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Selection of Site for Thermal Power Plant

List Down The Factors To Be Considered For Selection Of Site For Thermal Power Plant: Availability of coal: Ash Disposal Facilities: Water Availability : Transport Facility :



Availability of coal:


         A thermal plant of 400M, capacity requires nearly 6000 tons of coal every day.


         Power plant should be located near coal mines.


Ash Disposal Facilities:

• Ash comes out in hot condition and handling is difficult.


The ash can be disposed into sea or river.


Water Availability :


           Water consumption is more as feed water into boiler, condenser and for ash disposal.


           Water is required for drinking purpose.


           Hence plant should be located near water source.


Transport Facility :


Public Problems:


• The plant should be far away from residential area to avoid nuisance from smoke, fly ash and noise.


Nature of Land :


           Many power plants have failed due to weak foundations.


           Land (soil) should have good bearing capacity to withstand dead load of plant.


Thermal power plants in T.N: Neyveli


Tuticorin Ennore Mettur


Explain about the pollution caused by Thermal Power Plant (Steam Power Plant):


         Main pollutants from thermal plants are SO2, CO2, CO as minute particles such as fly ash.


         SO2 causes suffocation, irritation to throat and eyes and respiratory for people. It destroys crop.


         CO is a poisonous gas.


           Dust particles cause respiratory troubles like cough, cold, sneezing etc.,


Thermal Pollution:


         Thermal plants produce 40 million kJ of heat to the environment through condenser water and exhaust gases.


         Thermal pollution of atmosphere can be reduced using the low grade energy exhausted steam.

Noise Pollution:


         The sources of noise in a power plant are turbo alternators, fans and power transformers.


           Sound proofing can be done to reduce the noise.


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