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Introduction to Biology

Introduction to Biology
Principal Branches of Biology
Great scientists in Biology
Characteristics of Plants and Animals
Role of Biology in Social, Economic and Environmental Development
Nature and Origin of Life

Structure and Nature of Living Cell

Structure and Nature of Living Cell
Plasma membrane or Cell membrane: Stucture, Functions
Cytoplasm: Stucture, Functions
Nucleus: Stucture, Functions
Structure and Functions of Chloroplast
Structure and Functions of Golgi bodies/Golgi apparatus

Cell Division

Types of cell division
Stages of Mitosis
Significance of Mitosis
Abnormal cell division
Male-Female determining chromosome

Division of Labour In Multicellular Plants

Types of Tissue
Characrteristics of Meristamatic tissues
Characteristics of Permanent tissue
Types of permanent tissue
Laticiferous tissues and Glandular tissues
Tissue System and types of Tissue System
Types of Simple permanent tissue and its Functions
Types of Complex permanent tissue and its Functions

Animal Tissue Organ and Organ System

Animal Tissue, Organ and Organ System
Differences between Tissue and Cell
Types of Tissues
Structural Characteristics, Function and Location of Epithelial Tissue
Structural Characteristics, Functions and Location of Connective Tissue
Structural Characteristics, Function and Location of The Muscular Tissue
Structural Characteristics, Function and Location of The Nerve Tissue
Necessary Organs of Human Body
Co-ordination between Organs and Systems to keep the body fit

Classification of Plants

Classification of Plants
Unit of Plants classification and Taxa
Fungi: Structure and Reproduction
Bryophyta: Characteristics and Importance
Pteridophyta: Characteristics and Importance
Gymnosperm: Characteristics and Importance
Monocotyledonous or Monocot plants:: Characteristics and Importance
Dicotyledonous or Dicot Plants: Characteristics and Importance

Animal Diversity and Classification

Animal Diversiy
Short Description of Diversification or Bio-Diversity
Animal Taxonomy
Necessity of Animal Classification
Rules for Modern or Natural Classification in Animal Diversity
Plylum - Sarcomastigophorea Kingdom - Protista
Phylum - Cnidaria
Phylum Platyhelminthes
Phylum Nematoda
Plylum Annelida
Phylum Arthropoda
Phylum Mollusca
Phylum Echinodermata
Phylum chordata

Structural Organization and Acquaintance of Animals

Amoeba: Habit and Habitat
Body structure of Amoeba and its functions
Amoeba Locomotion
Amoeba: Process of intake of food or Nutrition
Amoeba: Digestion, Absorption and Egestion
Amoeba: Respiration, Excretion
Reproduction of Amoeba: Binary fission and Sporulation
Round Worm: External morphology and Habitat
Round Worm: Digestive system
Round Worm: Parasite and its Characteristics
Round Worm: Excretory System
Round Worm: Reproductive System
Round Worm: Ascariasis disease and its symptoms, Prevention
Toad: Habit, Habitat
External morphology of Toad
Skeletal system of Toad
Toad: Axial skeleton and its functions
Toad: Vertebral column and its functions
Toad: Appendicular skeleton(Pectoral girdle, Pelvic girdle) and its functions
Toad: Digestive system
Toad: Nutrition and Digestion
Toad: Circulatory system
Toad: Blood(Plasma and Blood corpuscles)
Toad: Heart
Toad: Blood vessels(Artery, Vein and Capillary)
Toad: Venous system
Toad: Respiratory system
Toad: Glucose oxidation and energy production, Glycolysis and Kreb's cycle
Toad: Nervous system
Toad: Structure of brain
Toad: Cranial nerves
Toad: Excretory system
Toad: Reproductives system

