Digital Signal Processing - EE8591

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Digital Signal Processing


=> Signals and System - Introduction
=> Classification of Signal Processing
=> Advantages and Disadvantages of DSP(Digital) Over ASP(Analog signal Processing)
=> Classification of Signals
=> Discrete Time Signals and System
=> Basic Block Diagram of A/D Converter
=> Z Tranform - Analysis of LTI System
=> Properties of Z Transform (ZT)
=> Relationship Between Fourier Transform and Z Transform
=> Inverse Z Transform (IZT)
=> Linear Convolution Sum Method
=> Properties of Linear Convolution
=> Correlation: Types, Properties
=> Difference Between Linear Convolution and Correlation
=> Important Short Questions and Answers: Signals and System
=> Frequency Transformations
=> Properties of Discrete Fourier Transform(DFT)
=> Application of Discrete Fourier Transform(DFT)
=> Fast Fourier Algorithm (FFT)
=> Radix-2 FFT Algorithms
=> Computational Complexity FFT V/S Direct Computation
=> Bit Reversal
=> Decimation In Frequency (DIFFFT)
=> Goertzel Algorithm
=> Important Short Questions and Answers: Frequency Transformations
=> IIR Filter Design
=> Difference Between Analog Filter and Digital Filter
=> Filter Types and Ideal Filter Characteristic
=> Difference Between FIR Filter and IIR Filter
=> Structures For FIR Systems
=> Structures For IIR Systems
=> Conversion of Analog Filter into Digital Filter
=> IIR Filter Design - Bilinear Transformation Method (BZT)
=> Method For Designing Digital Filters Using BZT
=> Butterworth Filter Approximation
=> Frequency Response Characteristic
=> Frequency Transformation
=> Important Short Questions and Answers: IIR Filter Design
=> Features of FIR Filter
=> Symmetric and Anti-symmetric FIR filters
=> Gibbs Phenomenon
=> Designing Filter From Pole Zero Placement
=> Notch and Comb Filters
=> Digital Resonator
=> Roundoff Noise
=> Roundoff Noise in FIR Filters
=> Limit Cycle Oscillations
=> Overflow Oscillations
=> Realization Considerations
=> Important Short Questions and Answers: FIR Filter Design
=> Speech Recognition
=> Linear Prediction of Speech Synthesis
=> Sound Processing
=> Echo Cancellation
=> Vibration Analysis
=> Multistage Implementation of Digital Filters
=> Speech signal processing
=> Subband Coding
=> Adaptive Filter
=> Audio Processing
=> Image Enhancement: Spatial domain methods
=> Important Short Questions and Answers: Applications of DSP

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