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Chapter: 11th Office Management and Secretaryship : Chapter 1 : Modern Office and Functions

Functions of Modern Office

Receiving And Collecting Information, Management Functions, etc

Functions of Modern Office:



·             Receiving And Collecting Information

·              Recording Information

·              Arranging And Processing Of Information

·              Storing Of Data

·              Communication Of Recorded Data



·              Management Functions

·              Office Systems And Procedures

·              Designing And Purchasing Of Office Forms And Stationery

·              Selection And Purchase Of Office

·              Furniture, Equipments And Machinery

·              Public Relation Function

·              Retention Of Records

·              Safeguarding Of Office Assets

·              Controlling Office Cost


I. Basic Functions (or) Routing Functions:


Following are some of the routine functions performed in office.


Receiving and collecting information: It is the primary function of office to receive and collect the information for timely business decisions. Information is generally collected both from Internal sources such as letters, memos, circulars, notices etc., issued by different departments, sections and External sources like government departments, financial Institutions, banks, suppliers, customers, universities, general public etc.


Recording of information: The collected Information has to be recorded for future reference in a suitable form. This recorded information is needed for preparing future plans, policies and taking decisions.


Arranging (or) Processing of Information: All the information received cannot be used as it is. Office has to convert the collected information in the form of notes, reports, diagrams, graphs etc., depending upon the nature of information for easy access and understanding.


Storing Data: The recorded information should be protected for future reference. The degree of necessity of data will determine the duration for protecting the same. Based on the importance of data, office will store them in a separate file.


Communication of Recorded Data: Office has to supply the right information at the right time to different departments and also to outside bodies who are related in some way or the other for prompt and sound business decisions.

II. Administrative Management Functions:


For the smooth functioning of the office there are certain administrative functions needed to be performed. These functions are outlined below:


Management Functions: Office work has to be properly planned, organized and executed according to the plan. For efficient functioning of an office the manager has to perform the following function such as.

·              Planning.

·              Organising.

·              Staffing.

·              Directing.

·              Communication.

·              Controlling.

·              Co-ordination.

·              Motivation.


Developing Office Systems and Procedures: Most important function of the office is to plan and set up suitable systems and procedures for the major activity of office. For the efficient and economical performance of office operations, each major work of the office is to be carefully planned and also the routine procedures for performing them to be determined beforehand itself. 

Form Designing and Control: A form is a standardise record, which is used to accumulate and transact information for reference purposes. These forms serve as a storehouse of information. Since the office work is largely paper work, the form used should be designed so as furnish the required information in an appropriate manner. It is the duty of the office to design the forms that can be used in various departments.


Purchasing and Supply of Office Stationery: Majority of office work are paper work. Consequently adequate supply of office stationery of suitable quality is of prime importance for the systematic and efficient performance of office work. It is the task of office to look after the standardisation, selection, and purchase of office stationery and its distribution to different departments.


Selection and Purchase of Office Furniture, Equipment and Machines: The office has to select and purchase the right type of furniture, equipment and machines in right quantities, so that office work can be carried out according to the planned system and routine without any interruptions and must also ensure their fullest utilisation in the organisation.


Public Relations Functions: An office has not only maintained relations with the other departments, it also needs to maintain a good dealings with the outside world such as suppliers, customers, bankers, government departments and the public at large. Maintaining good relations with these stakeholders increases the reputation and goodwill of the company.

Retention of the Records: Records are those documents which serves as objective evidence of activities performed, events occurred, results achieved, or statements made. They are created /received by an organization in routine transaction of its business or in pursuance of its legal obligations. Office retains records such as correspondence, invoices, orders, financial and cost records, and minutes etc., for future reference.


Safeguarding Assets: It is one of the functions of office to safeguard the assets of the organisation, such as immovable assets like buildings, plants, machinery, office equipments, lighting and air conditioning equipments, and movable assets like furniture, office machinery, title deeds, records and documents, or cash, etc., against loss or damages from unforeseen conditions.


Controlling office Costs: With the adoption of scientific methods in office management, a modern office discharges the function of controlling office costs through

·              Mechanization of the office.

·              Adopting time and labour saving devices in the office.

·              Using better forms.

·              Analyzing the existing office routines and adopting improved ones.


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