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Commerce 11th std


Chapter 1 Historical Background of Commerce in the Sub Continent

=> Historical Background of Commerce in the Sub-Continent
=> Barter System
=> Hindrances of Commerce
=> Elimination of Hindrances of Business

Chapter 2 Objectives of Business

=> Objectives of Business
=> Types of Economic Activities
=> Classification of Business activities
=> Characteristics of Business
=> Objectives of Business

Chapter 3 Classification of Business Activities

=> Classification of Business Activities
=> Kinds of Industries
=> Commerce as an Economic Activity


Chapter 4 Sole Proprietorship

=> Sole Proprietorship
=> Definition of Sole Trader
=> Characteristics of Sole Trader
=> Advantages and Disadvantages of a Sole trader

Chapter 5 Hindu Undivided Family and Partnership

=> Introduction to HUF(Hindu Undivided Family)
=> Characteristics of Joint Hindu Family Business
=> Meaning, Definition and Characteristics of Partnership
=> Advantages of Partnership
=> Disadvantages of Partnership
=> Partnership Deed and its Contents
=> Rights of a Partner
=> Duties of Partner
=> Liabilities of Partner
=> Types of Partnership
=> Types of Partners
=> Procedure for Registration
=> Drawbacks of Non-Registration of Partnership
=> Dissolution of Partnership
=> Dissolution of Partnership can take the following forms

Chapter 6 Joint Stock Company

=> Meaning and Definition of a Joint Stock Company
=> Characteristics of a Joint Stock Company
=> Advantages of a Joint Stock Company
=> Disadvantages of a Joint Stock Company
=> Types of Companies
=> Memorandum of Association
=> Articles of Association (AOA) - Joint Stock Company
=> Prospectus - Joint Stock Company

Chapter 7 Cooperative Organisation

=> Cooperative Organisation: Meaning and Definition
=> Principles of Cooperation
=> Features of Cooperatives
=> Advantages and Disadvantages of co-operative societies
=> Types of Cooperatives

Chapter 8 Multi National Corporations MNCs

=> Multi National Corporations (MNCs): Meaning and Definition
=> Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi National Corporations (MNCs)
=> Examples of Multi National Corporations (MNCs)

Chapter 9 Government Organisation

=> Government Organisation
=> Meaning and Features of Departmental Undertaking
=> Advantages and Disadvantages of the departmental undertaking
=> Meaning and Features of Public Corporation
=> Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Corporation
=> Meaning and Features of Government Company
=> Advantages and Disadvantages of Government Company


Chapter 10 Reserve Bank of India

=> Need for the Study on Service Business
=> Banking Service
=> The Historical Development of Banks in India
=> Bank Definition
=> Types of Banks
=> Definition of Central Bank
=> Origin of RBI(Reserve Bank of India)
=> Organisational Structure of RBI
=> Functions of RBI (Reserve Bank of India)

Chapter 11 Types of Banks

=> Types of Banks: Introduction
=> Types of banks

Chapter 12 Functions of Commercial Banks

=> Functions of Commercial Banks
=> Primary Funtions of Commercial Banks
=> Secondary Functions of Commercial Banks
=> Diversified Banking Functions of Commercial Banks
=> Electronic Banking Functions of Commercial Banks
=> Functions of All Commercial Banks in Totality

Chapter 13 Warehousing

=> Warehousing
=> Meaning of Warehouse and Warehousing
=> Difference between Warehouse and Warehousing
=> Need for Warehousing
=> Types of Warehouses
=> Functions of Warehouses
=> Advantages and Drawbacks of Warehousing
=> Warehousing Documents
=> Warehousing in India

Chapter 14 Transportation

=> Transportation
=> Meaning and Definition of Transport
=> Types of Transport
=> Surface Transport
=> Advantages and Disadvantages of Railway Transport
=> Recent Trends in Railway Transportation
=> Water Transport
=> Air Transport
=> Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Transport
=> Services of Transport to Business
=> Documents Used in Transportation
=> Common Carrier

Chapter 15 Insurance

=> Insurance
=> Meaning and Definition of Insurance
=> Principles of Insurance
=> Types of Insurance
=> Life Insurance (or) Life Assurance
=> Types of Life Insurance (or) Life Assurance Policies
=> Types of Non-life Insurance (or) General Insurance
=> Marine Insurance and Types of Marine Insurance Policies
=> Health Insurance and Types of Health Insurance
=> Miscellaneous Insurance and its Types
=> Terms used in Insurance
=> Insurance Business Risks
=> Nature of Business Risks in Insurance
=> Types of Business Risks in Insurance
=> Causes of Business Risks in Insurance
=> Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI)