Physiological Activities in Plants Nutrition

Plant Nutrition and Nutrient Elements
Osmosis: Two types, Condition, Experiment, Absorption
Ascent of Sap
Transpiration and Types of Transpiration
Stomata: Process of Stomatal Tranpiration and Factors affecting
Photosynthesis: Process, Organ, Factors Affecting, Importance
Importance of Photosynthesis
Some Experiments on Photosynthesis
Experiment to demonstrate that Oxygen is evolved during Photosynthesis
Experiment to show that photosynthesis do not occur without chlorophyll
Experiment to show that light is essential for Photosynthesis
Experiment to show that photosynthesis cannot occur without CO2
Evolution of O2 during photosynthesis
Respiration: Respiratory substrate, Types of respiration
Importance of Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration
Factors Affecting Respiration
Experiment to prove that Heat is evolved during Respiration
Experiment of Anaerobic Respiration
Growth and Development of Plant
Effect of Light and Temperature on Plant Growth and Yield
Importance of photoperiodism and Vernalization


Different Parts of a Flower(Datura Flower)
Different kinds of Flower

Pollination Fertilization And Dispersal of Fruits and seeds

Pollination: Two types, Significance, Merits, Demerits
Pollinating Agents: Types and Characteristics
Fertilization in Plant
Dispersal of Fruits and Seeds

Reproduction of Plants

Reproduction of Plants and itsTypes

Organism and Environment

Organism and Environment
Components of Ecology
Food chain
Food web
Nutrient flow in Eco system
Energy flow in Ecosystem
Major Eco systems
Responsibility of man in maintaining balance of an environment

Pollution and Conservation of Environment

Pollution and Conservation of Environment
Green House Effect
Role of Human beings in conservation of Environment
Effect of Urbanization and Industrialisation on Environment
Industrialisation is mainly of two types

Natural Diversities of Bangladesh Distribution of Plants and Animals

Natural Diversities of Bangladesh-Distribution of Plants and Animals
Recent flood plain
Haor and other Marshy lands
Pleistocene uplands
Tertiary hilly region
Coastal Forest or Mangrove forest
Saint Martin's Island

Economic Biology Botany

Food producing plants
Cloth producing plants
Plants used for house building purposes
Medicinal Plants
Beverage yielding plants

Economic Biology

Prawn Culture: Economic importance and Kinds of prawn
Method of culture of fresh water prawn or Galda prawn
Method of culture of saline water prawn or Bagda prawn
Introduction of fishes
Importance of fish cultivation
Method of fish culture
Culture of silk worms or sericulture
Characteristics of silk fibers and economic importance of silk worms
Life cycle and silk cultivation
Bee keeping: Castes, life cycle, economic importance, artificial bee culture
Castes(various types) of bees
Life cycle of bees
Some harmful insects or pests of paddy and jute

Practical Botany

Microscope: Structure, Uses, Functioning Processes of Simple , Compound Microscope
Study of the Structure of a Flowering Plant
Study of the Structure of Plant and Animal Cells
Study of the Stages of Mitosis from Permanent Slides
Study of Distribution of Tissue System in Dicot Stem
Study of the Structural Features of Different Plant Groups
Experiment to Demonstrate the Process of Osmosis with the help of Raisin
Demonstration of cell-to-cell osmosis by Potato Osmoscope
Demonstration of Ascent of sap from root to stem and leaves with the help of Peperomia plant
Experiment to show that Light is essential for Photosynthesis
Experiment to prove that Heat is evolved during Respiration
Experiment to show the germination of pollen grains to form pollen tube
Experiment to show that CO2 is evolved during respiration

Practical Zoology

Earthworm: Classification, External Features, Digestive System, Method of Dissection
Prawn: Classification, External Features, Digestive System, Method of Dissection
Grasshopper: Classification, External Features, Digestive System, Method of Dissection
Toad: External Features, Digestive System, Method of Dissection, Skeleton
Digestive system of Toad
Skeleton of toad
Channa punctatus (Lata/Taki Fish): External Features, Digestive System, Method of Dissection
Examples of Animals taken from each of the major Phyla, their identifying Characters, Observations and Figures

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