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Home Science 11th std

Chapter 1 : Concepts and Scope of Home Science

=> Concepts and Scope of Home Science
=> Evolution of the Discipline of Home Science
=> Components of Home Science
=> Relevance of Home Science in Improving Quality of Life
=> Educational and Vocational Scope of Home Science

Chapter 2 : Human Development and its Challenges

=> Human Development and its Challenges
=> Domains and Stages of Development
=> Infancy - Domains and Stages of Development
=> Babyhood - Domains and Stages of Development
=> Childhood - Domains and Stages of Development
=> Children with Special Needs - Domains and Stages of Development
=> Adolescence - Growth and Development
=> Adulthood - Domains and Stages of Development
=> Old age - Personal and social adjustments

Chapter 3 : Food Science

=> Food Science
=> Functions of Food
=> Basic Four Food Groups and its Significance
=> Food Pyramid
=> Methods of Cooking
=> Moist Heat Methods of Cooking
=> Dry Heat Methods of Cooking
=> Combination Method of Cooking
=> Innovative Methods of Cooking
=> Steps in Minimizing Loss of Nutrients During Cooking
=> Fortification and Enrichment
=> Kitchen Equipment
=> Basic Rules of Kitchen Safety

Chapter 4 : Food Preservation Methods

=> Introduction and Definition of Food Preservation
=> Importance and Principles of food preservation
=> Food Preservation Methods
=> Preservation of Foods with Low Temperature
=> Preservation by High Temperature
=> Preservation by Dehydration
=> Smoking of Foods
=> Preservation by Chemical Preservatives
=> Preservation by High Osmotic Pressure
=> Food Irradiation - Latest techniques in food preservation
=> Vacuum Packing - Food Preservation Methods

Chapter 5 : Nutrition

=> Introduction to Nutrition Science
=> Macronutrients
=> Carbohydrates - Macronutrients
=> Proteins - Macronutrients
=> Lipids/Fats - Macronutrients
=> Micronutrients
=> Minerals: Functions, Food sources, Deficiency
=> Fat Soluble Vitamins: Functions, Food sources, Deficiency
=> Water Soluble Vitamins: Functions, Food sources, Deficiency
=> Water Nutrition
=> Malnutrition

Chapter 6 : Family Meal Management

=> Family Meal Management
=> Nutritional Needs of Infants
=> Advantages of breast feeding
=> Complementary Foods and Weaning Foods
=> Nutritional Needs of Preschool and School Going Children
=> Packed Lunch: Guidelines for Preparing Nutritious Packed Lunch for School Children
=> Nutritional Requirements During Adolescence
=> Nutritional Needs of Adults
=> Nutritional Requirements of Pregnant and Lactating Women
=> Nutritional Needs and Challenges During Old Age

Chapter 7 : Family Resource Management

=> Definition and Concept of Family Resource Management
=> Values and Classification of values
=> Goals: Definition, Types
=> Standards and Classification of Standards
=> Decision Making
=> Family Resources: Types and Characteristics
=> Time and Energy Management
=> Work Simplification
=> Money Management
=> Expenditure and Budget Management
=> Savings and Investments

Chapter 8 : Communication

=> Communication
=> Definition, Functions and Importance of Communication
=> Principles of Communication
=> Methods of Communication
=> Barriers to Communication
=> Communication Skills
=> Teaching Aids
=> Recent Trends in Communication - Website, Email, Multimedia, E-Learning

Chapter 9 : Personality Development and Life Coping Skills

=> Personality Development and Life Coping Skills
=> Determinants of Personality
=> Self Awareness
=> Self Esteem
=> Stress Management
=> Problem Solving
=> Decision Making
=> Coping Mechanism

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