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Introduction to Botany

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Introduction to Botany

| Botany |

Introduction to Botany


Plants, Botany, and Kingdoms
Methods of Taxonomy and Diagnostics
Styles of Life and Basic Chemistry


Discovery of Photosynthesis
Photosynthesis: Light Stage
Photosynthesis: Enzymatic Stage
Photosynthesis: C4 Pathway

Symbiogenesis and the Plant Cell

Introduction to Cells
Mitochondria and Chloroplasts
Cell wall, Vacuoles, and Plasmodesmata
Protein Synthesis: from the Nucleus to the Ribosomes

Multicellularity the Cell Cycle and the Life Cycle

Mitosis and the Cell Cycle
Syngamy and Meiosis
Life cycle of the Unicellular Eukaryote
Life cycle of the Multicellular Eukaryote
Sporic, Zygotic and Gametic Life Cycles
Evolution of Multicellular Eukaryote Life Cycles
Life Cycle of Vegetabilia

Tissues and organs How the Plant is built

Epidermis and Parenchyma - Tissues
Supportive Tissues: Building Skyscrapers
Meristems: the Construction Sites
Vascular Tissues
Absorption Tissues
Plant Organs and Organ Systems
The Leaf
Morphology of the Leaf
Anatomy of the Leaf
Ecological Forms of Plants
Morphology of the Stem
Anatomy of the Primary Stem
Morphology of the Root
Anatomy of the Root
Water and Sugar Transportation in Plants

Growing Diversity of Plants

Growing Diversity of Plants
Bryophyta: the mosses - Growing Diversity of Plants
Pteridophyta: the ferns - Growing Diversity of Plants
Diversity of pteridophytes
Heterospory: Next step on land

The Origin of Trees and Seeds

Secondary Stem
Branching Shoot
Modified Shoot
Life Forms - The Origin of Trees and Seeds
Origin of the Seed
Seeds Structure and Germination
Spermatophyta: seed plants

The Origin of Flowering

Upgraded Gymnosperms
Inflorescence - Origin of Flowering
Pollination - Origin of Flowering
Three plant families you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask
Leguminosae, or Fabaceae - legume family
Compositae, or Asteraceae - aster family
Gramineae, or Poaceae - grass family

Plants and Earth

Geography of Vegetation
Geography of Vegetabilia

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