Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing

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Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing

Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing


Historical development of obstetrics
Magnitude of Maternal Health problem in Ethiopia
Importance of Obstetrics and Gynecology nursing

Anatomy of Female Pelvis and the Fetal Skull

Female Pelvic Bones
Anatomy of the female external genitalia
Contents of the pelvis cavity
Physiology of the Female Reproductive Organs
The Breast Anatomy

Normal Pregnancy

Normal Pregnancy
Development of the Fertilized Ovum
Functions of Placenta
The Fetal Circulation
Anatomical Varations of the Placenta and the Cord
Physiological Changes of Pregnancy
Minor Disorders of Pregnancy
Diagnosis of Pregnancy
Antenatal Care
Examination of the Pregnant Woman at First Visit
Normal Labour
Mechanism and Stages of Labour
Management of 1st Stage of Labour
The Second Stage of Labour
The Third Stage of Labour
Immediate Care of Mother and Baby
Discharge Planning (Instructions)

The Normal Puerperium

The Normal Puerperium
Physiology of Puerperium
Management of the Puerperium
Postnatal care (Daily care)

Abnormal Pregnancy

Multiple Pregnancy
Hyper Emesis Gravidarum
Pregnancy Induced Hypertention
Antepartum Haemorrhage
Rhesus Incompatibility
Disease Associated With Pregnancy

Abnormal Labour

Malpresentation and Malpostion
Post partum Hemorrhage
Prolonged Labour
Prolapse of Cord
Cephalopelvic Disproportion
Contracted Pelvis
Retained Placenta
Adherent Placenta
Rupture of the Uterus
Premature Rupture of the Membrane (PROM)

Abnormal Puerperium

Urinary Complications
Breast Infections
Puerperal Sepsis
Puerperal Psychosis
Subinvolution - Abnormal Puerperium

Induction of Labour

Induction of Labour
Augmentation (Stimulation) of Labour
Trial of Labour

Obstetric Operations

Forceps Delivery
Caesarean Section
Destructive Operations /Embryotomy/ - Obstetric Operations
Obstetric Operations: Version
Vacuum Extraction / Ventouse delivery/

Congenital Anomalies of the Female Genital Organs

Congenital Anomalies of the Female Genital Organs
Uterine Abnormalities
Cervix Abnormalities
Vaginal Abnormalities

Infection of the Female Reproductive Organs

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Vulval Infection
Trauma of the female genital tract fistulae
Prolaps of the Uterus
Inversion of the Uterus
Abortion and Types of Abortion
Abnormalities of the Menstrual Cycle (Menstrual Disorder)
Ectopic Pregnancy
Disorder of the Breast
Self examination of the breast
New growths

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