Environmental Engineering I - CE6503

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Environmental Engineering I


=> Planning For Water Supply System: Pre Requiste Discussion, Concepts
=> Planning For Water Supply System: Significant
=> Environmental engineering: Applications
=> Planning For Water Supply System: Water Supply
=> Sources Of Water
=> Population Forecasting Methods
=> Consumption of water Uses
=> Estimation of water demand
=> Flowchart of the sources of clean drinking water
=> Merits of surface water sources
=> Types of Dams
=> Reservoirs: Types, Construction and Main Uses
=> Important Question And Answer: Planning For Water Supply System
=> What is Environmental Engineering?
=> Development of environmental engineering
=> Scope of Environmental Engineering
=> Water supply and sanitation in India -Part 1
=> Water supply and sanitation in India -Part 2
=> Water supply and sanitation in India -Part 3
=> Subsidies and targeting of subsidies
=> Explain about Population Forecasting Methods
=> Explain about Estimation of Water Demand
=> Explain about Water quality


=> Conveyance System: Discussion with Concepts
=> Conveyance System: Significant
=> Topologies Of Water Distribution Networks
=> Water Network Maintenance
=> Hydraulics of Flow in Pipes
=> Pipes And Conduits For Water- Pipe Materials
=> Transmission Main Design
=> Important Question And Answer: Conveyance System
=> Water supply system
=> Pipe materials
=> Conveyance System: Regulation and compliance


=> Water Treatment: Significant, Concepts, Objectives And Principles
=> Water Treatment: Prefiltration
=> Water Treatment: Sedimentation
=> Water Treatment: Flocculators
=> Water Treatment: Sand Filtration
=> Water Treatment: Slow Sand Filters
=> Water Treatment: Rapid Sand Filters
=> Water Treatment: Disinfection
=> Water Treatment: Rare Treatment Processes
=> Water Treatment: Selecting Technology
=> Water Treatment Plan
=> Treatment Plant Assessments
=> Water Treatment: Principles Of Unit Operations And Processes
=> Water Treatment: Water Purification
=> Important Question And Answer: Water Treatment
=> Water Treatment
=> Principles of Unit operations and processes in water and wastewater treatment and disposal


=> Principles And Functions Of Aeration
=> Water Treatment: Methods Of Aeration
=> Water Treatment: Iron And Manganese Removal
=> Water Treatment: Type of Media
=> Water Treatment: Capping of Sand Filters
=> Water Treatment: Gravity Filters
=> Water Treatment: Pressure Filters
=> Water Treatment: Upflow Filters
=> Water Treatment : Automatic Gravity And Continuous Cleaning Filters
=> Water Tretment: Filter Washing-Gravity Filters
=> Water Tretment: In-Line Clarification
=> Water Tretment: Precoat Filtration
=> Water Tretment: Water Softenning
=> Water Tretment: Cold Lime Softening
=> Water Tretment: Warm Lime Softening
=> Water Tretment: Hot Process Softening
=> Water Tretment: Sodium Zeolite Softening
=> Water Tretment: Hot Zeolite Softening
=> Demineralization : Principles,Equipment, Operation, Advantages And Limitations
=> Dealkalization
=> Other Demineralization Processes
=> Water Treatment: Condensate Polishing
=> Resin Fouling And Degradation
=> Resin Testing And Analysis
=> Water Treatment: Membrane Processes


=> Water Distribution System Policies
=> Water Distribution : Distribution System Pressure
=> Water Distribution: Leaks
=> Distribution System Appurtenances
=> Water Distribution System Maintenance
=> Fittings And Accessories
=> Important Question And Answer: Water Distribution And Supply To Buildings

Other Releated Topics

=> Environmental Engineering: Introduction
=> Human activities and environmental pollution
=> Points to be considered for a protected water supply scheme (wss)
=> Arrangement of water supply (flow chart of water supply scheme)
=> Various types of water demand
=> Empirical formulas for fire demand
=> Water Demand: Per Capita Demand (Rate Of Demand) (Q)
=> Variations in Water Demand
=> Demand of water:Coincident draft
=> Demand For Water: Population Forecasting
=> Classification of sources of water supply
=> Factors governing the selection of a particular source of Water
=> Various forms of under-ground sources infiltration gallery
=> Sources of water supply: Springs, Yield
=> Sources of water supply: Aquifer and their types
=> Classification of wells
=> Yield of an open well
=> Test for yield of a open well
=> Selection of a site for intake construction
=> Types-Classification of water source intake
=> Pumps And Pumping Stations
=> Various Types of Pressure Pipes and Joints
=> water quality management: Wholesomeness
=> Palatability and Impurities in water
=> Causes and Effect of Inorganic and Organic Impurities in Water
=> Water bacteria and Its Classification
=> List of diseases caused by bacterial,Viral and Protozoan infections throught Water
=> Physical Characteristics and Examinations of Water
=> Water Turbidity- Measurement Methods in the laboratory
=> Chemical Characteristics and Examination of Water
=> Biological Characteristics and Examination Significance of Terms Bacteria, E-Coli And B - Coli
=> Hardness of Water: Definition, Causes, Determination, Types
=> Test of Bacteria: Total count, Coli Form count

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