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Chapter: Civil : Environmental Engineering : Water Treatment

Important Question And Answer: Water Treatment

Important Question And Answer: Water Treatment

Important Question And Answer: Water Treatment



1. What are the methods of desalination? 

    The methods of desalination are,


a. Desalination by evaporation & distillation. b. Electro dialysis method.

c. Reverse osmosis method.

d. Freezing process.

e. Solar distribution method.

f. Other method.


2. What is different system of distribution networks?


The different system of distribution networks is, a. Dead end system.


b. Grid iron system.

c. Ring system.


d. Radial system.


3. What are various methods of distribution system?


The various methods of distribution system are, a. Gravity system.


b. Pumping system.

c. Combined gravity and pumping system.


4. Define fire storage?


It is sufficient amount of water available in the reservoir for throwing it over the fire in case of fire accidents is called fire storage.


5. Enumerate various chemical parameter of water? Various chemical parameter of water are, a.


Chlorine content.


b. Nitrogen content. c. Iron content.


d. Manganese and other metal content.


6. What are the two types of sewage system?


The two types of sewage system are, a. Combined system:


When the drainage is taken along with the sewage then it is called as

combined system.


b. Separate system:


When the drainage and sewage are taken independently of each through two different sets of sewage is called as separate system.


7. What are the two types of water meter?


The two types of water meter are, a. Inferential meter.


b. Displacement meter.


8. Define time of concentration?


The period after which the entire area will start contributing to the runoff is called time of concentration.


9. List the components of sewerage system?


The components of sewerage system are, a. House sewers.


b. Lateral sewers.


c.     Branch sewers. d. Main sewers.


e. Outfall sewers. f. Man holes.


10. What is peak drainage disturbance?


The method estimating the maximum rate of storm runoff is called as peak drainage disturbance.


11.Mention some shapes of sewer pipes


        Circular shape


        Egg shape


        Horse shoe shape


        Parabolic shape


        Elliptical shape


Rectangular shape





12.What are the forces acting on sewer pipes?


        Internal pressure of sewage


        Pressure due to external loads


        Temperature stress


        Flexural stress


13.What are the materials used for constructing sewer pipes?


        Vitrified clay


        Cement concrete


        Asbestos cement


        Cast iron


14.Give some qualities of the good sewer pipes


        Resistance to corrosion


        Resistance to abrasion


        Strength and durability


        Light weight


        Economy and cost


15.What are the tests conducted in sewer pipes after laying?


        Test for leakage(water test)


        Test for straightness of alignment and obstruction


16.Define sewer appurtenances


        Sewer appurtenances are those structures which are constructed at suitable interval along a sewerage system and help in its efficient operation and maintenance


17.Mention the classification of manholes


        Shallow manholes


        Normal manholes


        Deep manholes


18.What is meant by catch basins?


        Catch basins are nothing but street inlets provided with additional small setting basins for avoiding the entry of the particles like grit, sand ,debris in to the sewer pipes






19.Define inverted siphons


        Inverted siphon is defined as the sewer section constructed lower than the adjacent sewer section and it runs full under gravity with pressure greater than the atmosphere


20.What are the various methods of ventilation for sewers?


        Use of ventilating columns


        Use of ventilating manhole covers


        Proper design of sewers


        Use of mechanical devices


21.        What is Unit operation and unit process?


Unit operation only involve physical operation

Unit process  is a process which involes both physical and chemical operation.


22. What are the various method of purification of water?




2.Plain Sedimentation

3. Filteration







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