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Digestive system of Toad

Digestive system of Toad
The digestive system consists of: 1. Alimentary Canal 2. Digestive Glands.

Digestive system of Toad:

The  digestive  system  consists  of: 

1. Alimentary Canal

2. Digestive Glands.

1. Alimentary Canal: 

Alimentar Canal of toad is tube like and extended from the mouth to the  anus. It consists of the following organs. e.g.

Mouth: The mouth and the buccal cavity is more or less wide and covered by toothless jaws. Upper jaw is fixed.

 Buccal Cavity : It is situated just behind  the  mouth  opening.  On the anterior end of the lower jaw there islong  fleshy  tongue  which  is  bluntanteriorlyThe opening behind the tongue is glottis.


Pharynx: It is the last part of buccal cavity.

Oesophagus: In the lower part of pharynx there is a narrow tube known asoesophagus.


Stomach: It is sac-like and fleshy, wider anteriorly and narrowerposteriorly. Its wider end is the cardiac end and narrow posterior end is pyloric end. This end is connected with small intestine.


Small Intestine: It has two portions, namely: a. Duodenum b. Ileum.


a. Duodenum: It is the anterior narrow portion, connected with the stomach.It forms U-shaped structure.


b. Ilium: It is extended from duodenum to large intestine and spirally coiled.


Large Intestine: It is a short and wider portion of intestine. The wider partis the rectum and the narrower part is cloaca.


Cloacal Opening: It is at the terminal end of digestive system throughwhich faeces and urine are eliminated to the exterior.


2. Digestive Glands:

Liver: It is the largest gland in thebody of toad. It is divided into two portions. On either side of the heart the liver is situated. At the mid region of the liver the gall-bladder is located. Pancreas: In between the duodenum and ileum lies the pancreas which is light yellowish in colour.

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