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Electronic Devices - EC8252

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Electronic Devices
-:- Semiconductor Diode
-:- Important Questions and Answers: Semiconductor Diode
-:- Quantitative Theory of P-N Diode Currents
-:- Bipolar Junction
-:- Important short Questions and Answers: Bipolar Junction
-:- Field Effect Transistors(FET)
-:- Important short Questions and Answers: Field Effect Transistors(FET)
-:- Metal-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MESFETs)
-:- Schottky Barrier (Hot-Carrier) Diodes
-:- Zener diode
-:- Applications of zener diode
-:- Difference between Zener breakdown from avalanche breakdown
-:- Varactor Diode
-:- Tunnel diode(Esaki diode)
-:- Gallium Arsenide Device
-:- Laser Diode
-:- LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)
-:- Important Short Questions and Answers: Special Semiconductor Devices
-:- Uni Junction Transistor (UJT)
-:- Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
-:- DIAC (Diode A.C. Swiitch)
-:- Power BJT(Power Bipolar Junction Transistor)
-:- Power MOSFET
-:- Double-Diffused MOS (DMOS)
-:- V-Groove MOS(VMOS)
-:- Liquid-Crystal Displays (LCD)
-:- Light Emitting Diode (LED)
-:- Light Sensors
-:- Photo Diode - Photo junction Devices
-:- Photo transistors - Photo junction Devices
-:- Photovoltaic Cells
-:- Optocoupler
-:- CCD( Charge Coupled Device)
-:- Important Short Questions and Answers: Power Devices and Display Devices

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