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Chapter: 11th Food Service Management : Chapter 5 : Bakery

Bakery Unit

A systematic way of setting up a small-scale bakery is as follows:

Bakery Unit


A systematic way of setting up a small-scale bakery is as follows:


One should consider the following five points while deciding to start a Bakery unit.


a.     The population and purchasing capacity of the people living in that area

b.     Availability of raw materials,

c.      Availability of electricity and other fuels.

d.     Availability of potable water.

e.      Transport and marketing.


1. Location

Bakery unit can be located near industries, educational institutions and public transport services.


2. Government Procedures

The detailed information on the govern-ment procedure can be obtained from the office of the State Directors of Industries and Small Industries Service Institutes.


3. Arrangement for Finance

The financial planning of project is a very important factor in a country like India, where the prices of most of the raw materials are fluctuating heavily. The main problem which is faced practically by every entrepreneur is obtaining loans from banks and financial institutions on time. Proper precautionary measures must be taken for effective planning of the finances.


4. Design of the Plan

The machinery layout can influence erec-tion cost, operating and maintenance cost, safety and convenience

The following points may be used as guidelines for layout planning.

a.     A flow chart indicating the flow of materials should be first prepared and then it should be arranged in a proper way.

b.     Sufficient distance must be kept between each process or storage equip-ment of the major type to provide enough space for the movement of men, material and machinery.

c.      The baking oven should preferably be located in one corner of the plant which is open from all sides rather than in the middle or centre of the plant.


5. Selection of Equipment

Type of equipment selected will depend on the type of products, the volume, the size and the profitability of the products to be manufactured.


6. Total Space Required for the Bakery

A minimum area of 1200 required for the production of 3000 loaves of 400g each per day (i.e flour utilised will be approximately 900 kg) which can accom-modate future expansion up to 5000 to 6000 loaves of 400g each per day.


7. Electricity

The electrical installations vary from place to place and therefore it is essential that data should be obtained from local elec-tricity board regarding the approximate cost of the wiring and cable laying charges to be paid to the electricity board includ-ing deposits. The estimated cost of the consumption varies from place to place.


8. Equipment Needed for a Bakery Unit

·        Bread kneading machine

·        Bread moulding machine

·        Power operated slicer

·        Bread wrapper and sealing machine

·        Wooden tables of different sizes

·        Oven (Electrical)

·        Storage cabinets

·        Baking trays

·        Racks for cooling breads

·        Weighing scales and weights

·        Office tables and chairs

·        Bread tins

·        Cake moulds

·        Flour sieve equipment/Sifter

·        Egg beater (Small and big)

·        Vessels of different sizes

·        Spoons

·        Knives

·        Boards


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