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Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures - EC6301

Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures


-:- Overview of C++
-:- The structure of a C++ program
-:- Variables
-:- Initializion
-:- Overloading
-:- Container Class
-:- Static members of a C++ class
-:- Static Function Members
-:- Dynamic memory allocation
-:- Dynamic memory in C
-:- The Class Constructor
-:- The Class Destructor
-:- Variables Initialization
-:- Functions taking References Parameters
-:- Scope and Accessing Class Members
-:- Default Memberwise Assignment
-:- Structures
-:- Important Questions and Answers: Data Abstraction & Overloading


-:- Inheritance
-:- Dynamic Binding
-:- Public, Private, Protected inheritance
-:- This Pointer
-:- Abstract classes
-:- Using Constructors and Destructors in Derived Classes
-:- Composition vs. Inheritance
-:- What is virtual function? Explain with an example.
-:- What is a virtual destructor? Explain the use of it.
-:- Multiple inheritances with suitable c++ coding
-:- Polymorphism and Different Types of Polymorphism
-:- Multiple catch statement with help of suitable C++ coding
-:- Various file modes and its syntax
-:- Need for exception with try, catch and throw keywords
-:- Various forms of inheritance in C++ with necessary coding
-:- Important Short Questions and Answers: Inheritance and Polymorphism


-:- Abstract Data Type (ADT)
-:- The List ADT
-:- Array Based Implementation
-:- linked lists Implementation
-:- A singly linked list class The class definition for a node
-:- Polynomial Multiplication Using Linked List
-:- Stack ADT and its applications, Applications, Implementations
-:- Queue ADT and its applications, Applications, Implementations
-:- Evaluating arithmetic expressions
-:- How do you analyses an algorithm?
-:- How pointer are used to implement linked list structure
-:- Various operation performed on the doubly linked list. Doubly Linked Lists
-:- Give linked list implementation of stack operation
-:- What is a stack? Two operations performed on a stack with required algorithm
-:- Priority Queue
-:- Heap operations: algorithms, Heap Sort
-:- Important Short Questions and Answers: Linear Data Structures


-:- Tree - abstract data type (ADT)
-:- Binary tree and Types of binary trees
-:- Properties of binary trees
-:- Common operations of binary trees
-:- Graph and its representations - Tree
-:- Graph Representations and Traversals - Tree
-:- Graph Traversals
-:- Implementation of trees
-:- Implementation of a Binary Tree with an expression tree
-:- Breadth First Search
-:- Application of Depth First Search
-:- Important short questions and answers: Non-Linear Data Structures


-:- Sorting algorithms
-:- The Insertion Sort
-:- Quick Sort
-:- Merge Sort
-:- Binary Search
-:- Searching - Linear search
-:- Detail about Insertion Sort
-:- Brief note on Merge Sort
-:- Detail about Quick Sort
-:- Important short questions and answers: Sorting and Searching