Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering - CE6703

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Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering


=> Engineering economy in water resources planning
=> Water Resources Development
=> Water Resources Project Planning
=> Basin wise water resource project development
=> Surface and Ground Water Resources
=> National Policy For Water Resources Development
=> Water Resources Planning
=> Water allocation priorities
=> Guidelines for drinking and irrigation water projects
=> Water quality
=> Drought prone area development
=> Water harvesting practices
=> Implementation of water resources projects
=> Precipitation And Evapotranspiration
=> Irrigation Water Requirements
=> Delineation of irrigation cropping pattern zones
=> Water characteristics and quality
=> Concepts for Planning Water Resources Development
=> Water budget and development plan
=> Ground-Water Systems Change in Response to Pumping
=> High Plains Aquifer
=> Scope and aims of master plan in Irrigation Water
=> Purpose of the Water Resources Plan
=> Water Reservoir
=> Single Purpose Reservoirs
=> Multipurpose reservoirs
=> Fixation of Storage capacity
=> The functions of reservoirs
=> Sedimentation of reservoirs
=> Strategies for reservoir operation
=> Levees and Floodwalls
=> Advantages and Disadvantages of Levees and Floodwalls


=> Irrigation
=> Need and Development of Irrigation in India
=> Advantages And Disadvantages of Irrigation
=> Environmental Effects of Irrigation
=> Irrigation Requirements of Certain Important Indian crops
=> Important Definitions in Crops Irrigation
=> Optimum Utilization of Irrigation Water
=> Crops and Crop seasons
=> Crops of Kharif Season
=> Crops of Rabi Season
=> Other Major Crops of Kharif Season and Rabi Season
=> Multiple Cropping and Hybrid Cropping
=> Water Requirements of Crops
=> Relation between duty of Water and delta for crops
=> Flow duty and Quantity duty
=> Irrigation Efficiencies
=> Planning of Irrigation Projects
=> Drip irrigation Method
=> Diversion Head Works: Weir and Barrage
=> Types of Diversion Weir and Tank Weir
=> Isolated Tanks and Tanks in Series
=> Earthen Dams and Rock Fill Dams
=> Type of Earthen Dams
=> Methods of constructing Earthen Dams
=> Clasication of Irrigation projects
=> Clasication of Masonry or concrete dams
=> Middle Third Rule
=> The Forces that are acting on the Dam Are
=> Forces Acting On Dams
=> Definition and Types of Arch Dams
=> Constant Radius Arch Dams and Angle Arch Dams
=> Forces Acting on Arch Dams


=> Canals
=> Command Areas
=> Planning of an Irrigation Canal System
=> Alignment Of Irrigation Canals
=> Curves In Canals
=> Duty of Water
=> Canal Losses
=> Estimation of Design Discharge af a Canal
=> Canal Outlets
=> Need and Types Of Cross-Drainage Structure
=> Selection of Suitable Cross Drainatge Structure
=> Design of Crossdrainage Structures
=> Canal Head Regulator
=> River Training For Canal Headworks
=> River Training
=> Classification of River Training Works
=> Principles and Methods of River Training
=> Planning For River Training Measures
=> Classification of Guide Banks
=> River Training: Design Parameters
=> Embankment as River Training Work
=> Bank Protection
=> Spurs (or) Groynes, (or) Spur Dike
=> Types of Spurs


=> Canal Irrigation System
=> Alignment of Canals
=> Types of Irrigation System
=> Distribution System for Canal Irrigation
=> Gravity Irrigation
=> Tank Irrigation
=> Lift Irrigation
=> Well Irrigation
=> Techniques of Water Distribution in the Farms
=> Sprinkler Irrigation Method
=> Types of sprinkler systems
=> Advantage and limitations of sprinkler irrigation
=> Drip irrigation Method
=> Need for optimum use of water
=> Optimisation or Efficiency of Water Use in Agriculture
=> Minimizing irrigation water losses
=> Approach to Planning, Construction and Maintenance of on Farm Development Works
=> Status of Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM)
=> Necessity of Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM)
=> Constraints in Implementation of PIM (Issues)
=> PIM as A Thrust Area/Priority Item
=> Functions of farmers’ organisations at different
=> A Rights Based Approach to Water User Associations In India
=> Changing paradigms in water management

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