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National housing policy(NHP)

This commission forms 5 sub commissions among them. 1. Housing development 2. Finance of the works 3. Deals with rural housing 4. Welfare schemes and 5. The problems of housing requirement.

National housing policy(NHP)




India has an area of 328.73 million hectares; the population of India exceeds 100 crores.


In this, 75% of the people still living in villages. According to the statics 4 lakh, 87,170 villages are present.


Keeping in view of the above points the government provides 5 year plan.


8th five year plan are formed based on the basic criteria of improvement of villages. The 8th five year plan combines any local agencies to achieve the objectives in this

plan.In this, NHP is proposed.


In this policy the planning commission was formed to know the requirement of house , types of people, no of village house required and no of houses in urban area are collected and decisions are made.


This commission forms 5 sub commissions among them.


1.     Housing development


2.     Finance of the works


3.     Deals with rural housing


4.       Welfare schemes and


5.     The problems of housing requirement.


The planning commission gives the following statics, showing the urban and rural requirements of housing.


The National Urban Housing and Habitat Policy aims


Urban Planning


I.            Encouraging State Governments, Urban Local Bodies, Development Authorities to periodically update their Master Plans and Zoning Plans which should, interlaid adequately

II.        Promoting balanced urban-rural planning by following the Regional Planning Approach, take the whole State/UT as a region, under the Town & Country Planning Acts in the States.


III.          Planning of Mass Rapid Transit Systems (MRTS) at the city Metropolitan


IV.            Planning Area and Sub-region levels.


V.            Accelerating the pace of development of housing and related infrastructure. v) Creating adequate housing stock both on rental and ownership basis with special emphasis on improving the affordability of the vulnerable and economically weaker sections of society through appropriate capital or interest subsidies.


Increase flow of Funds


I. Promoting larger flow of funds from governmental and private sources for fulfilling housing and infrastructure needs by designing innovative financial instruments.


II. Designing suitable fiscal concessions in congruence with the Housing and Habitat Policy with appropriate monitoring mechanism to ensure that the concessions are correctly targeted and utilized.


III. Removing legal, financial and administrative barriers for facilitating access to tenure, land, finance and technology.


IV. Shifting to a demand driven approach and from subsidy based housing schemes to cost recovery-cum-subsidy schemes for housing through a pro active financial policy including micro-finance and related self-help group programmes.


Salient features of NHP


The housing development should be based on the exact requirement and the environment.


The housing design should be based on these important points.


NHP     gives the technical         things        and      advises    towards      construction materials.


For the individual investors various financial relaxations are given for the construction of their homes.


The tax benefits or expectations or freedom are given for the people constructing of their homes.


More house loans are released and people are encouraged to construct the houses.


NHP implemented various schemes for helping the people to fulfill the housing requirements.


NHP formed a National Housing bank for making various housing schemes.


This helps to get financial support. The housing schemes are constructed and developed based on the building bye-laws.


The NHP motivates the government to provide the water facility and drainage facility for various schemes.


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