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Chapter: 11th Botany : Chapter 2 : Plant Kingdom

Plant Kingdom: Important Questions

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Diversity of Living World

Plant Kingdom




1. Which of the plant group has gametophyte as a dominant phase?

a. Pteridophytes

b. Bryophytes

c. Gymnosperm

d. Angiosperm


2. Which of following represent gametophytic generation in pteridophytes?

a. Prothallus

b. Thallus

c. Cone

d. Rhizophore


3. The haploid number of chromosome for an Angiosperm is 14 , the number of chromosome in its endosperm would be

a. 7

b. 14

c. 42

d. 28


4. Endosperm in Gymnosperm is formed

a. At the time of fertilization

b. Before fertilization

c. After fertilization

d. Along with the development of embryo


5. Differentiate halpontic and diplontic life cycle.

6. What is plectostele? give example.

7. What do you infer from the term pycnoxylic?

8. Mention two characters shared by gymnosperms and angiosperms.

9. Do you think shape of chloroplast is unique for algae. Justify your answer?

10. Do you agree with the statement ‘Bryophytes need water for fertilization’? Justify your answer.

11. List the classes of algae.

12. Mention the pigments and storage food of Dinophyceae.

13. What are cap cells?

14. Name the flagellation found in the zoospore of Oedogonium

15. What is Nucule?

16. Differentiate nodal and internodal cells of Chara.

17. What are elaters?

18. What is protonema?

19. Where do we find false indusium?

20. Explain the internal structure of Cycas rachis.

21. Differentiate long and dwarf shoot.


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11th Botany : Chapter 2 : Plant Kingdom

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