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Political Science 11th std

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Political Science 11th std

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-:- Meaning, Definition and Origin of Political Science
-:- Nature of Political Science
-:- Scope of Political Science
-:- Is Political Science, a Science or an Art?
-:- Approaches to the Study of Political Science
-:- Glossary for Political Science
-:- State - Political Science
-:- Meaning and Definition of State
-:- Essential Elements of State
-:- Society, state and Government
-:- Functions of Modern State
-:- Concept of Welfare State
-:- Concept of Soft State
-:- Concept of Over Developed State
-:- Concept of post-colonial State
-:- Glossary for Political Science : State
-:- Sovereignty
-:- We shall now study the characteristics of Sovereignty. What are they?
-:- Types of Sovereignty
-:- What is Pluralism?
-:- Equality
-:- Importance of Equality
-:- Dimensions of Equality
-:- What are the different types of equality?
-:- Relation between Liberty and Equality
-:- Equality in Indian Constitution
-:- Liberty
-:- Types of Liberty
-:- How liberty is safeguarded?
-:- Glossary for Basic Concepts of Political Science
-:- Law
-:- Meaning of Law
-:- Are you aware of the classification of Laws?
-:- Do you want to know the sources of Law?
-:- How law is related to state and morality?
-:- Citizenship
-:- Rights and Duties
-:- Are you aware of the different types of Rights?
-:- Political Obligation
-:- Theories of Political Obligation
-:- Why should we obey the state? Is it necessary?
-:- Property
-:- Definition and types of Democracy
-:- Characteristics of Democracy
-:- Theories of Democracy
-:- Classical Democracy
-:- Marxist Theory of Democracy
-:- Elitist Theory of Democracy
-:- Pluralist Theory of Democracy
-:- Deliberative Theory of Democracy
-:- Modern and Contemporary Democracy
-:- Types of Modern Democracy: Representative and Participatory Democracy
-:- Measuring and evaluating democracy
-:- Achievements of Indian Democracy
-:- Challenges to Indian Democracy
-:- Glossary for Democracy
-:- Forms of Government
-:- Meaning, Definition and Nature of Government
-:- Unitary Form of Government
-:- Unitary Features of Indian Constitution
-:- Federal Form of Government
-:- Federal Features of Indian Constitution
-:- Parliamentary form of government
-:- Features, Merits and Demerits of parliamentary form of government
-:- Presidential Form of Government
-:- The Concept of Governance from Government to Governance
-:- Characteristics of good governance
-:- How to evaluate the performance of a government?
-:- Glossary for Forms of Government
-:- Plato (428/427 - 348/347 BCE) - Political Thought
-:- Aristotle (384 - 322 BCE) - Political Thought
-:- St. Thomas Aquinas(1224/1225-1274) - Political Thought
-:- Niccolo Machiavelli - Political Thought
-:- Thomas Hobbes - Political Thought
-:- John Locke - Political Thought
-:- Jean Jacques Rousseau - Political Thought
-:- John Stuart Mill - Political Thought
-:- Karl Marx - Political Thought
-:- Glossary for Political Thought