Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering - GE6252

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Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering


DC Circuits and Ohmís Law
AC Circuits and Kirchhoffís law
Steady State Solution of DC Circuits and Problems based on ohmís law
Introduction to AC Circuits
Star Delta transformation
Electrical Instruments and Classification of instruments
Damping Torque and Classification of Damping Damping Torque
Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Instruments(PMMC)
Operating Principles of Moving Iron Instruments Ammeters and Voltmeters
Dynamo meter type watt meter
Single phase Energy meter
Important Short Questions and Answers: Electric Circuits and Measurements


Electrical Circuits
Basic Electrical Measurments


Construction of DC Machines
Principle of Operation of D.C. Machines
DC Generator E.M.F Equation
Types of DC Generator
DC Generator Characteristics
Application of DC Generator
How DC motors work?
Principles of DC motor Operation
Classification and Types of DC Motor
Basic Equations and Applications of DC Motor
Construction, Principle of Operation of Single Phase Transformer
Basic Equations and Applications of Single Phase Transformer
EMF Equation of Transformer
Transformer on No Load and Load
Equivalent Circuit of Transformer
Voltage Regulation of Transformer
Construction, Principle of Operation and Starting methods of Single phase induction Motor
Types of Single phase induction Motor
Important Short Questions and Answers: Basic Electrical Mechanics


DC Generator
DC Motor
Induction motors


Semiconductor Devices And Applications
Classification of Materials
Classification of Semiconductor
PN Junction Diode
Zener Diode
Rectifiers and Types of rectifiers
Bipolar Junction Transistor(BJT)
Important Short Questions and Answers: Semiconductor Devices And Applications


Semiconductor Devices and Applications
PN Junction Diode
Zener Diode
Transistor Configuration


Binary Number System
The Binary Number System
Converting Between Binary Numbers and Decimal Numbers
Hexadecimal Numbers
Binary Coded Decimal Numbers
Logic Gates
Boolean Algebra
Flip Flop
Counters: Synchronous Counter and Asynchronous Up Down Counter
Analog to Digital Conversion(ADC)
Digital to Analog Converter(DAC)
Important Short Question and Answers: Digital Electronics


Combinational Logic Circuits
Multiplexer and De-multiplexer
The Digital Encoder
Binary Adder and Subtractor
The Digital Comparator
Parity Generator and Checker
Comparison with other logic families
Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS)
Sequential Logic Circuit
SR, JK and Master-Slave JK Flip-Flop
Data Latch
synchronous and counter
Shift Registers


Types of signal: Analog signal and digital signal
Principles of Amplitude modulation
Principle of frequency modulation
Block diagram of radio
Block diagram of television transmitter
Microwave communication
Satellite communication
Optical fiber communication
Important Short Question and Answers: Foundamentals of Communication Enginnering
Technical terms in Basic Electrical and electronics


Fundamentals of Communication Engineering

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