Environmental Engineering I - CE6503

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Environmental Engineering I

Environmental Engineering I


Planning For Water Supply System: Pre Requiste Discussion, Concepts
Planning For Water Supply System: Significant
Environmental engineering: Applications
Planning For Water Supply System: Water Supply
Sources Of Water
Population Forecasting Methods
Consumption of water Uses
Estimation of water demand
Flowchart of the sources of clean drinking water
Merits of surface water sources
Types of Dams
Reservoirs: Types, Construction and Main Uses
Important Question And Answer: Planning For Water Supply System
What is Environmental Engineering?
Development of environmental engineering
Scope of Environmental Engineering
Water supply and sanitation in India -Part 1
Water supply and sanitation in India -Part 2
Water supply and sanitation in India -Part 3
Subsidies and targeting of subsidies
Explain about Population Forecasting Methods
Explain about Estimation of Water Demand
Explain about Water quality


Conveyance System: Discussion with Concepts
Conveyance System: Significant
Topologies Of Water Distribution Networks
Water Network Maintenance
Hydraulics of Flow in Pipes
Pipes And Conduits For Water- Pipe Materials
Transmission Main Design
Important Question And Answer: Conveyance System
Water supply system
Pipe materials
Conveyance System: Regulation and compliance


Water Treatment: Significant, Concepts, Objectives And Principles
Water Treatment: Prefiltration
Water Treatment: Sedimentation
Water Treatment: Flocculators
Water Treatment: Sand Filtration
Water Treatment: Slow Sand Filters
Water Treatment: Rapid Sand Filters
Water Treatment: Disinfection
Water Treatment: Rare Treatment Processes
Water Treatment: Selecting Technology
Water Treatment Plan
Treatment Plant Assessments
Water Treatment: Principles Of Unit Operations And Processes
Water Treatment: Water Purification
Important Question And Answer: Water Treatment
Water Treatment
Principles of Unit operations and processes in water and wastewater treatment and disposal


Principles And Functions Of Aeration
Water Treatment: Methods Of Aeration
Water Treatment: Iron And Manganese Removal
Water Treatment: Type of Media
Water Treatment: Capping of Sand Filters
Water Treatment: Gravity Filters
Water Treatment: Pressure Filters
Water Treatment: Upflow Filters
Water Treatment : Automatic Gravity And Continuous Cleaning Filters
Water Tretment: Filter Washing-Gravity Filters
Water Tretment: In-Line Clarification
Water Tretment: Precoat Filtration
Water Tretment: Water Softenning
Water Tretment: Cold Lime Softening
Water Tretment: Warm Lime Softening
Water Tretment: Hot Process Softening
Water Tretment: Sodium Zeolite Softening
Water Tretment: Hot Zeolite Softening
Demineralization : Principles,Equipment, Operation, Advantages And Limitations
Other Demineralization Processes
Water Treatment: Condensate Polishing
Resin Fouling And Degradation
Resin Testing And Analysis
Water Treatment: Membrane Processes


Water Distribution System Policies
Water Distribution : Distribution System Pressure
Water Distribution: Leaks
Distribution System Appurtenances
Water Distribution System Maintenance
Fittings And Accessories
Important Question And Answer: Water Distribution And Supply To Buildings

Other Releated Topics

Environmental Engineering: Introduction
Human activities and environmental pollution
Points to be considered for a protected water supply scheme (wss)
Arrangement of water supply (flow chart of water supply scheme)
Various types of water demand
Empirical formulas for fire demand
Water Demand: Per Capita Demand (Rate Of Demand) (Q)
Variations in Water Demand
Demand of water:Coincident draft
Demand For Water: Population Forecasting
Classification of sources of water supply
Factors governing the selection of a particular source of Water
Various forms of under-ground sources infiltration gallery
Sources of water supply: Springs, Yield
Sources of water supply: Aquifer and their types
Classification of wells
Yield of an open well
Test for yield of a open well
Selection of a site for intake construction
Types-Classification of water source intake
Pumps And Pumping Stations
Various Types of Pressure Pipes and Joints
water quality management: Wholesomeness
Palatability and Impurities in water
Causes and Effect of Inorganic and Organic Impurities in Water
Water bacteria and Its Classification
List of diseases caused by bacterial,Viral and Protozoan infections throught Water
Physical Characteristics and Examinations of Water
Water Turbidity- Measurement Methods in the laboratory
Chemical Characteristics and Examination of Water
Biological Characteristics and Examination Significance of Terms Bacteria, E-Coli And B - Coli
Hardness of Water: Definition, Causes, Determination, Types
Test of Bacteria: Total count, Coli Form count

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