Forensic Medicine

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Forensic Medicine


=> The practice of forensic medicine
=> Cause of death
=> The primary cause of death
=> The inquest
=> Violence and causes of death in country

Basic anatomy and physiology

=> General structure and working of the body
=> The skeleton
=> The muscles
=> The nervous system
=> Contents of the cavities of the chest and abdomen
=> The skin
=> The working of the body
=> The digestion stage
=> Use of foods and oxygen in the body
=> Excretion of waste matter
=> Circulation of the blood
=> The blood vessels - Circulation of the blood
=> The heart - Circulation of the blood
=> The portal circulation - Circulation of the blood
=> Valves of the heart - Circulation of the blood
=> The pulse
=> Bleeding from arteries and veins
=> Respiration

Post mortem changes

=> Post-mortem changes
=> Early post-mortem changes
=> Late post-mortem changes
=> Relevant topics - Post-mortem changes


=> Forensic Medicine: Identification
=> Forensic Medicine: Age determination
=> Determination of sex
=> Determining height
=> Determining ethnic type (race)
=> Personal identity - Forensic Medicine
=> Molecular biology - Forensic Medicine
=> Case studies: Comparison of skulls and photographs

General traumatology

=> Definition of trauma
=> Types of trauma
=> Mechanical trauma
=> Classification of mechanical trauma
=> Description of wounds
=> Dating of wounds

Complications of trauma

=> Shock
=> Embolism
=> Pneumothorax

Head injuries

=> Head injuries
=> Classification of head injuries
=> Types of head injuries


=> Anoxia/hypoxia
=> Classification of asphyxic deaths
=> 'Classical' signs of asphyxia
=> Causes of asphyxic death: Suffocation
=> Causes of asphyxic death: Smothering
=> Causes of asphyxic death: Choking
=> Causes of asphyxic death: Restriction of respiratory movements
=> Causes of asphyxic death: Deaths due to pressure on the neck
=> Causes of asphyxic death: Hanging
=> Causes of asphyxic death: Auto-erotic deaths
=> Causes of asphyxic death: Drowning

Firearm injuries

=> Firearm injuries
=> Pathophysiology of gunshot wounds and wound ballistics
=> Examination of the body
=> Cutaneous (skin) entrance wounds caused by rifled firearms
=> Cutaneous gunshot exit wounds caused by rifled firearms
=> Gunshot wounds caused by smooth-bore firearms (shotguns)
=> Injury by rubber and plastic bullets
=> Industrial nail guns
=> Blank cartridge injuries
=> Accident, suicide or homicide?

Thermal electrical atmospheric pressure and radiation associated deaths

=> Deaths caused by abnormal temperatures
=> Deaths caused by electricity
=> Death due to radiation
=> Diseases due to atmospheric pressure

Toxicology and alcohol

=> Toxicology and alcohol
=> Toxicology in general
=> Carbon-monoxide poisoning
=> Alcohol
=> Production of alcohol
=> Pharmacodynamics of alcohol
=> Alcohol-level analysis
=> Alcohol: Calculations
=> Alcohol: Pharmacological effect
=> The role of alcohol in unnatural deaths

Pregnancy associated deaths

=> Causes of maternal death

Paediatric forensic pathology

=> Paediatric forensic pathology
=> Infanticide and concealment of birth
=> The battered-baby syndrome (Caffey's syndrome or non-accidental injury syndrome)
=> Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS or Cot death)

Sexual offences

=> Rape
=> Sexually transmitted diseases
=> Interpretation of clinical findings
=> Sodomy (buggery; anal intercourse)

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