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Arrangement of water supply (flow chart of water supply scheme)

1- Intake structures, 2- Pumping station, 3- Screens 4- Coagulants dosing tank, 5- Sedimentation tank, 6- Filters, 7- Chlorine dosing tank, 8- Clear water reservoir, 9- Pumping station, 10- Overhead tank, 11- Distribution network systems.



1- Intake structures


2- Pumping station


3- Screens


4- Coagulants dosing tank


5- Sedimentation tank


6- Filters


7- Chlorine dosing tank


8- Clear water reservoir


9- Pumping station


10- Overhead tank


11- Distribution network systems.





Increasing human population numbers are putting great pressure on many of these limited resources and deplete those resources which cannot be renewed. Many different natural processes occur within those ecosystems influencing humans. Some of these processes include atmospheric quality. soil generation and conservation, energy flow, the water cycle, waste removal and recycling. Human activities are altering the equilibrium involved in these natural processes and cycles. If these changes due to human activities are not addressed, the stability of the world's ecosystems may irreversibly affected. Humans damage ecosystems by harvesting trees that are homes to hundreds of different organisms. We damage the atmosphere by releasing greenhouse gases when we drive cars or use electricity. We pollute water with chemicals and waste products from factories. We can't reverse the damage, but we can help prevent new damage by changing our lifestyles to be less wasteful and more conservative with our resources. I'd love to tell you all about it(I live very green) but it would take a long time. Basically, just remember Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Any little change you can make does help the problem, even if it's just a minor change like switching to energy saving lightbulbs.


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