Railways and Airports and Harbour Engineering - CE8702, CE6604

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Railways and Airports and Harbour Engineering

Railways and Airports and Harbour Engineering


Road classification
Developments in Indian Railways
Different Modes of Transport
Organization of Indian Railways
Indian Railway Finances and their Control
Commission of Railway Safety
Long term Corporate Plan of Indian Railways
Classification of Railway Lines in India
General Features of Indian Railways
Important Statistics of Indian Railways
Undertakings Under Ministry of Railways
Gauges on World Railways
Different Gauges on Indian Railways
Choice of Gauge
Problems Caused by Change of Gauge
Uni-gauge Policy of Indian Railways
Loading and Construction Gauge
Importance of Good Railway Lines Alignment
Basic Requirements of an Ideal Alignment of Railway Lines
Selection of a Good Alignment of Railway Lines
Mountain Railways and Rack Railways
Need for Construction of a New Railway Line
Preliminary Investigations for a New Railway Line
Types of Railway Construction Surveys
Railway Traffic Survey
Railway Reconnaissance Survey
Railway Preliminary Survey
Railway Final Location Survey
Modern Railway Surveying Techniques for Difficult Terrain
Construction of New Railway Lines
Track and Track Stresses - Introduction
Requirements of a Good Railway Track
Railway Track: Maintenance of Permanent Way
Railway Track as an Elastic Structure
Stresses on the Railway Track
Vertical Loads on Railway
Forces Acting on the Railway Track
Coning of Wheels
Tilting of Rails
Function of Rails
Types of Rails
Requirements for an Ideal Rail Section
Rail Manufacture
Rail Wear
Some Defects in Rails
Rail Failure
Rail Flaw Detection
Theory of Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detectors
Kraut Kramer Multi Probe Rail Testing Trolley
Classification of Rail Flaws
Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Testing Car
Self-propelled Ultrasonic Rail Testing Car
Need-based Concept of USFD Testing
Functions and Requirements of Sleepers
Sleeper Density and Spacing of Sleepers
Types of Sleepers on Indian Railways
Types of Sleepers on Indian Railways
Wooden Sleepers
Steel Channel Sleepers
Cast Iron Sleepers
Concrete Sleepers
Types of concrete sleepers
Sleepers for Turnouts
Manufacture of concrete sleepers
Testing of concrete sleepers
Concrete sleepers: Handling, Prohibited Locations
Concrete sleepers: Laying
Maintenance of Concrete sleepers
Concrete sleepers: Derailment
Concrete Sleepers on Indian Railways
Treated and Untreated Sleepers
Functions of Ballast
Types of Ballast
Sizes of Ballast
Requirements of a Good Ballast
Design of Ballast Section
Specifications for Track Ballast
Collection and Transportation of Ballasts
Methods of ballast Measurement
Laboratory Tests for Physical Properties of Ballast
Assessment of Ballast Requirements
Guidelines for Provision of Sub-ballast
Subgrade and Formation
Railway Engineering: Slopes of Formation
Execution of Earthwork in Embankments and Cuttings
Blanket and Blanketing Material
Failure of Railway Embankment
Railway Formation: Site Investigations
Rail to Rail Fastenings
Fittings for Wooden Sleepers
Fittings of Steel Trough Sleepers
Fittings of CI Sleepers
Elastic Fastenings
Some Fittings and Fastenings
Testing of Fastenings
Theories for the Development of Creep
Causes of Creep
Effects of Creep
Measurement of Creep
Adjustment of Creep
Creep Adjuster
Portions of Track Susceptible to Creep and Measures to Reduce Creep
Necessity for Geometric Design of Track
Gradients of Track
Railway Engineering Curves and Super elevation: Circular Curves
Railway Engineering: Superelevation
Railway Engineering: Safe Speed on Curves
Railway Engineering:Transition Curve
Railway Engineering: Compound and Reverse Curve
Railway Engineering: Extra Clearance on Curves
Railway Engineering: Widening of Gauge on Curves
Railway Engineering: Vertical Curves
Railway Engineering: Realignment of Curves
Cutting Rails on Curves
Check Rails on Curves
Railway Engineering: Points and Crossings - Important Terms
Railway Engineering: Switches
Design and Length of Tongue Rails
Railway Engineering: Crossing
Number and Angle of Railway Crossing
Reconditioning of Worn Out Railway Crossings
Railway Engineering: Turnouts
Trends in Turnout Design on Indian Railways
Inspection and Maintenance of Railway Points and Crossings
Railway Track Junctions: Turnout of Similar and Contrary Flexure
Railway Track Junctions: Symmetrical Split
Railway Track Junctions: Three throw Switch
Railway Track Junctions: Double Turnout
Crossover Between Two Parallel Railway Tracks with an Intermediate Straight Length
Railway Track Junctions: Diamond Crossing
Railway Track Junctions: Scissors Crossover
Gauntletted Railway Track
Railway Track Junctions: Gathering Line
Railway Track Junctions: Triangle
Railway Track Junctions: Double Junctions
Ill Effects of a Rail Joint
Requirements of an Ideal Rail Joint
Types of Rail Joints
Welding a Rail Joint methods used on railways
Gas Pressure Welding
Electric or Metal Arc Welding
Flash Butt Welding
Thermit Welding of Rails
