Essential Anesthesia From Science to Practice

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Essential Anesthesia From Science to Practice

Essential Anesthesia From Science to Practice

Clinical management

Pre operative evaluation

Pre-operative evaluation - Clinical management
History - Clinical management
Physical examination - Anesthesia Clinical management
Laboratory evaluations and studies - Anesthesia Clinical management
NPO status - Anesthesia Clinical management
Planned procedure - Anesthesia Clinical management
Anesthetic choice - Anesthesia Clinical management
Common disorders - Anesthesia Clinical management
Pre-operative medication management
Informed consent - Anesthesia Clinical management

Airway management

Airway management
Examination of the airway - Anesthesia Clinical management
Mask ventilation - Airway management techniques
Laryngeal mask airway - Airway management techniques
Endotracheal intubation: Oral intubation by direct laryngoscopy - Airway management techniques
Canít intubate situations
Awake fiberoptic intubation - Airway management techniques
Airway management plan

Vascular access and fluid management

Vascular access and fluid management
Vascular access
Peripheral venous cannulation - Vascular access
Central venous catheterization - Vascular access
IJ catheter placement technique - Vascular access
Confirmation of intravenous location - Vascular access
Pulmonary artery catheterization - Vascular access
Fluid types - Fluid management
Fluid requirements - Fluid management
Blood loss - Fluid management
Blood replacement - Fluid management
Risks - Fluid management

Regional anesthesia

Regional anesthesia
Neuraxial anesthesia
Peripheral nerve blocks
Intravenous regional anesthesia (IVRA)
Local anesthetic toxicity

General anesthesia

General anesthesia
Induction, maintenance and emergence - General anesthesia
Early post-operative care - Anesthesia
Early post-operative pain - Anesthesia
Desaturation - Anesthesia
Hypotension - Anesthesia Early post-operative care
Hypertension - Anesthesia Early post-operative care
PACU discharge and Outpatients - Anesthesia Early post-operative care
Continued post-operative care - Anesthesia
Chronic pain - Anesthesia


Monitoring - Anesthesia Clinical management
Focused monitoring - Anesthesia Clinical management
Instruments that supplement clinical monitoring - Anesthesia Clinical management
Pulse oximetry - Anesthesia Clinical management
The electrocardiogram - Anesthesia Clinical management
Monitoring respired gases - Anesthesia Clinical management
Neuromuscular function - Anesthesia Clinical management
Doppler and ultrasound - Anesthesia Clinical management
The electroencephalogram and evoked responses - Anesthesia Clinical management
Invasive monitors - Anesthesia Clinical management

The anesthesia machine

The anesthesia machine
Systems without gas storage - The anesthesia machine
Single-valve system with gas storage - The anesthesia machine
Multi-valve system with gas storage - The anesthesia machine
Systems with carbon dioxide absorption - The anesthesia machine

Applied physiology and pharmacology

Anesthesia and the cardiovascular system

Anesthesia and the cardiovascular system
Blood pressure and its determinants
Anesthesia in the patient with cardiovascular disease
Cardiovascular problems during anesthesia

Anesthesia and the lung

Anesthesia and the lung
Basic pulmonary physiology
Purpose of breathing
Control of breathing
Mechanics of ventilation
The work of breathing
Matching of ventilation and perfusion
Tissue oxygenation
Oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve
Alveolar air equation
The hypoxemic patient
Studies of pulmonary function
Providing supplemental oxygen
Mechanical ventilation
Anesthesia in the patient with pulmonary disease
Pulmonary problems during anesthesia

Anesthesia and other systems

Anesthesia and The brain
Anesthesia and The stomach
Anesthesia and The liver
Anesthesia and The kidneys
Anesthesia and The blood

A brief pharmacology related to anesthesia

Approaching the anesthesia task with drugs
Theories of anesthesia
Pharmacologic preparation for anesthesia
Intravenous anesthetics
Inhalation anesthetics
Uptake and distribution of inhaled anesthetics
Nitrous oxide - anesthesia
Comparing anesthesia effects on heart, lung, and brain
The opioids
Neuromuscular blockers and their antagonists
The local anesthetics
Additives - local anesthetics
The anticholinergic drugs - Cardiovascular drugs
Drugs to raise blood pressure
Drugs to lower blood pressure
Antiarrhythmic drugs

Clinical cases

Anesthesia Clinical cases abbreviations
Breast biopsy under conscious sedation
Carpal tunnel release under Bier block
Cataract removal under MAC(Monitored Anesthetic Care)
Cesarean section under regional anesthesia
Gastric bypass under general anesthesia
AV shunt placement under peripheral nerve block
Open repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm in a patient with coronary artery disease
Trauma patient under general anesthesia

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