Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering - CE6703

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Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering

Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering


Engineering economy in water resources planning
Water Resources Development
Water Resources Project Planning
Basin wise water resource project development
Surface and Ground Water Resources
National Policy For Water Resources Development
Water Resources Planning
Water allocation priorities
Guidelines for drinking and irrigation water projects
Water quality
Drought prone area development
Water harvesting practices
Implementation of water resources projects
Precipitation And Evapotranspiration
Irrigation Water Requirements
Delineation of irrigation cropping pattern zones
Water characteristics and quality
Concepts for Planning Water Resources Development
Water budget and development plan
Ground-Water Systems Change in Response to Pumping
High Plains Aquifer
Scope and aims of master plan in Irrigation Water
Purpose of the Water Resources Plan
Water Reservoir
Single Purpose Reservoirs
Multipurpose reservoirs
Fixation of Storage capacity
The functions of reservoirs
Sedimentation of reservoirs
Strategies for reservoir operation
Levees and Floodwalls
Advantages and Disadvantages of Levees and Floodwalls


Need and Development of Irrigation in India
Advantages And Disadvantages of Irrigation
Environmental Effects of Irrigation
Irrigation Requirements of Certain Important Indian crops
Important Definitions in Crops Irrigation
Optimum Utilization of Irrigation Water
Crops and Crop seasons
Crops of Kharif Season
Crops of Rabi Season
Other Major Crops of Kharif Season and Rabi Season
Multiple Cropping and Hybrid Cropping
Water Requirements of Crops
Relation between duty of Water and delta for crops
Flow duty and Quantity duty
Irrigation Efficiencies
Planning of Irrigation Projects
Drip irrigation Method
Diversion Head Works: Weir and Barrage
Types of Diversion Weir and Tank Weir
Isolated Tanks and Tanks in Series
Earthen Dams and Rock Fill Dams
Type of Earthen Dams
Methods of constructing Earthen Dams
Clasication of Irrigation projects
Clasication of Masonry or concrete dams
Middle Third Rule
The Forces that are acting on the Dam Are
Forces Acting On Dams
Definition and Types of Arch Dams
Constant Radius Arch Dams and Angle Arch Dams
Forces Acting on Arch Dams


Command Areas
Planning of an Irrigation Canal System
Alignment Of Irrigation Canals
Curves In Canals
Duty of Water
Canal Losses
Estimation of Design Discharge af a Canal
Canal Outlets
Need and Types Of Cross-Drainage Structure
Selection of Suitable Cross Drainatge Structure
Design of Crossdrainage Structures
Canal Head Regulator
River Training For Canal Headworks
River Training
Classification of River Training Works
Principles and Methods of River Training
Planning For River Training Measures
Classification of Guide Banks
River Training: Design Parameters
Embankment as River Training Work
Bank Protection
Spurs (or) Groynes, (or) Spur Dike
Types of Spurs


Canal Irrigation System
Alignment of Canals
Types of Irrigation System
Distribution System for Canal Irrigation
Gravity Irrigation
Tank Irrigation
Lift Irrigation
Well Irrigation
Techniques of Water Distribution in the Farms
Sprinkler Irrigation Method
Types of sprinkler systems
Advantage and limitations of sprinkler irrigation
Drip irrigation Method
Need for optimum use of water
Optimisation or Efficiency of Water Use in Agriculture
Minimizing irrigation water losses
Approach to Planning, Construction and Maintenance of on Farm Development Works
Status of Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM)
Necessity of Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM)
Constraints in Implementation of PIM (Issues)
PIM as A Thrust Area/Priority Item
Functions of farmersí organisations at different
A Rights Based Approach to Water User Associations In India
Changing paradigms in water management

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