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Railways and Airports and Harbour Engineering


=> Road classification
=> Developments in Indian Railways
=> Different Modes of Transport
=> Organization of Indian Railways
=> Indian Railway Finances and their Control
=> Commission of Railway Safety
=> Long term Corporate Plan of Indian Railways
=> Classification of Railway Lines in India
=> General Features of Indian Railways
=> Important Statistics of Indian Railways
=> Undertakings Under Ministry of Railways
=> Gauges on World Railways
=> Different Gauges on Indian Railways
=> Choice of Gauge
=> Problems Caused by Change of Gauge
=> Uni-gauge Policy of Indian Railways
=> Loading and Construction Gauge
=> Importance of Good Railway Lines Alignment
=> Basic Requirements of an Ideal Alignment of Railway Lines
=> Selection of a Good Alignment of Railway Lines
=> Mountain Railways and Rack Railways
=> Need for Construction of a New Railway Line
=> Preliminary Investigations for a New Railway Line
=> Types of Railway Construction Surveys
=> Railway Traffic Survey
=> Railway Reconnaissance Survey
=> Railway Preliminary Survey
=> Railway Final Location Survey
=> Modern Railway Surveying Techniques for Difficult Terrain
=> Construction of New Railway Lines
=> Track and Track Stresses - Introduction
=> Requirements of a Good Railway Track
=> Railway Track: Maintenance of Permanent Way
=> Railway Track as an Elastic Structure
=> Stresses on the Railway Track
=> Vertical Loads on Railway
=> Forces Acting on the Railway Track
=> Coning of Wheels
=> Tilting of Rails
=> Function of Rails
=> Types of Rails
=> Requirements for an Ideal Rail Section
=> Rail Manufacture
=> Rail Wear
=> Some Defects in Rails
=> Rail Failure
=> Rail Flaw Detection
=> Theory of Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detectors
=> Kraut Kramer Multi Probe Rail Testing Trolley
=> Classification of Rail Flaws
=> Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Testing Car
=> Self-propelled Ultrasonic Rail Testing Car
=> Need-based Concept of USFD Testing
=> Functions and Requirements of Sleepers
=> Sleeper Density and Spacing of Sleepers
=> Types of Sleepers on Indian Railways
=> Types of Sleepers on Indian Railways
=> Wooden Sleepers
=> Steel Channel Sleepers
=> Cast Iron Sleepers
=> Concrete Sleepers
=> Types of concrete sleepers
=> Sleepers for Turnouts
=> Manufacture of concrete sleepers
=> Testing of concrete sleepers
=> Concrete sleepers: Handling, Prohibited Locations
=> Concrete sleepers: Laying
=> Maintenance of Concrete sleepers
=> Concrete sleepers: Derailment
=> Concrete Sleepers on Indian Railways
=> Treated and Untreated Sleepers
=> Functions of Ballast
=> Types of Ballast
=> Sizes of Ballast
=> Requirements of a Good Ballast
=> Design of Ballast Section
=> Specifications for Track Ballast
=> Collection and Transportation of Ballasts
=> Methods of ballast Measurement
=> Laboratory Tests for Physical Properties of Ballast
=> Assessment of Ballast Requirements
=> Guidelines for Provision of Sub-ballast
=> Subgrade and Formation
=> Railway Engineering: Slopes of Formation
=> Execution of Earthwork in Embankments and Cuttings
=> Blanket and Blanketing Material
=> Failure of Railway Embankment
=> Railway Formation: Site Investigations
=> Rail to Rail Fastenings
=> Fittings for Wooden Sleepers
=> Fittings of Steel Trough Sleepers
=> Fittings of CI Sleepers
=> Elastic Fastenings
=> Some Fittings and Fastenings
=> Testing of Fastenings
=> Theories for the Development of Creep
=> Causes of Creep
=> Effects of Creep
=> Measurement of Creep
=> Adjustment of Creep
=> Creep Adjuster
=> Portions of Track Susceptible to Creep and Measures to Reduce Creep
=> Necessity for Geometric Design of Track
=> Gradients of Track
=> Railway Engineering Curves and Super elevation: Circular Curves
=> Railway Engineering: Superelevation
=> Railway Engineering: Safe Speed on Curves
=> Railway Engineering:Transition Curve
=> Railway Engineering: Compound and Reverse Curve
=> Railway Engineering: Extra Clearance on Curves
=> Railway Engineering: Widening of Gauge on Curves
=> Railway Engineering: Vertical Curves
=> Railway Engineering: Realignment of Curves
=> Cutting Rails on Curves
=> Check Rails on Curves
=> Railway Engineering: Points and Crossings - Important Terms
=> Railway Engineering: Switches
=> Design and Length of Tongue Rails
=> Railway Engineering: Crossing
=> Number and Angle of Railway Crossing
=> Reconditioning of Worn Out Railway Crossings
=> Railway Engineering: Turnouts
=> Trends in Turnout Design on Indian Railways
=> Inspection and Maintenance of Railway Points and Crossings
=> Railway Track Junctions: Turnout of Similar and Contrary Flexure
=> Railway Track Junctions: Symmetrical Split
=> Railway Track Junctions: Three throw Switch
=> Railway Track Junctions: Double Turnout
=> Crossover Between Two Parallel Railway Tracks with an Intermediate Straight Length
=> Railway Track Junctions: Diamond Crossing
=> Railway Track Junctions: Scissors Crossover
=> Gauntletted Railway Track
=> Railway Track Junctions: Gathering Line
=> Railway Track Junctions: Triangle
=> Railway Track Junctions: Double Junctions
=> Ill Effects of a Rail Joint
=> Requirements of an Ideal Rail Joint
=> Types of Rail Joints
=> Welding a Rail Joint methods used on railways
=> Gas Pressure Welding
=> Electric or Metal Arc Welding
=> Flash Butt Welding
=> Thermit Welding of Rails
=> Recent Developments in Welding Techniques
=> Modern Welded Railway Track
