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Department: 1st year 2017 regulation sylabus

Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering - BE8252

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Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering
-:- Surveying and Principle of surveying
-:- Instruments used for chain surveying
-:- Calculation of Areas from offsets to a Base line
-:- Compass survey
-:- Theodolite survey
-:- Levelling and Principle of leveling
-:- Plane table survey
-:- Stones
-:- Bricks
-:- Cement
-:- Sand
-:- Plain and Green concrete
-:- Ferrous Metals
-:- Elements of a building
-:- Basic requirements of a building
-:- Planning For Building
-:- Conventional spread footings: R.C.C. footings and Grillage footing
-:- Arch foundation and Pile foundations
-:- Stone masonry
-:- Brick masonry
-:- Beams and Columns
-:- Lintels
-:- Flooring: Ground Floor
-:- Flooring: Upper Floor
-:- Roof
-:- Plastering
-:- Stress, strain and its type
-:- Elasticity
-:- Bridges
-:- Dams
-:- Basics of interior design
-:- Layout of steam power plant
-:- Selection of Site for Thermal Power Plant
-:- Gas power plant
-:- Diesel Power Plant
-:- Hydro Electric Power Plant
-:- Nuclear power plant
-:- Pumps
-:- Centrifugal Pumps
-:- Impulse Turbine and Reaction Turbine
-:- Classification of Heat Engines
-:- Main Components of IC Engines and IC Engine
-:- Two Stroke Cycle Petrol Engines
-:- Two Stroke Cycle Diesel Engines
-:- Four Stroke Cycle Petrol Engines
-:- Four Stroke Diesel Engine
-:- Scavenging
-:- Comparison Between SI and CI Engines
-:- Comparison Between Four Stroke Cycle And Two Stroke Cycle Engine (Merits And Demerits)
-:- Terminolgogy and Major Parts of an IC Engine
-:- Steam Boilers
-:- Boiler Mountings and Accessories
-:- Boiler Accessories
-:- Refrigeration
-:- Air Conditioning

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