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Grid and Cloud Computing






Distributed and Cloud Computing From Parallel Processing to the Internet of Things by Kai Hwang Geoffrey C Fox Jack J Dongarra

Distributed System Models and Enabling Technologies

=> Scalable Computing Over the Internet
=> Technologies for Network-Based Systems
=> System Models for Distributed and Cloud Computing
=> Software Environments for Distributed Systems and Clouds
=> Performance, Security, and Energy Efficiency

Computer Clusters for Scalable Parallel Computing

=> Clustering for Massive Parallelism
=> Computer Clusters and MPP Architectures
=> Design Principles of Computer Clusters
=> Single-System Image Features
=> High Availability through Redundancy
=> Fault-Tolerant Cluster Configurations
=> Checkpointing and Recovery Techniques
=> Cluster Job and Resource Management
=> Cluster Job Scheduling Methods
=> Cluster Job Management Systems
=> Load Sharing Facility (LSF) for Cluster Computing
=> MOSIX: An OS for Linux Clusters and Clouds
=> Case Studies of Top Supercomputer Systems

Virtual Machines and Virtualization of Clusters and Data Centers

=> Implementation Levels of Virtualization
=> Levels of Virtualization Implementation
=> VMM Design Requirements and Providers
=> Virtualization Support at the OS Level
=> Middleware Support for Virtualization
=> Virtualization Structures/Tools and Mechanisms
=> Hypervisor and Xen Architecture
=> Binary Translation with Full Virtualization
=> Para-Virtualization with Compiler Support
=> Virtualization of CPU, Memory, and I/O Devices
=> Hardware Support for Virtualization
=> CPU Virtualization
=> Memory Virtualization
=> I/O Virtualization
=> Virtualization in Multi-Core Processors
=> Virtual Clusters and Resource Management
=> Physical versus Virtual Clusters
=> Live VM Migration Steps and Performance Effects
=> Migration of Memory, Files, and Network Resources
=> Dynamic Deployment of Virtual Clusters
=> Virtualization for Data-Center Automation
=> Server Consolidation in Data Centers
=> Virtual Storage Management
=> Cloud OS for Virtualized Data Centers
=> Trust Management in Virtualized Data Centers

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