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Advanced Internal Combustion Engineering - ME6016

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Advanced Internal Combustion Engineering
-:- Introduction about IC Engines
-:- Air-fuel ratio requirements
-:- Design of carburettor
-:- Venture size
-:- Combustion In SI Engines
-:- Abnormal Combustion
-:- Factors affecting knock
-:- Combustion chambers and Types
-:- Thermodynamic analysis of SI engine combustion process
-:- Four Stages of combustion
-:- Abnormal Combustion
-:- Factors affecting knock
-:- Direct injection systems
-:- Indirect injection systems
-:- Turbo Chargers
-:- Thermodynamic analysis of CI engines
-:- Formation of NO and NO2
-:- Formation of CO
-:- Greenhouse effect (GHE)
-:- HC emission and Smoke
-:- Particulate emissions
-:- Catalytic convertor
-:- Particulate traps
-:- Chemical methods to reduce emissions
-:- Exhaust Gas Recycle-EGR
-:- Alternate Fuels
-:- Classification of Alcohols
-:- Hydrogen as alternate fuels
-:- Biogases as alternate fuels
-:- Natural gas as Alternate fuel
-:- Vegetable oil as Alternate Fuel
-:- LPG as Alternate fuels
-:- Performance, combustion and emission characteristics of SI and CI engines
-:- Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI)
-:- Stratified Charge Engine
-:- Gasoline Direct Ignition Engine
-:- Components of a Direct Injection gasoline System
-:- Lean-burn engine
-:- Common Rail Diesel Fuel Systems
-:- Electronic Engine Management