Office Management and Secretaryship 11th std

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Office Management and Secretaryship 11th std

Chapter 1 Modern Office and Functions

=> Modern Office and Functions
=> Changing Office Scenario
=> Importance of Offices
=> Functions of Modern Office
=> Types of Office
=> Office Manager

Chapter 2 Office Automation

=> Office Automation
=> Office Automation: Meaning, Definition, Merits, Demerits
=> Modern Equipment Used in an Office
=> Factors to be considered for selecting equipment
=> Office Furniture, Fittings and Accessories

Chapter 3 Office Accommodation and Layout

=> Office Accommodation
=> Factors in Selecting Office Premises
=> Office Layout
=> Open Office
=> Private Office
=> Office Environment
=> Points to be remembered - Office Accommodation and Layout

Chapter 4 Office Stationeries and Forms

=> Office Stationeries and Forms
=> Need for Office Stationery and Supplies
=> Factors to be Considered for Selecting Office Stationery
=> Office Form
=> Office Form Sets
=> Loose Leaf Ledger

Chapter 5 Filing and Indexing

=> Filing and Indexing
=> Meaning of Records
=> Types of Records
=> Records Management
=> Filing
=> Types of Filing
=> Classification of Files
=> Indexing

Chapter 6 Electronic Data Processing

=> Electronic Data Processing - Office Management
=> Types of Data
=> Data Processing: Meaning
=> Types and Objectives of Data Processing
=> Modes of Data Processing
=> Components of EDP(Electronic Data Processing)
=> Role of Computers in Office
=> Computer Network – LAN, WAN, PAN, MAN
=> Internet and Intranet and Basic Internet Terms
=> Connections
=> Cybercrimes

Chapter 7 Office Systems and Procedures

=> Office Systems and Procedures
=> Flow of Work
=> Office Manuals

Chapter 8 Secretarial Correspondence

=> Secretarial Correspondence: Meaning
=> Kinds of Secretaries
=> Functions of a Secretary
=> General Qualification of the Secretaries
=> Business Letters: Meaning, Structure, Types
=> Procedure for Handling Inward Mail and Outward Mail
=> Procedure for Handling Outward Mail (or) Outgoing Mail
=> PIN Code or Postal Index Number (PIN)
=> Postal Services
=> Telecommunication Services
=> E-Mail Services

Chapter 9 Banking Services

=> Banking Services
=> Meaning of Banking Services
=> Definition of Banking Services
=> Types of Bank Accounts/ Deposits
=> Modern Banking Services
=> Procedure for Opening Bank Accounts
=> Bank Pass Book (or) Bank Statement
=> Different Forms Used in Banks

Chapter 10 Meeting and Report Writing

=> Meaning and Definition of Meeting
=> Documents to be Prepared Before and After Meetings
=> Report Writing

Chapter 11 Public Relations

=> Definitions of Public Relations
=> Importance of Public Relations
=> Benefits of Public Relations
=> Role of Public Relation - Internal and External
=> Public Relation Manager
=> Functions of Public Relation Office
=> Qualities of Public Relation Manager
=> Qualifications of Public Relation Manager

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