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Important Questions and Answers: Fundamentals of Robot

Mechanical - Robotics - Fundamentals of Robot




1. Define Robot.


RIA       defines   a   robot   as   a   ―programmable,


Move materials, parts, tools or special devices through variable programmed motions for the performance of the variety of tasks.


2.  Types of rotary joint notations


o Rotational joint (type R) o Twisting joint (type T) o Revolving joint (type V)


3.  Work space?


The space in which the end point of the robot arm is capable of operating 4. Accuracy of robot?


The roboto‘sreachabilityreference point within known as accuracy of robot.



5.  Benefits of industrial robots?

 Increased Productivity


§    Significant Savings


§    Improved Quality


§    Better Safety


§    Competitive Edge



6. Repeatability of robot?


Repeatability refers to robot‘s abi commanded to do so.




7. Define Pitch, yaw and roll.


Pitch is rotation around the X axis, yaw is around the Y axis, and roll is around the Z axis. Yaw is side to side swinging around an axis. Pitch is up and down movement

about an axis and roll is rotatory motion about an axis.


8. What is work volume?


The volume of the space swept by the robot arm is called work volume.


9. Define the Quality of a robot.


A Robot is said to be high quality when the precision and accuracy is





10. Robot anatomy?


Study of structure of robot is called robot anatomy. Manipulator is constructed of a series of joints and links. A joint provides relative motion between the input link and the output link.



11.        Three degrees of freedom associated with the arm and body motion?


1. Right (or) left movement (X-axis motion)


2. In and out movement (Y-axis motion)


3. Vertical movement (Z-axis motion)



12. What is Industrial Robot?


An industrial robot is an automatically controlled, reprogrammable, multipurpose manipulator programmable in three or more axes. A programmable mechanical device that is used in place of a person to perform dangerous or repetitive tasks with a high degree of accuracy.



13. What is mean Payload?


The maximum load which can be carried out by the manipulator at low or normal speed.

14. List out the Important specifications of an industrial robot.






Degree of Freedom






15.Four basic robot configurations available commercially?


o Cartesian coordinate system o Cylindrical coordinate system


o Polar or spherical coordinate system o Revolute coordinate system


16. Work envelop?


The work envelop is described by the surface of the work space.



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