=> Development of Welded Rails
=> Theory of Long Welded Rails
=> Prohibited Locations for LWR(Long Welded Rails)
=> Track Structure for LWR(Long Welded Rails)
=> Rail Temperature and its Measurement
=> Maintenance of Long Welded Rails
=> Switch Expansion Joint
=> Buffer Rails
=> Short Welded Rails
=> Continuous Welded Rails
=> Buckling of Rail Track
=> Necessity and Advantages of Track Maintenance
=> Essentials of Track Maintenance
=> Measuring Equipment and Maintenance Tools for Railway Tracks
=> Maintenance of Rail Surface
=> Deep Screening of Ballast
=> Maintenance of Track in Track-circuited Lengths
=> Organization Structure for Railway Track Maintenance
=> Protection of Railway Track for Engineering Work
=> Patrolling of Railway Tracks
=> Railway Track Tolerances
=> Need for Proper Track Drainage
=> Sources of Percolated Water in the Railway Track
=> Requirements of a Good Track Drainage System
=> Practical Tips for Good Surface Drainage
=> Track Drainage Systems
=> Sub surface Drainage
=> Modern Methods of Railway Track Maintenance
=> Mechanized Methods of Railway Track Maintenance
=> Railway: Off-Track Tampers: Use and Limitations
=> Principles of Working of Railway On track Tampers
=> Future of Track Machines on Indian Railways
=> Measured Shovel Packing
=> Essentials of MSP(Measured Shovel Packing)
=> Advantages and Disadvantages of Measured Shovel Packing
=> Equipment Used in Measured Shovel Packing
=> Through MSP(Measured Shovel Packing) of Flat Bottomed Sleeper Tracks
=> Measured Shovel Packing(MSP) of Joint Wooden Sleepers on Metal Sleeper Track
=> Dehogging of Rail Ends
=> Measured Shovel Packing(MSP) of Turnouts
=> Directed Track Maintenance
=> Rehabilitation and Renewal of Track
=> Classification of Track Renewal Works
=> Criteria for Rail Renewals
=> Through Sleeper Renewals
=> Execution of Track Renewal or Track Re-laying Work
=> Renewal of Rail Track: Mechanized Re-laying
=> Track Renewal Trains
=> Renewal of Rail Track: Requirement of Track Material
=> Train Accidents
=> Classification of Railways Accidents
=> Derailment and its Causes
=> Restoration of Traffic
=> Train: Flood Causeway
=> Safety Measures on Indian Railways
=> Railway Disaster Management
=> Classification of Railway Level Crossings
=> Dimensions of Railway Level Crossings
=> Accidents at Railway Level Crossings and Remedial Measures
=> Maintenance of Railway Level Crossings
=> Inspection of Level Crossings by PWI and AEN
=> Types of Traction
=> Railway: Nomenclature of Steam Locomotives
=> Railway: Classification of Locomotives
=> Railway: Preventive Maintenance of Locomotives
=> Railway Rolling Stock
=> Rail Brake Systems
=> Maintenance of Coaches and Wagons
=> Design Features of Modern Coaching and Goods Stock
=> Train Resistance Due to Friction
=> Train Resistance Due to Wave Action
=> Train Resistance Due to Wind
=> Train Resistance Due to Gradient
=> Train Resistance Due to Curvature
=> Train Resistance Due to Starting and Accelerating
=> Train Tractive Effort of a Locomotive
=> Hauling Power of a Locomotive
=> Purpose of a Railway Station
=> Selection of Site for a Railway Station
=> Facilities Required at Railway Stations
=> Requirements of a Passenger Station Yard
=> Classification of Railway Stations
=> Railway Block Stations
=> Functional Classification of Railway Stations
=> Railway Station Platforms
=> Main Building Areas for Different Types of Railway Stations
=> Types of Railway Yards
=> Catch Sidings and Slip Sidings
=> Equipment at Railway Stations
=> Types of Indian Railways platforms
=> Equipment at Railway Stations: Locomotive Sheds
=> Railways: Layout of Locomotive Sheds
=> Railways: Essentials of a Well Laid Out Locomotive Shed
=> Ashpits or de-ashing Pits in Railway Stations
=> A turntable in Railway Stations
=> Construction of New Railway Lines
=> Railway Plate Laying or Track Linking
=> Requirement of Track Material for BG Track
=> Doubling of Railway Lines
=> Gauge Conversion
=> Execution of Gauge Conversion Projects
=> Civil Engineering Works of Gauge Conversion Projects
=> Suburban Railways in Metro Cities
=> Urban Transport
=> Surface Railways
=> Underground Railways
=> Tube Railways
=> The Delhi Ring Railways
=> Mass Rapid Transit System in Delhi
=> Kolkata Metro Railway
=> Mumbai and Chennai Suburban System
=> Necessity/Advantages of a Railway Tunnel
=> Railway Tunnelling: Tunnel Alignment and Gradient
=> Railway Tunnelling: Size and Shape of a Tunnel
=> Methods of Railway Tunnelling
=> Railway Tunnelling in Hard Rocks
=> Railway Tunnelling in Soft Ground or Soft Rock
=> Railway Tunnelling Through Water-bearing Strata
=> Compressed Air Tunnelling
=> Railway Tunnelling: Ventilation of Tunnels
=> Railway Tunnelling: Lighting, Drainage, Shaft of Tunnels
=> Railway Tunnelling: Lining of Tunnels
=> Maintenance of Railway Tunnels
=> Safety in Railway Tunnel Construction
=> Objectives of Railway Signalling
=> Classification of Railway Signals
=> Various Types of Fixed Signals used on railways
=> Types of Stop Signals used on railways
=> Railway Signalling Systems
=> Mechanical Signalling System used in Railways
=> Electrical Signalling System used in Railways
=> Systems for and Methods of Controlling Train Movement
=> Railway Interlocking
=> Modern Signalling Installations in Railways
=> Modernization of Railways and High Speed Trains
=> Modernization of Railways
=> Effect of High-speed Track
=> Vehicle Performance on Track
=> High-speed Ground Transportation System
=> Ballastless Track


