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Scope and aims of master plan in Irrigation Water

Virtually everything that society does, and has done, on the surface of the land has impacted our water resources.

Scope and aims of master plan


ü        Virtually everything that society does, and has done, on the surface of the land has impacted our water resources.


ü        Water and community are linked and interdependent elements that combined have shaped the landscape of P


ü        Historically, the natural waters of the county have stimulated growth and economic development and have influenced the evolution of our communities and neighborhoods.


ü        Similarly, the advancement and expansion of society has impacted and affected natural waters in numerous respects.


ü        Today it is attainable and necessary to maintain the growth and vitality of our county, while sustaining the integrity of the natural water resources that support our existence.


ü        The natural environment of Prince Geor and provides economic and social, as well as environmental, resources.


ü          The county has large and small rivers; streams and tributaries; mature


woods; farmland; floodplains; tidal and nontidal wetlands; habitats of rare, threatened, and endangered species; and steep and gentle slopes that make up its physical form.


ü        This natural landscape sustains the hydrologic system that provides drinking water, absorbs waste, and manages stormwater consumed and produced by our land uses.

ü          Preservation  of  the  natural,  environmental,  and  water  resources  of


Prince George’s County is a necessary p development, allow for growth and change, and adapt to future



ü        This Water Resources Functional Master Plan (Water Resources Plan)

has been prepared in conformance with state requirements and

guidelines as an amendment to the 2002 Prince   George’s   Coun


Approved General Plan.


ü        The Water Resources Plan is a policy document that is formally adopted by the Planning Board and approved by the strategies to assist the county, state, and federal agencies, communities, citizens, and others in making informed decisions about growth and development, land preservation, environmental and water resource protection, and the infrastructure needed to support sound land use.


ü        The Water Resources Plan strives to support contemporary water resource protection policies and strategies, incorporate natural resource and land


ü        preservation programs, enumerate coordination and communication opportunities, and maintain supportive planning processes.


The plan was assembled to provide an assessment of the impacts of existing and future land use on county water resources, including drinking


water and wastewater supply and demand capacities, and point source and nonpoint source impacts to streams and local tributaries.


ü        Multiple resources were consulted including studies, research, and reports produced by federal, state, local, and nonprofit agencies that address water resource protection as policy, planning, programs, and partnerships.


ü        The task of creating sustainable communities is daunting but achievable.


ü        This plan organizes an approach to water resource sustainability that clarifies the county’s intent to pri identifies issues and regulations critical to water resource preservation


and restoration, and provide a framework for establishing the criteria necessary to achieve and evaluate our success toward meeting this objective.


ü        Community engagement reflected the draft proposed goals, concepts, and guidelines and the public participation program established at the initiation of the Water Resources Functional Master Plan by the County Planning Board and County Council in September and October 2008.


ü          The public outreach process began with a countywide public forum on


November 20, 2008, and culminated in a final public presentation on March 18, 2009.


ü        Public comment was summarized in writing and evaluated by staff to establish priority goals and plan recommendations.

ü       Comments on, and inputs to, the draft plan recommendations were also received through focus groups, telephone surveys, and web page e-mails and surveys. 



ü        The Water Resources Plan has incorporated differing growth and development directives into modeling scenarios to determine water quality impacts associated with development patterns. An ideal growth pattern was based on state smart growth policies, the county priority funding areas and proposed priority preservation areas.


ü        The modeling decisions for the ideal growth pattern regarding land preservation, conservation, and growth boundaries reflect the policies of the Approved Countywide Green Infrastructure Plan and the 2008 Water and Sewer Plan.

ü        The Water Resources Plan is intended to help inform planners, plan reviewers, permitting and implementation agencies, the county citizenry, and the development community to achieve and maintain healthy water resources for the current and future ci


ü        It is the intent of this plan to advocate for smart growth strategies, to establish development capacities, to incorporate environmental site design, and preservation, conservation, and restoration programs into countywide growth policies in the interest of maintaining healthy and sufficient water resources for the county and its municipalities.


ü        The Water Resources Plan broadly supports the General Plan, and its core policies and recommendations for the county to guide decisions about growth and development.


ü        The Water Resources Plan promotes source and receiving water protection and use and demand management of water resources.


ü        Through conservation and efficiency recommendations, this plan establishes achievable sustainability goals for water resources in Prince


George’s   County.

ü        Public drinking water availability has been


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