Chapter 16 Emerging Service Business in India

=> Franchising
=> Meaning and definition of Franchising
=> Characteristics and Types of franchising
=> Advantages and Advantages of franchising
=> Factoring
=> Logistics
=> Outsourcing
=> E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce


Chapter 17 Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics

=> Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics
=> Concept and Definition of social responsibility
=> Need for Social Responsibility
=> Arguments for and Against social responsibility
=> Kinds of Social responsibility
=> Social Responsibility towards Different Interest Groups

Chapter 18 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

=> Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
=> Concept of Business Ethics
=> Key Elements of Business Ethics
=> Code of Business Ethics
=> Corporate Governance
=> Multinational Corporation(MNCs) in India
=> International Benchmarking


Chapter 19 Sources of Business Finance

=> Sources of Business Finance
=> Meaning and Definition Business Finance
=> Nature and Significance of Business Finance
=> Classification of Business Finance
=> Factors Influencing Choice of Business Finance
=> Savings-Importance of Saving
=> People investment Avenues

Chapter 20 International Finance

=> International Finance
=> Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) and Institutional Investors(FII)
=> Advantages and Disadvantages of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)
=> International Capital Market
=> Global Depositary Receipt (GDR) and its Features
=> American Depository Receipts(ADR)
=> Foreign currency convertible bonds (FCCB)

Chapter 21 Micro Small and Medium Enterprises MSME and Self Help Groups SHGs

=> Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)
=> Role and Significance of MSMEs
=> Contribution of MSMEs to Indian Economy
=> MSME Sector in Tamil Nadu
=> Self Help Groups


Chapter 22 Types of Trade

=> Types of Trade
=> Classification of Trade
=> Internal Trade: Meaning, Features, Types
=> Foreign trade: Meaning and Types

Chapter 23 Channels of Distribution

=> Channels of Distribution
=> Channels of Distribution: Meaning, Definition
=> Types of chennel of distribution
=> Factors Influencing Channel of Distribution
=> Middleman
=> Kinds of Mercantile Agents or Agent Middlemen
=> Merchant Middlemen
=> Wholesale
=> Characteristics and Function of Wholesalers
=> Services of a Wholesaler
=> Types of Wholesalers
=> Retail trade: Meaning, Definition
=> Characteristics and Function of Retailers
=> Services Rendered by Retailers
=> Distinction Between Wholesaler and Retailer

Chapter 24 Retailing

=> Retailing
=> Types of Retailers
=> Itinerant or Mobile Traders
=> Fixed Shop Retailers
=> Fixed Shop Large Retailers
=> Departmental Stores: Features, Advantages, Limitations
=> Chain Stores or Multiple Shops: Features, Advantages, Limitations
=> Role of Champers of Commerce and Industry Associations


Chapter 25 International Business

=> International Business
=> Nature of International Business
=> Concept, Meaning and Definition of International Business
=> Method of Conducting International Business
=> Features of International Business
=> Rationale Behind International Business
=> Differences Between Domestic Business and International Business
=> Types of International Business
=> Advantages and Disadvantages of International Business

Chapter 26 Export and Import Procedures

=> Export Trade
=> Export Trade Procedure
=> Intermediaries in Export Trade
=> Functions/Services of Export house
=> Import Trade
=> Import Procedure
=> Intermediaries in Import Trade

Chapter 27 Facilitators of International Business

=> World Trade Organisation (WTO)
=> Functions/Role and Benefits of WTO
=> Criticism Against WTO
=> World Bank or International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
=> International Monetary Fund (IMF)
=> South Asian Association for Regional Co-Operation (SAARC)

Chapter 28 Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments

=> Balance of Payments (BOP)
=> Balance of Trade (BOT)


Chapter 29 Elements of Contract

=> Elements of Contract: Meaning and Definition
=> Essentials of a Valid Contract
=> Classification/Types of Contract

Chapter 30 Performance of Contract

=> Performance of Contract
=> Who will Perform the Contract?
=> Reciprocal Promises

Chapter 31 Discharge and Breach of a Contract

=> Discharge of Contract
=> Remedies for Breach of Contract


Chapter 32 Direct Taxes

=> Direct Taxes
=> Income Tax
=> Features of Income Tax in India
=> Basic Concepts of Income Tax

Chapter 33 Indirect Taxation

=> Meaning of Indirect Tax
=> Differences between Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes
=> Goods and Services Tax (GST)
=> Kinds of GST (Goods and Services Tax)
=> GST Council
=> Objectives of GST (Goods and Services Tax)
=> Benefits of GST
=> Disadvantages of GST

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