Economics 12th Std

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Economics 12th Std

Chapter 1: Introduction to Macro Economics

=> Introduction to Macro Economics
=> Meaning of Macro Economics
=> Importance of Macro Economics
=> Scope of Macro Economics
=> Limitations of Macro Economics
=> Economy and its Types
=> Economic Systems
=> Features, Merits, Demerits of Capitalistic Economy (Capitalism)
=> Features, Merits, Demerits of Socialistic Economy (Socialism)
=> Features, Merits, Demerits of Mixed Economy (Mixedism)
=> Stock and Flow Variables
=> Circular Flow of Income

Chapter 2: National Income

=> Definitions and Meaning of National Income
=> Basic concepts of national income
=> Methods of Measuring National Income
=> Importance of National Income Analysis
=> Difficulties in Measuring National Income
=> National Income and Social Accounting

Chapter 3: Theories of Employment and Income

=> Theories of Employment and Income
=> Meaning of Full Employment
=> Unemployment and its types
=> Say’s Law of Market
=> Keynes’ Theory of Employment and Income
=> Effective Demand
=> Comparison of Classicism and Keynesianism

Chapter 4: Consumption and Investment Functions

=> Consumption and Investment Functions
=> Consumption Function
=> Investment Function
=> Multiplier
=> The Accelerator Principle
=> Super Multiplier: (k and β interaction)

Chapter 5: Monetary Economics

=> Monetary Economics
=> Meaning and Definitions of Money
=> Evolution of Money
=> Functions of Money
=> Supply of Money
=> Quantity Theories of Money
=> Inflation: Meaning, Definitions, Types, Causes, Effects, Control
=> Measures to Control Inflation
=> Meaning of Deflation, Disinflation and Stagflation
=> Trade Cycle

Chapter 6: Banking

=> Banking
=> Historical Development of Banking
=> Commercial banks
=> Functions of Commercial Banks
=> Mechanism / Technique of Credit Creation by Commercial Banks
=> Role of Commercial Banks in Economic Development of a Country
=> Non-Banking Financial Institution (NBFI)
=> Central Bank
=> Functions of Central Bank (Reserve Bank of India)
=> Central Bank: Methods of Credit Control
=> The Agricultural Refinance Development Corporation (ARDC)
=> Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)
=> NABARD and its role in Agricultural credit
=> Reserve bank of India and industrial finance
=> Monetary Policy
=> Recent Advancements in Banking Sector
=> Money Market and Capital Market
=> Demonetisation

Chapter 7: International Economics

=> International Economics
=> Meaning of International Economics
=> Subject Matter of International Economics
=> Meaning of Trade
=> Theories of International Trade
=> Gains from International Trade
=> Terms of Trade
=> Balance of Trade Vs Balance of Payments
=> Exchange Rate
=> Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Trade

Chapter 8: International Economic Organisations

=> International Economic Organisations
=> International Monetary Fund
=> International Bank For Reconstruction And Development (IBRD) or World Bank
=> World Trade Organization (WTO)
=> Trade Blocks
=> South Asian Association For Regional Co-Operation (SAARC)
=> Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)

Chapter 9: Fiscal Economics

=> Fiscal Economics
=> Meaning and Definitions of Public Finance
=> Subject Matter / Scope of Public Finance
=> Public finance and Private finance
=> Functions of Modern State
=> Public Expenditure
=> Public Revenue
=> Tax Revenue
=> Public Debt
=> Budget
=> Federal Finance
=> History of Finance Commission
=> Local Finance and Types of Local Bodies
=> Fiscal policy

Chapter 10: Environmental Economics

=> Environmental Economics
=> Meaning of Environmental Economics
=> Eco System
=> Linkage between Economy and Environment
=> Environmental Goods
=> Environmental Quality
=> Pollution
=> Global Warming
=> Climate Change
=> Acid Rain
=> e-Wastes
=> Sustainable Development
=> Green Initiatives
=> Organic Farming
=> Tree Plantation
=> Seed Ball

Chapter 11: Economics of Development and Planning

=> Meaning of Development and Underdevelopment
=> Economic Growth Vs Economic Development
=> Measurement of Economic Development
=> Determinants of Economic Development
=> Economic and Non-Economic Factors
=> Vicious Circle of Poverty
=> Planning
=> Types of planning
=> Functions of NITI Aayog

Chapter 12: Introduction to Statistical Methods and Econometrics

=> Etymology and Milestones of Statistics in Global Level
=> Evolution of Statistics in India
=> Definitions of Statistics
=> Characteristics and Functions of Statistics
=> Nature of Statistics
=> Scope of Statistics
=> Limitations of statistics
=> Types of Statistics
=> Data
=> Arithmetic mean or mean
=> Standard Deviation (σ)
=> Correlation
=> Regression
=> Introduction to Econometrics
=> Official Statistics

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