Nutrition and Diet Therapy

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Nutrition and Diet Therapy


The Relationship of Nutrition and Health

=> The Relationship of Nutrition and Health
=> Nutrients and Their Functions
=> Characteristics of Good Nutrition
=> Malnutrition
=> Individuals at Risk from Poor Nutritional Intake
=> Cumulative Effects of Nutrition
=> Nutrition Assessment
=> Considerations for the Health Care Professional

Planning a Healthy Diet

=> Planning a Healthy Diet
=> Dietary Guidelines
=> MyPyramid
=> Food Labeling
=> Food Customs
=> U.S. Cultural Dietary Influences
=> Food Patterns Based on Religion or Philosophy

Digestion Absorption and Metabolism

=> Digestion
=> Absorption
=> Metabolism
=> Energy


=> Carbohydrates
=> Functions of Carbohydrates
=> Food Sources of Carbohydrates
=> Classification of Carbohydrates
=> Digestion and Absorption of Carbohydrates
=> Metabolism and Elimination of Carbohydrates
=> Dietary Requirements of Carbohydrates

Lipids or Fats

=> Lipids or Fats
=> Functions of Lipids or Fats
=> Food Sources of Lipids or Fats
=> Classification of Lipids or Fats
=> Cholesterol
=> Digestion and Absorption of Lipids or Fats
=> Metabolism and Elimination of Lipids or Fats
=> Fats and the Consumer
=> Dietary Requirements of Lipids or Fats


=> Proteins
=> Functions of Proteins
=> Food Sources of Proteins
=> Classification of Proteins
=> Composition of Proteins
=> Digestion and Absorption of Proteins
=> Metabolism and Elimination of Proteins
=> Dietary Requirements of Proteins


=> Vitamins
=> Dietary Requirements of Vitamins
=> Classification of Vitamins
=> Fat-Soluble Vitamins
=> Water-Soluble Vitamins
=> Vitamin A
=> Vitamin D
=> Vitamin E
=> Vitamin K
=> Vitamin B Complex
=> Thiamine
=> Riboflavin
=> Niacin
=> Vitamin B6
=> Vitamin B12
=> Folate
=> Biotin
=> Pantothenic Acid
=> Vitamin C
=> Vitamins: Supplements


=> Minerals
=> Classification of Minerals
=> Toxicity
=> Calcium (Ca) - Nutrition Minerals
=> Phosphorus (P) - Nutrition Minerals
=> Potassium (K) - Nutrition Minerals
=> Sodium (Na) - Nutrition Minerals
=> Chloride (Cl) - Nutrition Minerals
=> Magnesium (Mg) - Nutrition Minerals
=> Sulfur (S) - Nutrition Minerals
=> Iron (Fe) - Nutrition Trace Minerals
=> Iodine (I) - Nutrition Trace Minerals
=> Zinc (Zn) - Nutrition Trace Minerals
=> Selenium (Se) - Nutrition Trace Minerals
=> Copper (Cu) - Nutrition Trace Minerals
=> Manganese (Mn) - Nutrition Trace Minerals
=> Fluoride (F) - Nutrition Trace Minerals
=> Chromium (Cr) - Nutrition Trace Minerals
=> Molybdenum (Mo) - Nutrition Trace Minerals


=> Water - Nutrition
=> Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
=> Acid-Base Balance


Food Related Illnesses and Allergies

=> Food-Related Illnesses and Allergies
=> Bacteria That Cause Foodborne Illness
=> Other Substances That Cause Food Poisoning
=> Prevention of Foodborne Illnesses
=> Miscellaneous Food Poisonings
=> Food Allergies

Diet During Pregnancy and Lactation

=> Diet During Pregnancy and Lactation
=> Weight Gain during Pregnancy
=> Nutritional Needs during Prepregnancy
=> Nutritional Needs during Pregnancy
=> Fulfillment of Nutritional Needs during Pregnancy
=> Concerns during Pregnancy
=> Diet for the Pregnant Woman with Diabetes
=> Pregnancy during Adolescence
=> Lactation

Diet During Infancy

=> Diet During Infancy
=> Nutritional Requirements - Diet During Infancy
=> Breastfeeding
=> Bottle Feeding
=> Supplementary Foods - Diet During Infancy
=> Special Considerations for Infants with Altered Nutritional Needs
=> Special Considerations for Infants with Metabolic Disorders

Diet During Childhood and Adolescence

=> Diet During Childhood and Adolescence
=> Diet of Children Ages 1 to 12
=> Diet of Adolescents
=> Special Considerations for the Adolescent Related to Nutrition Concerns

Diet During Young and Middle Adulthood

=> Diet During Young and Middle Adulthood
=> Nutritional and Calorie Requirements - Diet During Young and Middle Adulthood
=> Special Considerations Related to Nutrition Concerns
=> Weight Control - During Young and Middle Adulthood

Diet During Late Adulthood

=> Diet During Late Adulthood
=> The Effects of Aging
=> Nutritional Requirements During Late Adulthood
=> Food Habits During Late Adulthood
=> Food Fads During Late Adulthood
=> Appropriate Diets During Late Adulthood
=> Special Considerations for the Chronically Ill Older Adult


Diet and Weight Control

=> Diet and Weight Control
=> Overweight and Obesity
=> Dietary Treatment of Overweight and Obesity
=> Underweight

Diet and Diabetes Mellitus

=> Diet and Diabetes Mellitus
=> Symptoms and Etiology of Diabetes Mellitus
=> Classification of Diabetes Mellitus
=> Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus
=> Nutritional Management for Diabetes Mellitus
=> Special Considerations for the Diabetic Client

Diet and Cardiovascular Disease

=> Diet and Cardiovascular Disease
=> Atherosclerosis
=> Medical Nutrition Therapy for Hyperlipidemia
=> Myocardial Infarction
=> Congestive Heart Failure
=> Hypertension
=> Dietary Treatment for Hypertension

Diet and Renal Disease

=> Diet and Renal Disease
=> Renal Diseases
=> Special Considerations for Clients with Renal Diseases

Diet and Gastrointestinal Problems

=> Diet and Gastrointestinal Problems
=> Disorders of the Primary Organs
=> Disorders of the Accessory Organs
=> Residue-Controlled Diets

Diet and Cancer

=> Diet and Cancer
=> The Causes of Cancer
=> Classifications of Cancer
=> Relationships of Food and Cancer
=> The Effects of Cancer
=> The Treatment of Cancer
=> Nutritional Care of the Cancer Client

Diet and Clients With Special Needs

=> Diet and Clients With Special Needs
=> Diet and The Surgical Client
=> Diet and Client Receiving Enteral Nutrition
=> Diet: Client Receiving Parenteral Nutrition
=> Diet: Client with Burns
=> Diet: Client with Infection
=> Diet: Client with AIDS

Nutritional Care of Clients

=> Nutritional Care of Hospitalized Clients
=> Nutritional Care: Feeding the Client
=> Long-Term Nutritional Care of the Elderly

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