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Introduction to Botany -

Introduction to Botany


-:- Plants, Botany, and Kingdoms
-:- Taxonomy
-:- Methods of Taxonomy and Diagnostics
-:- Styles of Life and Basic Chemistry


-:- Discovery of Photosynthesis
-:- Photosynthesis: Light Stage
-:- Photosynthesis: Enzymatic Stage
-:- Photosynthesis: C4 Pathway

Symbiogenesis and the Plant Cell

-:- Introduction to Cells
-:- Mitochondria and Chloroplasts
-:- Cell wall, Vacuoles, and Plasmodesmata
-:- Protein Synthesis: from the Nucleus to the Ribosomes

Multicellularity the Cell Cycle and the Life Cycle

-:- Mitosis and the Cell Cycle
-:- Syngamy and Meiosis
-:- Life cycle of the Unicellular Eukaryote
-:- Life cycle of the Multicellular Eukaryote
-:- Sporic, Zygotic and Gametic Life Cycles
-:- Evolution of Multicellular Eukaryote Life Cycles
-:- Life Cycle of Vegetabilia

Tissues and organs How the Plant is built

-:- Epidermis and Parenchyma - Tissues
-:- Supportive Tissues: Building Skyscrapers
-:- Meristems: the Construction Sites
-:- Vascular Tissues
-:- Periderm
-:- Absorption Tissues
-:- Plant Organs and Organ Systems
-:- The Leaf
-:- Morphology of the Leaf
-:- Anatomy of the Leaf
-:- Ecological Forms of Plants
-:- Morphology of the Stem
-:- Anatomy of the Primary Stem
-:- Morphology of the Root
-:- Anatomy of the Root
-:- Water and Sugar Transportation in Plants

Growing Diversity of Plants

-:- Growing Diversity of Plants
-:- Bryophyta: the mosses - Growing Diversity of Plants
-:- Pteridophyta: the ferns - Growing Diversity of Plants
-:- Diversity of pteridophytes
-:- Heterospory: Next step on land

The Origin of Trees and Seeds

-:- Secondary Stem
-:- Branching Shoot
-:- Modified Shoot
-:- Life Forms - The Origin of Trees and Seeds
-:- Origin of the Seed
-:- Seeds Structure and Germination
-:- Spermatophyta: seed plants

The Origin of Flowering

-:- Upgraded Gymnosperms
-:- Flower
-:- Inflorescence - Origin of Flowering
-:- Pollination - Origin of Flowering
-:- Fruit
-:- Three plant families you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask
-:- Leguminosae, or Fabaceae - legume family
-:- Compositae, or Asteraceae - aster family
-:- Gramineae, or Poaceae - grass family

Plants and Earth

-:- Geography of Vegetation
-:- Geography of Vegetabilia