Forensic Medicine

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Forensic Medicine

Forensic Medicine


The practice of forensic medicine
Cause of death
The primary cause of death
The inquest
Violence and causes of death in country

Basic anatomy and physiology

General structure and working of the body
The skeleton
The muscles
The nervous system
Contents of the cavities of the chest and abdomen
The skin
The working of the body
The digestion stage
Use of foods and oxygen in the body
Excretion of waste matter
Circulation of the blood
The blood vessels - Circulation of the blood
The heart - Circulation of the blood
The portal circulation - Circulation of the blood
Valves of the heart - Circulation of the blood
The pulse
Bleeding from arteries and veins

Post mortem changes

Post-mortem changes
Early post-mortem changes
Late post-mortem changes
Relevant topics - Post-mortem changes


Forensic Medicine: Identification
Forensic Medicine: Age determination
Determination of sex
Determining height
Determining ethnic type (race)
Personal identity - Forensic Medicine
Molecular biology - Forensic Medicine
Case studies: Comparison of skulls and photographs

General traumatology

Definition of trauma
Types of trauma
Mechanical trauma
Classification of mechanical trauma
Description of wounds
Dating of wounds

Complications of trauma


Head injuries

Head injuries
Classification of head injuries
Types of head injuries


Classification of asphyxic deaths
'Classical' signs of asphyxia
Causes of asphyxic death: Suffocation
Causes of asphyxic death: Smothering
Causes of asphyxic death: Choking
Causes of asphyxic death: Restriction of respiratory movements
Causes of asphyxic death: Deaths due to pressure on the neck
Causes of asphyxic death: Hanging
Causes of asphyxic death: Auto-erotic deaths
Causes of asphyxic death: Drowning

Firearm injuries

Firearm injuries
Pathophysiology of gunshot wounds and wound ballistics
Examination of the body
Cutaneous (skin) entrance wounds caused by rifled firearms
Cutaneous gunshot exit wounds caused by rifled firearms
Gunshot wounds caused by smooth-bore firearms (shotguns)
Injury by rubber and plastic bullets
Industrial nail guns
Blank cartridge injuries
Accident, suicide or homicide?

Thermal electrical atmospheric pressure and radiation associated deaths

Deaths caused by abnormal temperatures
Deaths caused by electricity
Death due to radiation
Diseases due to atmospheric pressure

Toxicology and alcohol

Toxicology and alcohol
Toxicology in general
Carbon-monoxide poisoning
Production of alcohol
Pharmacodynamics of alcohol
Alcohol-level analysis
Alcohol: Calculations
Alcohol: Pharmacological effect
The role of alcohol in unnatural deaths

Pregnancy associated deaths

Causes of maternal death

Paediatric forensic pathology

Paediatric forensic pathology
Infanticide and concealment of birth
The battered-baby syndrome (Caffey's syndrome or non-accidental injury syndrome)
Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS or Cot death)

Sexual offences

Sexually transmitted diseases
Interpretation of clinical findings
Sodomy (buggery; anal intercourse)

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