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Department: Civil Engineering

Housing Planning and Management - CE6007

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Housing Planning and Management
-:- Types of structural buildings
-:- Housing Planning: Residential and Government buildings
-:- National housing policy(NHP)
-:- Sustainable house
-:- State level organization for housing
-:- Tamilnadu Housing Board [TNHB]
-:- Structural building types
-:- Central Government Organization for Housing
-:- Tamilnadu municipality byelaws and building rules (1972)
-:- Documents to be submitted for approval of building in municipality
-:- Important Question And Answer: Civil - Introduction To Housing
-:- Modern building planning
-:- Contents And Standards For Housing Program
-:- Site Analysis
-:- Sites And Services
-:- Neighborhoods and Neighborhoods Planning
-:- Housing Programs: Open Development Plots
-:- Co-Operative Housing
-:- Important Question And Answer: Civil - Housing Programs
-:- Site Planning And Design Process
-:- Elements of Site Analysis
-:- Housing Planning: Various components of layouts design
-:- Important Question And Answer: Civil - Planning And Designing Of Housing Project
-:- Requirements of cost effective building materials
-:- Housing Planning: Construction Techniques
-:- Housing Planning: Construction Equipment
-:- Housing Planning: Rehabilitation Techniques
-:- Cost Effective Technologies adopted by Building Centre
-:- Housing Planning: Building Centre
-:- Housing Planning: Appraisal Methodology
-:- Important Question And Answer: Civil - Construction Types And Cost Effective Materials
-:- Appraisal Of Housing Project
-:- Housing Finance
-:- Housing Finance: Home Loan
-:- Elements To Determine Cost Of The House
-:- Conceptual methodology for the recovery pattern of a housing project
-:- Housing Finance: Cash Flow Analysis
-:- Differentiate between Subsidy and Cross subsidy in housing finance
-:- Methodology for pricing of housing unit
-:- Housing Planning: Rents
-:- Housing Planning: Recovery Pattern
-:- Documents For Housing Loan
-:- Important Question And Answer: Civil - Housing Finance And Project Appraisal