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Itinerant or Mobile Traders

The traders who have no fixed place of sale are called Itinerants.

Itinerant or Mobile Traders


The traders who have no fixed place  of sale are called Itinerants. They move from one place to another place in search of customers. They are also known as Mobile traders. Mobile traders deal in low price, daily usable items such as fruits, vegetables, fish, clothing, books, etc. They require small amount of investment. The types of itinerants are as follows:


a. Peddlers and Hawkers

Peddlers are individuals who sell their goods by carrying on their head or shoulders moving from place to place on foot. Hawkers are petty retailers who sell their goods at various places such as bus stop, railway station, Public Park and gardens, residential areas and other public places using a convenient vehicle to carry goods from place to place.


b. Street Vendors

The traders sit on the footpath of the road or at the end of the road (pavement) and sell their goods such as fruits, vegetables, books, etc. are called Street vendors.


c. Market Traders

Small traders open their shops at different places on fixed days or dates such as every Sunday or alternative Wednesdays and so on ( Varasandhai - weekly market). They deal in one particular line of merchandise and in low priced consumer items  of  daily use. Examples Pollchi, Manapparai, Ranipet, etc.


d. Cheap Jacks

Those retailers who have independent shops of temporary nature in a business locality are depending upon the potentiality of the area. They deal in consumer goods and services such as shoes and chappals, plastic items, repair of watches, etc.


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