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=> Nutrition : Carbohydrates (Poly hydroxyaldehydes (or) ketones.), Proteins(Polypeptides), Lipids, Vitamins
=> Carbohydrates (Poly hydroxyaldehydes (or) ketones.)
=> Proteins(Polypeptides)
=> Lipids
=> Vitamins : functions of vitamins and Vitamin Deficiency Ailments
=> Minerals, Water, Balanced diet, Calorie values, Obesity
=> The digestive system and The process of digestion
=> Dental Caries (Tooth decay) : Symptoms, Root Canal Treatment
=> Peptic ulcer and Hernia : Causes of Peptic ulcer and Types of Hernia
=> Appendicitis, Gall Stones, Hepatitis, Hernia, Peptic ulcer
=> Types of fractures, Mechanism of fracture, Healing of Bones in fracture, Dislocation of joints, Physiotherapy and rehabilitation, Arthiritis , Orthopedics, Rickets and steomalacia
=> Structure of a skeletal muscle, sarcomere
=> Mechanism and Types of muscle contraction
=> Benefits of aerobic exercise
=> Myasthenia Gravis Muscle Disease
=> Process of pulmonary respiration
=> Mechanism of Human Breathing : Expiration , Inspiration
=> Gaseous exchange in the alveoli
=> Herring - Breuer reflex
=> Lungs Disease : Tuberculosis (TB), Herring - Breuer reflex, Acute and Chronic Bronchitis
=> Human Circulatory System : Functioning of Human heart
=> Myocardial infarction : Symptoms, Causes, Risk factors
=> Angina pectoris
=> Angiogram : Coronary Angiography and Coronary Angioplasty
=> Atherosclerosis, Heart block, Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD)
=> ICCU - (Intensive Coronary Care Unit)
=> Blood Pressure : Intensive of hypertension
=> Composition of plasma : Components with Functions
=> Types of blood cells or corpuscles
=> Human Nervous system
=> Human brain
=> Types of memory
=> Types of sleep
=> Human Brain Stroke and Brain haemorrhage
=> Alzheimer's Disease, Meningitis (Brain fever), Conditioned reflex
=> Right and Left Human brain concept
=> Spinal cord functioning
=> Functions of Endocrine glands
=> Pituitary gland and The hormones of anterior pituitary
=> Thyroid gland and thyroxine
=> Human Insulin
=> Human Glucagon
=> Gonads : Testis and Overies
=> Focusing Mechanism in the Human Eye
=> Human eye : Errors of refraction
=> Retinopathy - Human Eye Disease
=> Human Eye : Cataract, Lens Replacement
=> Human Eye : Glaucoma, Nyctalopia Disorder, Infections, Symptoms, Treatment
=> EAR - Some Information
=> Mechanism of hearing - Human Ear
=> Defects of the Human ear
=> Human Hearing Aid
=> Noise pollution
=> Human Skin and Functions of skin
=> Functions of Human Skin Melanin
=> Human Skin grafting and Dermatitis
=> Human Tongue and Mechanism of Stimulation
=> Human Excretion
=> Mechanism of urine formation
=> Renal Failure, Dialysis and Kidney Machines
=> Human Kidney stone (Calculus) And Kidney transplantation
=> Diabetes mellitus : Symptoms, Causes, prevention
=> Functioning of male reproductive system
=> Functioning of female reproductive system
=> Female Menstrual cycle - 28 days
=> In vitro fertilization (Test tube babies) and Birth control
=> Contraception - Methods to prevention of pregnancy


=> History of Medical microbiology
=> Structure of Viruses And Viral genetics
=> Viral Diseases
=> Cultivation (culture) of Animal viruses
=> Bacterial structure And Culture
=> Bacterial Genetics
=> Bacterial Diseases
=> Protozoan microbiology
=> Larval microbiology
=> AIDS (HIV) Structure, its control, Pathogenesis, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Control and Management


=> IMMUNOLOGY : Innate Immunity (Non-specific) And Acquired Immunity (Specific immunity)
=> Primary Lymphoid Organ Thymus
=> Peripheral Lymphoid Organs : Lymph nodes, Spleen
=> Secondary Lymphoid Organs : Mucosa associated lymphoid tissues (MALT)
=> Antibodies - Immunoglobulins, Region of polypeptide chains, Transplantation immunology
=> Classification of grafts
=> Immune system disorders


=> Human Genetics - Karyotyping
=> Genetic Engineering (Recombinant DNA Technology)
=> Genetic Diseases
=> Human Genome Project (HGP)
=> Cloning : Differentiation, Cloning of Sheep (Mechanism), Ethical Issues, Merits and Demerits of cloning
=> Transgenic organisms : Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
=> Gene therapy
=> Bioinformatics : Definition, History, Applications
=> Scope of Genetic Engineering And Bioinformatics
=> Nucleic acid, Protein sequence databases And Genome sequencing, DNA library
=> Protein Structure, Protein Model And Uses
=> Human population and explosion - Issues


=> Reasons for the Explosion. Impacts Of Growing Population and Environmental
=> Global warming : Green house effect
=> Types of Greenhouse Gases
=> Effects of Global warming
=> Ozone layer depletion : Ozone hole, Preventing And Effect of Ozone depletions
=> Waste management
=> Waste management : Classification of wastes
=> Management of hazardous wastes
=> Management of non-hazardous wastes- Solid Waste Management
=> Biodiversity conservation (Biosphere reserves) Government and non Governmental organizations
=> Energy crisis and its environmental impact
=> Steps to be taken to resolve energy crisis
=> Environmental impacts : Thermal, Hydel, Nuclear Power, Solar energy, Fossil fuels
=> Poverty and Environmental : issues, alleviation
=> Fresh water crisis and management
=> Freshwater resources
=> Freshwater shortages
=> Freshwater Management


=> Important cattle breeds and their characteristics
=> cattle breeds : Milch breeds (or) Dairy breeds, Dual purpose breeds, Draught breeds
=> Milch breeds (or) Dairy Cattle breeds : Sindhi (Red Sindhi, Red Karachi), Gir (Kathiawarhi, Surti)
=> Dual purpose Cattle breeds - Ongole : Nellore
=> Draught Cattle breeds : Kangayam, Hallikar, Jersey
=> Common diseases and control for Cattle
=> Poultry Breeds
=> Poultry Farming methods
=> Factors involved in brooding
=> Pisciculture : Characters of cultivable fish
=> Fish Pond : Types and Preparation of pond, Management and Feeding
=> Edible Fishes Of Tamilnadu (India)
=> Stethoscope and Uses of Stethoscope
=> Sphygmomanometer
=> Haemocytometer
=> Urine - Sugar analysis
=> ECG-Electrocardiogram
=> Computed Tomography (CT)(OR) Computerized axial tomography (CAT) - Advantages and Uses
=> Types of Endoscopy
=> Artificial Pacemaker And Autoanalyser


=> THEORIES OF EVOLUTION : Neo-lamarckism
=> Modern concept of Natural Selection (or) Modern synthetic theory of Evolution

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