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Fixed Shop Retailers

The retailers who maintain permanent establishment to sell their goods are called Fixed Shop Retailers.

Fixed Shop Retailers


The retailers who maintain permanent establishment to sell their goods  are called Fixed Shop Retailers. They do not move from place to place to serve their customers. The fixed shop retailers  can be classified into two types on the basis  of the size of their operations. They are: a. Fixed Shop Small Retailers and b. Fixed Shop Large Retailers

Fixed shop small retailers are of the following categories:


a. Street Stalls

These small shop-keepers are commonly found at street crossings or other busy street cornersattractfloatingcustomersanddealin cheap variety of goods like hosiery products, toys, soft drinks, etc. They get their supplies from local suppliers and wholesalers.


b. General Stores

General Stores sell a wide variety of products under one roof, most commonly found in a local market and residential areas to satisfy the day-to-day needs of the customers residing in nearby localities. They remain open for long hours at convenient timings and often provide credit facilities to their regular customers. For example, a provision store deals in grocery, bread,butter, toothpaste, soaps, washing powder, soft drinks, confectionery, stationery, cosmetics, etc.


c. Single-line Stores

Single-line Stores are small shops which deal in a particular line of products such   as garments, stationery, textiles, medicines, shoes, etc. They are generally situated in market places and deal in a variety of goods in that line of product.


d. Speciality Stores

Speciallity Stores deal in a particular type of product under one product line only.

For example, Sweets shop specialised in Tirunelveli Halwa, Bengali Sweets, etc.


e. Seconds Shops

These shops deal with second-hand goods or used articles in a low price such as books, furniture, utensils, clothes, automobiles, etc. and also new defective goods.

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