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Food Service Management 11th std

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Food Service Management 11th std

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-:- Introduction to Food Service Industry
-:- Scope of Food Service Management
-:- Food Service Operations
-:- Functions of Food Service
-:- General Etiquettes in Food Service Operation
-:- Basics of Food
-:- Functions of Food
-:- Four Food Groups and Food Pyramid
-:- Herbs for Good Health
-:- Preliminary preparation of food
-:- Preparation of Suitable Food for a Customer in Food Service
-:- Selection of Foods and Methods of Cooking
-:- Selection, Purchase and Storage of Foods
-:- Methods of Cooking
-:- Effects of Cooking on Nutrients
-:- Fast food and Health Hazard
-:- Food Service Equipment
-:- Definition and Types of Equipment
-:- Receiving Food Service Equipment
-:- Storage Food Service Equipment
-:- Food Production Equipment
-:- Food Holding and Serving Equipment
-:- Care, Maintenance and Sanitation of Equipment
-:- Bakery
-:- Types of Bakery Products
-:- Baking Ingredients
-:- Principles of Baking
-:- Preparation of Biscuits
-:- Preparation of cookies
-:- Bakery Unit
-:- Significance and Principles of Food Preservation
-:- Methods of Food Preservation
-:- Salting and Pickling
-:- Fermentation
-:- Menu Planning
-:- Types of Menu
-:- Preparation of Menu Card
-:- Types of Cuisines
-:- Role of Microorganisms in Food
-:- Spoilage of Foods
-:- Classification of foods by ease of spoilage
-:- Signs of Spoilage in Foods
-:- Food Poisoning and Prevention
-:- Hygiene and Safety in Food Service
-:- Office and Administration - Food Service Management
-:- Attitude of Food Service Personnel
-:- Personal grooming
-:- Food and Beverage Personnel
-:- Rating of Star Hotels
-:- Observation of a Hotel
-:- Assessing Student’s Daily Diet
-:- Planning Balanced Menu for a Student
-:- Identification of Medicinal Herbs and Formulation of a Recipe
-:- Different Types of Cutting
-:- Methods of Measuring Ingredients
-:- Practical: Methods of Cooking
-:- Fireless Cooking- Salad Preparation
-:- Stages of Sugar Cookery
-:- Market Survey of Equipment
-:- Visit to a Food Outlet and report
-:- Preparation of Yeast Solution
-:- Preparation of Biscuits and Cookies
-:- Drying
-:- Dry Powder
-:- Preparation of Tomato and Lime Pickles
-:- Preparation of a North Indian Cuisine
-:- Preparation of South Indian Cuisines
-:- Preparation of a Traditional Tamilnadu Cuisine
-:- Role of Microorganisms in Fermentation
-:- Observation of Hygienic Practices in a Hotel/Restaurant
-:- Observation of General Etiquettes of Food Service Personnel