=> Railway Rolling Stock
=> Railway Station Planning
=> The Evolution of Steam Motive Power
=> The Advent and Development of Electric Traction
=> Diesel Traction
=> Evolution of Wheel Layout
=> Changes in Locomotive Maintenance Practices
=> Railway Sleeper Functions
=> Train Performance Issues on Metros and Light Rail
=> Freight Rolling Stock
=> Specialised Engineering Rolling Stock
=> Materials for Track Ballast
=> Prestressed Concrete Sleepers (Monobloc)
=> Rail Fastenings, Baseplates and Pads
=> Rails
=> Rail Wear
=> Desirability of Removing Rail Joints
=> The Introduction of Track Welding
=> Shop Welding to Produce Long Rails
=> Site Welding to Produce CWR


=> Airport Planning: Introduction
=> The Airport System Plan
=> Airport Site Selection
=> The Airport Master Plan
=> The Airport Project Plan
=> Airport Planning: Land Use Planning
=> Airport Planning: Environmental Impact Assessment
=> Airport Planning: Economic and Financial Feasibility
=> Airport Classification
=> Utility Airports and Transport Airports
=> Airport Planning: Runways
=> Airport Planning: Runways - The Wind Rose
=> Estimating Runway Length
=> Runway System Geometric Specifications
=> Parallel Runway System Spacing
=> Airport Planning: Sight Distance and Longitudinal Profile
=> Airport Planning: Transverse Gradient
=> Taxiways and Taxilanes
=> Exit Taxiway Geometry and Location of Exit Taxiways


=> Airport: The Requirements for Visual Aids
=> The Airport Beacon
=> The Aircraft Landing Operation
=> Airport: Visual Approach Slope Indicator
=> Airport: Runway Lighting
=> Airport: Taxiway Lighting
=> Runway and Taxiway Marking


=> harbors: Loading and Unloading Facilities
=> harbors: Tank Vessels
=> harbors: Loading and Unloading Operations
=> Harbors: Loading Factors
=> Harbors: Preliminary Procedures before a ship is loaded or unloaded
=> Harbors: Preparing Waterfront Operations Log Sheet
=> Harbors: Fire And Safety Precautions
=> Harbors: Spills
=> Safe Handling of Jet Fuel and Kerosene
=> Harbors: Loading Procedures
=> Harbors: Unloading Procedures

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