Recent Developments in Welding Techniques
Modern Welded Railway Track
Development of Welded Rails
Theory of Long Welded Rails
Prohibited Locations for LWR(Long Welded Rails)
Track Structure for LWR(Long Welded Rails)
Rail Temperature and its Measurement
Maintenance of Long Welded Rails
Switch Expansion Joint
Buffer Rails
Short Welded Rails
Continuous Welded Rails
Buckling of Rail Track
Necessity and Advantages of Track Maintenance
Essentials of Track Maintenance
Measuring Equipment and Maintenance Tools for Railway Tracks
Maintenance of Rail Surface
Deep Screening of Ballast
Maintenance of Track in Track-circuited Lengths
Organization Structure for Railway Track Maintenance
Protection of Railway Track for Engineering Work
Patrolling of Railway Tracks
Railway Track Tolerances
Need for Proper Track Drainage
Sources of Percolated Water in the Railway Track
Requirements of a Good Track Drainage System
Practical Tips for Good Surface Drainage
Track Drainage Systems
Sub surface Drainage
Modern Methods of Railway Track Maintenance
Mechanized Methods of Railway Track Maintenance
Railway: Off-Track Tampers: Use and Limitations
Principles of Working of Railway On track Tampers
Future of Track Machines on Indian Railways
Measured Shovel Packing
Essentials of MSP(Measured Shovel Packing)
Advantages and Disadvantages of Measured Shovel Packing
Equipment Used in Measured Shovel Packing
Through MSP(Measured Shovel Packing) of Flat Bottomed Sleeper Tracks
Measured Shovel Packing(MSP) of Joint Wooden Sleepers on Metal Sleeper Track
Dehogging of Rail Ends
Measured Shovel Packing(MSP) of Turnouts
Directed Track Maintenance
Rehabilitation and Renewal of Track
Classification of Track Renewal Works
Criteria for Rail Renewals
Through Sleeper Renewals
Execution of Track Renewal or Track Re-laying Work
Renewal of Rail Track: Mechanized Re-laying
Track Renewal Trains
Renewal of Rail Track: Requirement of Track Material
Train Accidents
Classification of Railways Accidents
Derailment and its Causes
Restoration of Traffic
Train: Flood Causeway
Safety Measures on Indian Railways
Railway Disaster Management
Classification of Railway Level Crossings
Dimensions of Railway Level Crossings
Accidents at Railway Level Crossings and Remedial Measures
Maintenance of Railway Level Crossings
Inspection of Level Crossings by PWI and AEN
Types of Traction
Railway: Nomenclature of Steam Locomotives
Railway: Classification of Locomotives
Railway: Preventive Maintenance of Locomotives
Railway Rolling Stock
Rail Brake Systems
Maintenance of Coaches and Wagons
Design Features of Modern Coaching and Goods Stock
Train Resistance Due to Friction
Train Resistance Due to Wave Action
Train Resistance Due to Wind
Train Resistance Due to Gradient
Train Resistance Due to Curvature
Train Resistance Due to Starting and Accelerating
Train Tractive Effort of a Locomotive
Hauling Power of a Locomotive
Purpose of a Railway Station
Selection of Site for a Railway Station
Facilities Required at Railway Stations
Requirements of a Passenger Station Yard
Classification of Railway Stations
Railway Block Stations
Functional Classification of Railway Stations
Railway Station Platforms
Main Building Areas for Different Types of Railway Stations
Types of Railway Yards
Catch Sidings and Slip Sidings
Equipment at Railway Stations
Types of Indian Railways platforms
Equipment at Railway Stations: Locomotive Sheds
Railways: Layout of Locomotive Sheds
Railways: Essentials of a Well Laid Out Locomotive Shed
Ashpits or de-ashing Pits in Railway Stations
A turntable in Railway Stations
Construction of New Railway Lines
Railway Plate Laying or Track Linking
Requirement of Track Material for BG Track
Doubling of Railway Lines
Gauge Conversion
Execution of Gauge Conversion Projects
Civil Engineering Works of Gauge Conversion Projects
Suburban Railways in Metro Cities
Urban Transport
Surface Railways
Underground Railways
Tube Railways
The Delhi Ring Railways
Mass Rapid Transit System in Delhi
Kolkata Metro Railway
Mumbai and Chennai Suburban System
Necessity/Advantages of a Railway Tunnel
Railway Tunnelling: Tunnel Alignment and Gradient
Railway Tunnelling: Size and Shape of a Tunnel
Methods of Railway Tunnelling
Railway Tunnelling in Hard Rocks
Railway Tunnelling in Soft Ground or Soft Rock
Railway Tunnelling Through Water-bearing Strata
Compressed Air Tunnelling
Railway Tunnelling: Ventilation of Tunnels
Railway Tunnelling: Lighting, Drainage, Shaft of Tunnels
Railway Tunnelling: Lining of Tunnels
Maintenance of Railway Tunnels
Safety in Railway Tunnel Construction
Objectives of Railway Signalling
Classification of Railway Signals
Various Types of Fixed Signals used on railways
Types of Stop Signals used on railways
Railway Signalling Systems
Mechanical Signalling System used in Railways
Electrical Signalling System used in Railways
Systems for and Methods of Controlling Train Movement
Railway Interlocking
Modern Signalling Installations in Railways
Modernization of Railways and High Speed Trains
Modernization of Railways
Effect of High-speed Track
Vehicle Performance on Track
High-speed Ground Transportation System
Ballastless Track


