Auditing 12th Std

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Auditing 12th Std

Chapter 1: Internal Check

=> Internal Check
=> Meaning of Internal Check
=> Definition of Internal Check
=> Principles (or) Features of Good Internal Check System
=> Objectives of Internal Check
=> Advantages of Internal Check
=> Disadvantages of Internal Check
=> Duties of an auditor with Regards to Internal Check System
=> Internal Check - Cash Transactions
=> Internal checks- Wages
=> Internal Check Trading Transactions

Chapter 2: Internal Control

=> Internal Control
=> Meaning of Internal Control
=> Definition of Internal Control
=> Objectives of Internal Control
=> Advantages of Internal Control
=> Disadvantages of Internal Control
=> Principles of Good Internal Control System
=> Kinds of Internal Control
=> Auditor’s Duty in Evaluating the System of Internal Control
=> Methods of Evaluating Internal Control System
=> Differences between Internal Check and Internal Control

Chapter 3: Internal Audit

=> Internal Audit
=> Meaning of Internal Audit
=> Definition of Internal Audit
=> Objectives of Internal Audit
=> Scope (or) Functions of Internal Auditor
=> Comparison between Internal Audit and External Audit
=> Advantages of Internal Audit
=> Disadvantages of Internal Audit
=> Differences Between Internal Check and Internal Control with Internal Audit

Chapter 4: Verification and Valuation of Fixed Assets

=> Verification: Meaning, Definition, Objectives
=> Valuation: Meaning, Definition, Objectives, Methods
=> Importance of Verification and Valuation of Assets
=> Differences Between Verification and Valuation
=> Classification of Assets
=> Verification and Valuation of Fixed Assets
=> Verification and Valuation of Investments
=> Verification and Valuation of Other Fixed Assets

Chapter 5: Verification and Valuation of Current and Intangible Assets

=> Meaning and Definition of Current Assets
=> Classification of Current Assets
=> Verification and Valuation of Individual Current Assets
=> Meaning and Definition of Intangible Assets
=> Classifications of Intangible Asset
=> Verification and Valuation of Individual Intangible Assets

Chapter 6: Verification of Liabilities

=> Verification of Liabilities
=> Verification of Capital
=> Verification of Debentures
=> Verification of Long Term Loans
=> Verification of Current Liabilities
=> Verification of Contingent Liabilities

Chapter 7: Depreciation

=> Meaning of Depreciation
=> Definition of Depreciation
=> Causes for Depreciation
=> Objectives of Providing Depreciation
=> Factors (or) Basis of Providing Depreciation
=> Different Methods of Charging Depreciation
=> Auditor’s Duties with Regard to Depreciation

Chapter 8: Reserves and Provisions

=> Reserves: Meaning and Definition
=> Classification of Reserves
=> Meaning and Definition of Provisions
=> Classification of Provisions
=> Auditor’s Duties of Provisions
=> Differences Between Reserves and Provisions

Chapter 9: Qualifications, Rights and Duties of Auditor

=> Qualifications, Rights and Duties of Auditor
=> Qualifications of a Company Auditor [Sec.141 (1) & (2)]
=> Disqualifications of a Company Auditor [Sec.141 (3)]
=> Appointment of Auditor [Sec. 139]
=> Removal and Resignation of Auditor
=> Powers (or) Rights of an Auditor [Sec.143]
=> Duties of an Auditor [Sec.143]
=> Liabilities of an Auditor

Chapter 10: Company Audit

=> Audit Report
=> Audit of Share Capital
=> Audit of Share Capital of a New Company (or) Fresh Issue of Shares
=> Audit of Shares issued for Cash
=> Audit of shares issued for consideration other than cash
=> Audit of Shares Issued at Premium
=> Audit of Sweat Equity Shares (Issue at Discount)

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