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Robotics - ME8099, ME6010

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-:- Fundamentals of Robot
-:- Robot Anatomy
-:- Robotics Co-ordinate System
-:- Robot Classification
-:- Wrist configuration of Robot
-:- Speed of Robot Motion
-:- Robot Parts and Functions
-:- Need of Robot and its Application
-:- Important Questions and Answers: Fundamentals of Robot
-:- Different types of robots
-:- Joint Notation Scheme
-:- Technical specification in Robotics
-:- Types of joints used in robots
-:- Four types of robot control
-:- Introduction Robot Drive Systems
-:- DC Servo Motors | Stepper Motor
-:- AC Servo Motor | Stepper Motor
-:- Grippers
-:- Magnetic Grippers
-:- Mechanical Gripper
-:- Hydraulic Grippers
-:- Vacuum grippers
-:- Two and Three-fingered gripper
-:- Selection and design considerations in robot gripper
-:- Mechanical drives system
-:- Pneumatic actuators system
-:- Various types of Gripper mechanisms
-:- Working of a stepper motor
-:- Important Questions and Answers: Robot Drive Systems and End Effectors
-:- Introduction to Sensors
-:- Need of Sensors
-:- Position Sensors
-:- Proximity Sensor
-:- Compliant geometry
-:- Slip sensing
-:- Analog Frame Grabbers
-:- Sensing & Digitizing Image Data
-:- Image Processing Signal conversion
-:- Object tracking software
-:- Characteristics of Sensors
-:- Principle of position sensors
-:- Working principle of Range sensors
-:- Working principle of Proximity sensors
-:- Vision systems of Robot
-:- Various techniques in Image Processing and Analysis
-:- Applications of Sensor
-:- Important Questions and Answers: Sensors and Machine Vision
-:- Robot Kinematics: Forward and Inverse Kinematics
-:- Types of Robot Programming
-:- Robot Programming Methods
-:- Programming Languages for Robotics
-:- Robot Programming Languages
-:- Motion Commands and the Control of Effectors of Robot
-:- Teach pendant for Robot system
-:- Capabilities and limitations of Lead through methods
-:- Differentiate forward and inverse kinematics
-:- Direct and inverse kinematics of 4 degrees of freedom
-:- Important Questions and Answers: Robot Kinematics And Robot Programming
-:- RGV (Rail Guided Vehicle)
-:- Packmobile with trailer AGV
-:- Implementation of Robot Systems
-:- Industrial Robots and Robot System Safety
-:- Hazards of Robot
-:- Economic Analysis of Robot
-:- Payback, EUAC and ROI method
-:- Important Questions and Answers: Implementation And Robot Economics
-:- AGV & RGV types of robots
-:- Economic analysis of Robots

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