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Chapter: 11th Food Service Management : Chapter 1 : Food Service Operation

Functions of Food Service

a. Cleaning/washing. b. Storage. c. Food Preparation. d. Service.

Functions of Food Service


A successful food service includes spe-cific components organized in a particu-lar pattern to optimize performance and efficiency based on the food and beverage they offer. But in most food services the following functions are carried out:

a.     Cleaning/washing.

b.     Storage.

c.      Food Preparation.

d.     Service.


a. Cleaning/Washing: The cleaning and washing section is first because every place in the food service should be clean and hygienic for ensuring safe food and water. This section should be located near the kitchen entrance so servers can quickly drop off dirty dishes and chefs can quickly find clean dishes.


b. Storage: The storage area can be split into non -food storage and food stor-age. The non-food storage area can be split further into a section for disposable products, a section for cleaning supplies, and a section for the clean dishes in the cleaning/washing area. This area might also contain a receiving area for product deliveries. Food storage area is divided into cold and dry storage.


c. Food Preparation: The food prepara-tion area is very important in food service because the maximum work is done here and the menu is transformed into tasty dishes. 

An area for prepreparation and an area for the actual production are needed.In large establishments the food production area may be broken into smaller sections like a baking section, grilling section, and frying section. Sometimes if multicuisine is offered then the production area may be divided as Indian, Chinese and so on.       


d. Service: The service area is the final section of food service but the most important and the first one the guests see. So this area should be furnished well with good décor. The following diagrams (Fig. 1) give an idea how the different sections in food service can be ideally planned.

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