Railway Rolling Stock
Railway Station Planning
The Evolution of Steam Motive Power
The Advent and Development of Electric Traction
Diesel Traction
Evolution of Wheel Layout
Changes in Locomotive Maintenance Practices
Railway Sleeper Functions
Train Performance Issues on Metros and Light Rail
Freight Rolling Stock
Specialised Engineering Rolling Stock
Materials for Track Ballast
Prestressed Concrete Sleepers (Monobloc)
Rail Fastenings, Baseplates and Pads
Rail Wear
Desirability of Removing Rail Joints
The Introduction of Track Welding
Shop Welding to Produce Long Rails
Site Welding to Produce CWR


Airport Planning: Introduction
The Airport System Plan
Airport Site Selection
The Airport Master Plan
The Airport Project Plan
Airport Planning: Land Use Planning
Airport Planning: Environmental Impact Assessment
Airport Planning: Economic and Financial Feasibility
Airport Classification
Utility Airports and Transport Airports
Airport Planning: Runways
Airport Planning: Runways - The Wind Rose
Estimating Runway Length
Runway System Geometric Specifications
Parallel Runway System Spacing
Airport Planning: Sight Distance and Longitudinal Profile
Airport Planning: Transverse Gradient
Taxiways and Taxilanes
Exit Taxiway Geometry and Location of Exit Taxiways


Airport: The Requirements for Visual Aids
The Airport Beacon
The Aircraft Landing Operation
Airport: Visual Approach Slope Indicator
Airport: Runway Lighting
Airport: Taxiway Lighting
Runway and Taxiway Marking


harbors: Loading and Unloading Facilities
harbors: Tank Vessels
harbors: Loading and Unloading Operations
Harbors: Loading Factors
Harbors: Preliminary Procedures before a ship is loaded or unloaded
Harbors: Preparing Waterfront Operations Log Sheet
Harbors: Fire And Safety Precautions
Harbors: Spills
Safe Handling of Jet Fuel and Kerosene
Harbors: Loading Procedures
Harbors: Unloading Procedures

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