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Chapter: 11th Political Science : Chapter 2 : State

State - Political Science

Political Science is the systematic study of State.


Dear Students, in the last chapter the discipline Political Science was introduced to you. Did you question what is Political Science dealing with? If Botany is concerned with the study of plants and sociology the study of society then what Political Science is about? What is the main focus of study of Political Science?



Political Science is the systematic study of State. We all live in State. The world is viewed as an embodiment of many States. State as an idea or a concept is derived from a historical process of political, cultural, religious and economic contexts of a region. Today when the word ‘State’ is mentioned and used it usually indicate the modern State. The world today comprises of modern States. Modern State is a public order completely different from the pre-modern notion comprising of a body politics consisting of the rulers and the ruled. Hence a proper understanding of what State is and what not is quite essential to students of political science.


Yes, we all live in ‘State’. We start to interact with the State even without a proper awareness of State. The road facilities, health care, electricity, water, and sanitation are a few examples that connect us with the State. State compels us to do certain things and at the same time restrains us from doing certain things. Any failure to obey the State will lead to punishment. Hence one can conclude that law and freedom of State are subjected to certain conditions laid by the State itself. State also ensures that our lives and property are protected. Thus whether we are interested or not, the State is certainly interested in us as its population. Should we not then study the State?



Learning Objectives

v   This explanatory chapter about the State will enable you to understand what are the major concerns of the study of political science especially what is State and its functions.

v   Demonstrate the different views of various thinkers about the State.

v   Introduce you the elements of the State.

v   Facilitate you to identify the linkage between Society, State and Government.

v   Familiarize the concepts of Modern State, Welfare State and Soft State.

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