Statistics 12th Std

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Statistics 12th Std

Chapter 1: Tests of Significance - Basic Concepts and Large Sample Tests

=> Introduction
=> Parameter and Statistic
=> Sampling Distribution
=> Standard Error
=> Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis
=> Errors in Statistical Hypotheses Testing
=> Level of Significance, Critical Region and Critical Value(S)
=> One-Tailed and Two-Tailed Tests
=> General Procedure for Test of Hypotheses
=> Test of Hypotheses for Population Mean (Population Variance Is Known)
=> Test of Hypotheses for Population Mean (Population Variance is Unknown)
=> Test of Hypotheses for Equality of Means of two Populations (Population Variances are Known)
=> Test of Hypotheses For Equality of Means of Two Populations (Population Variances are Unknown)
=> Test of Hypotheses for Population Proportion
=> Test of Hypotheses for Equality of Proportions of two Populations

Chapter 2: Tests Based on Sampling Distributions I

=> Introduction
=> Student’s t Distribution and Its Applications
=> Chi-Square Distribution and Its Applications

Chapter 3: Tests Based on Sampling Distributions II

=> Introduction
=> F -Distribution and Its Applications
=> Test of Significance for Two Normal Population Variances
=> Analysis of Variance (Anova)
=> One-way ANOVA
=> Two Way ANOVA

Chapter 4: Correlation Analysis

=> Introduction
=> Definition of Correlation
=> Types of Correlation
=> Methods to find correlation
=> Scatter Diagram
=> Karl Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient
=> Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient
=> Yule’s Coefficient of Association

Chapter 5: Regression Analysis

=> Introduction
=> Definition and Types of Regression
=> Uses of Regression
=> Why are There Two Regression Lines?
=> Method of Least Squares
=> Properties of Regression Coefficients
=> Difference Between Correlation and Regression

Chapter 6: Index Numbers

=> Introduction
=> Definition and Uses of Index Numbers
=> Types of Index Numbers
=> Methods of Constructing Index Numbers
=> Unweighted Index Numbers
=> Weighted Index Numbers
=> Consumer Price Index Numbers

Chapter 7: Time Series and Forecasting

=> Introduction
=> Definition and Uses of Time Series
=> Components of Time Series
=> Measurements of Components
=> Methods of Measuring Secular Trend
=> Methods of constructing seasonal indices
=> Forecasting

Chapter 8: Vital Statistics and Official Statistics

=> Introduction
=> Vital Statistics
=> Importance of Vital Statistics
=> Collection of Vital Statistics
=> Mortality and Its Measurements
=> Life Table and Its Applications
=> Fertility and its Measurements
=> Measurement of Population Growth
=> Official Statistics

Chapter 9: Project Work

=> Project Work
=> Designing a Project
=> Project Work Plan
=> Questionnaire Development Process
=> Features of a Project Report

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