Assessment by social care

Pharmacology and therapeutics

Paediatrics: Prescribing for children
Paediatrics: Adverse drug reactions
Paediatrics: Pharmacokinetics
Paediatrics: Drug metabolism
Paediatrics: Pain management
Paediatrics: Sedation
Paediatrics: Fever

International health and travel

Paediatrics: Child survival: world health
Paediatrics: World health: childhood illness
Paediatrics: Taking children on holiday
Paediatrics: Illness after international travel

Paediatrics ethics and the law

Paediatrics: Ethics
Paediatrics: Common law
Paediatrics: Recognition of ethical issues in everyday clinical practice
Paediatrics: Clinical case study
Paediatrics: The doctor–child relationship
Paediatrics: Parental responsibility
Paediatrics: The doctor–parent relationship
Paediatrics: Assent and consent
Paediatrics: Confidentiality and disclosure
Paediatrics: Withholding or withdrawing treatment in children
Paediatrics: Good ethical and legal practice in suspected child abuse
Paediatrics: Serious case reviews
Paediatrics: Legal aspects of international adoption

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