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Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing


Signals and System - Introduction
Classification of Signal Processing
Advantages and Disadvantages of DSP(Digital) Over ASP(Analog signal Processing)
Classification of Signals
Discrete Time Signals and System
Basic Block Diagram of A/D Converter
Z Tranform - Analysis of LTI System
Properties of Z Transform (ZT)
Relationship Between Fourier Transform and Z Transform
Inverse Z Transform (IZT)
Linear Convolution Sum Method
Properties of Linear Convolution
Correlation: Types, Properties
Difference Between Linear Convolution and Correlation
Important Short Questions and Answers: Signals and System


Frequency Transformations
Properties of Discrete Fourier Transform(DFT)
Application of Discrete Fourier Transform(DFT)
Fast Fourier Algorithm (FFT)
Radix-2 FFT Algorithms
Computational Complexity FFT V/S Direct Computation
Bit Reversal
Decimation In Frequency (DIFFFT)
Goertzel Algorithm
Important Short Questions and Answers: Frequency Transformations


IIR Filter Design
Difference Between Analog Filter and Digital Filter
Filter Types and Ideal Filter Characteristic
Difference Between FIR Filter and IIR Filter
Structures For FIR Systems
Structures For IIR Systems
Conversion of Analog Filter into Digital Filter
IIR Filter Design - Bilinear Transformation Method (BZT)
Method For Designing Digital Filters Using BZT
Butterworth Filter Approximation
Frequency Response Characteristic
Frequency Transformation
Important Short Questions and Answers: IIR Filter Design


Features of FIR Filter
Symmetric and Anti-symmetric FIR filters
Gibbs Phenomenon
Designing Filter From Pole Zero Placement
Notch and Comb Filters
Digital Resonator
Roundoff Noise
Roundoff Noise in FIR Filters
Limit Cycle Oscillations
Overflow Oscillations
Realization Considerations
Important Short Questions and Answers: FIR Filter Design


Speech Recognition
Linear Prediction of Speech Synthesis
Sound Processing
Echo Cancellation
Vibration Analysis
Multistage Implementation of Digital Filters
Speech signal processing
Subband Coding
Adaptive Filter
Audio Processing
Image Enhancement: Spatial domain methods
Important Short Questions and Answers: Applications of DSP

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