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Living World: Important Questions

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Diversity of Living World

Living World




1. Which one of the following statement about virus is correct

a. Possess their own metabolic system

b. They are facultative parasites

c. They contain DNA or RNA

d. Enzymes are present


2. Identify the incorrect statement about the Gram positive bacteria

a. Teichoic acid absent

b. High percentage of peptidoglycan is found in cell wall

c. Cell wall is single layered

d. Lipopolysaccharide is present in cell wall


3. Identify the Archaebacterium

a. Acetobacter

b. Erwinia

c. Treponema

d. Methanobacterium


4. The correct statement regarding Blue green algae is

a. lack of motile structures

b. presence of cellulose in cell wall

c. absence of mucilage around the thallus

d. presence of floridean starch


5. Identify the correctly matched pair

a. Actinomycete – a) Late blight

b. Mycoplasma – b) lumpy jaw

c. Bacteria – c) Crown gall

d. Fungi – d) sandal spike


6. Differentiate Homoiomerous and Heteromerous lichens.

7. Write the distinguishing features of Monera.

8. Why do farmers plant leguminous crops in crop rotations/mixed cropping?

9. Briefly discuss on five Kingdom classification. Add a note on merits and demerits.

10. Give a general account on lichens.

11. Explain the asexual reproduction in Rhizopus.

12. Mention the steps involved in the sexual reproduction of Rhizopus.

13. Write outline the life cycle of Agaricus.

14. What is Sterigma?

15. Name the types of mycelium found in Agaricus.

16. Differentiate oidium and Chlamydospore.

17. Name the fungal group which possess dolipore septum.

18. Mention the diseases caused by fungi in plants.

19. Give two examples for mycorrhizae forming fungi.

20. Differentiate Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria.

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