Accountancy 12th Std

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Accountancy 12th Std

UNIT 1: Accounts from Incomplete Records

=> Accounts from Incomplete Records
=> Meaning of incomplete records
=> Features of incomplete records
=> Limitations of incomplete records
=> Differences between double entry system and incomplete records
=> Accounts from incomplete records
=> Ascertaining profit or loss from incomplete records through statement of affairs
=> Preparation of final accounts from incomplete records

UNIT 2: Accounts of-Not-For Profit Organisation

=> Introduction
=> Features of not–for–profit organisations
=> Steps in preparation of receipts and payments account
=> Items peculiar to not–for–profit organisations
=> Income and Expenditure Account
=> Balance Sheet

UNIT 3: Accounts of Partnership Firms Fundamentals

=> Introduction
=> Meaning, definition and features of partnership
=> Partnership deed
=> Application of the provisions of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 in the absence of partnership deed
=> Final accounts of partnership firms
=> Methods of maintaining capital accounts of partners
=> Interest on capital
=> Calculation of interest on capital
=> Interest on drawings
=> Calculation of interest on drawings
=> Salary and commission to partners
=> Interest on loan from partners
=> Division of profits among partners
=> Profit and loss appropriation account

UNIT 4: Goodwill in Partnership Accounts

=> Introduction
=> Nature of goodwill
=> Factors determining the value of goodwill of a partnership firm
=> Need for valuation of goodwill of partnership firms
=> Classification of goodwill
=> Methods of valuation of goodwill

UNIT 5: Admission of a Partner

=> Admission of a Partner
=> Adjustments required at the time of admission of a partner
=> Distribution of accumulated profits, reserves and losses
=> Revaluation of assets and liabilities
=> New profit sharing ratio and sacrificing ratio
=> Adjustment for goodwill
=> Adjustment of capital on the basis of new profit sharing ratio

UNIT 6: Retirement and Death of a Partner

=> Retirement and Death of a Partner
=> Adjustments required on retirement of a partner
=> Distribution of accumulated profits, reserves and losses
=> Revaluation of assets and liabilities
=> Determination of new profit sharing ratio and gaining ratio
=> Adjustment for goodwill
=> Adjustment for current year’s profit or loss upto the date of retirement
=> Settlement of the amount due to the retiring partner
=> Adjustments required on the death of a partner

UNIT 7: Company Accounts

=> Company Accounts
=> Meaning and definition of a company
=> Characteristics of a company
=> Meaning and types of shares
=> Divisions of share capital
=> Issue of equity shares
=> Process of issue of equity shares
=> Issue of shares for cash in instalments
=> Issue of shares for cash in lumpsum
=> Issue of shares for consideration other than cash

UNIT 8: Financial Statement Analysis

=> Financial Statement Analysis
=> Meaning of financial statements
=> Features of financial statements
=> Significance of financial statements
=> Limitations of financial statements
=> Financial statements of companies
=> Financial statement analysis
=> Tools of financial statement analysis
=> Preparation of comparative statements
=> Preparation of common-size statements
=> Trend analysis

UNIT 9: Ratio Analysis

=> Ratio Analysis
=> Meaning of accounting ratios
=> Meaning and definition of ratio analysis
=> Objectives of ratio analysis
=> Classification of ratios
=> Liquidity ratios
=> Long term solvency ratios
=> Turnover ratios
=> Profitability ratios
=> Advantages of ratio analysis
=> Limitations of ratio analysis

UNIT 10: Computerised Accounting System- Tally

=> Introduction
=> Applications of Computerised Acounting System (CAS)
=> Automated accounting system
=> Designing the accounting reports
=> Data exchange with other information system
=> Application of computerised accounting system – Tally with GST package
=> Practical application of accounting software – Tally
=> Practical problem on accounting software - Tally

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