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Important Questions and Answers: Sensors and Machine Vision

Mechanical - Robotics - Sensors and Machine Vision

1. What are the common imaging device used for robot vision systems?


Black and white Videocon camera, charge coupled devices, solid-state camera, charge injection devices.


2.  Define Segmentation.


Segmentation is the method to group areas of an image having similar characteristics or features into distinct entities representing part of the image.


3. What is Thresholding?


Thresholding is a binary conversion technique in which each pixel is converted into a binary value either black or white.


4.  Functions of machine vision system.


Sensing and digitizing image data Image Processing and analysis Application


5. Define sensors and transducer.

Sensor is a transducer that is used to make a measurement of a physical variable of interest. Transducer is a device that converts the one form of information into another form without changing the information content.


6.  Basic classifications of sensors.


Tactile Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Range sensors, Voice sensors etc.,


7.  What is Tactile sensor?

Tactile sensor is device that indicates the contact between themselves and some other solid objects.

8. Define region growing. 

Region  growing  is a  collection  of  segmentation techniques  in  which  pixels  are

grouped in regions called grid elements based on attribute similarities.


9.  What is feature extraction?

In vision applications distinguishing one object from another is accomplished by means of features that uniquely characterize the object. A feature (area, diameter, and perimeter) is a single parameter that permits ease of comparison and identification.


10. Various techniques in image processing and analysis.


Image data reduction




Feature extraction


Object recognition


11. Give an application example of a proximity sensor.

Ground proximity warning system for aviation safety Vibration measurements of rotating shafts in machinery Sheet break sensing in paper machine.


Roller coasters


Conveyor systems


12. W orking of inductive type proximity sensor.

  Inductive proximity sensors operate under the electrical principle of inductance.


  Inductance is the phenomenon where fluctuating current, which by definition has a magnetic component induces an electromotive force (emf) is a target object.


  To amplify a devices inductance effect, a sensor manufacturer twists wire into a tight coil and runs a current through it.


13. Name some feedback devices used in robotics.

 Position Sensors

 Velocity Sensors


14. Types of encoders.

 Incremental encoders

 Absolute encoders


 15. Which is Frame grabber?

It is a hardware device used to capture and store the digital image.


16. Classify the position sensors.

Incremental encoders


Absolute encoders


Resistive position sensors


Linear variable differential transformer.








17. Define Tactile array sensor.

Tactile array sensor is a special type of force senor composed of a matrix of force sensing elements.

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