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Chapter: Civil : Housing Planning and Management : Introduction To Housing

Important Question And Answer: Civil - Introduction To Housing

Civil - Housing Planning and Management - Introduction To Housing




1. Define Housing


Housing generally refers to houses, social or public houses, enclosure (electrical), i.e. contain some equipments or mechanism.


Housing is a particular area where all the facilities are provided. It may be


1.     Social


2.     Physical


3.     Environmental amentias etc.

 2.Define Home?


Home is a residents or refuge and comfort. It is usually place in which on individual or a family can resist and able to store personal properties.


Home contains sanitary facilities and means of preparation of food, Animals have their own house assign well, either living in wild or in domestic environment.


3. Different Terminolgies in Home?


House are residential dwelling is often referred to as a home. The concept of home expressed itself upon a much broader denotation of physical dwelling. Many people think that home in terms of where they grew up or lived, a place that brings back old memories of feelings and home can even be a time rather than an actual place.


A work home can be used for various types of residential institution in which people can live such as nursing home, group home i.e. orphqanges for children, retirement home for seniors, persons for criminal, treatment facilities, etc and faster homes.


4. Define physiological Impact on Home?


It can be said that humans are generally creative of habit; state of persons

Home has been known to physiologically influence their behaviors, emotions and overall mental health. Some may become home sick when leave their home over an extended period of time.


5. Define House Hold?


House hold is a basic residential unit in which economical production consumption, inheritance, child rearing and shelter are organized and carried out. It may or may not be synonymous with family.


House hold is a basic unit of analysis in may social and micro economic and government models. The term refers to all individual who live in the same dwelling.


In economic, house hold is a person or group of people living in same residence. In reality, there is not always a one to one relation between the house hold and the families.


House hold includes all persons who occupy housing on it. It is a house, an apartment mobile home, a group of room or a single that occupation as a separate living quarters. Separate living quarters are those in which occupants live and eat separately from any other persons in building and which can direct access from outside of the building or through common hall.


Occupants may be a single family, one person living alone, two or more families living together or any other group or related or unrelated persons whose share the living arrangement.


6. Define apartment?


Apartment is a self contained housing unit that occupies only a part of building may be owned or rented. A common alternative term for an apartment is flat. The term apartment is used in North America, where as flat is commonly used.


Flat often denotes a housing block of lesser quality meant for lower income group where as apartment is more genetic and may also include luxury condominiums. The word apartment denotes residential unit or selection in a building or a rental unit owned by the building owner.


7.What are the classifications of apartments?


Classification based on rooms


  Single bed room


  Two bed room


  Three bed room Classification based on location


  Rent furnished with furniture




8.What is a multistoried building?


It is a building that has multiple floors above the ground in building. Multistoried building aims to increase the area of building without increasing the area of land of the building. Hence saving in land and in most cases i.e. money (depending on material used and land prices in the area).


9.What are the different types of special buildings?


  Agricultural building


  Commercial building


  Residential building


  Educational building


  Government building


  Industrial building


  Military building


  Religions building


  Parking building and storage building


  Other building


10.            What are the objectives of housing policies?


National housing policy - 1994



The main objective of this policy is to production of economical points view of increased supply of service to provide a healthy environment.


National housing policy - 2001


To provide housing in both quality and const effectiveness.


National housing policy - 2001


To objective focus of this policy is the provision of 'affordable housing for




National housing policy - 2007


11.            What are the objectives of NHP?


  Need urbanization and development


  Rural to urban shifting of labor.


  Balanced regional development.


  Magnitude of poverty .


  New policies and programmers.


  Role of housing and housing needs.


12.            What are the bye laws in urban and rural areas?


Flat area (or) Carpet area:


The area covered in a building at any floor level. Area is the length X width between the walls.


Shops - godown ware houses, doorway opening in the street, shall be 1rn from the edge of the street.


13. What are the dimension of room?


Every room (other than kitchen, bathroom, store room) to be used for the purpose of human habitation, (human living purpose) shall have,


(i)                Height of building and 2.75 m and 2.1m at any point measured from top surface of the floor.


(ii)             A clear superficial area of 7.5m2 = 7.5 X 10.75 esq.


(iii)           A width 42.5 m.


(iv)           Water closet - 1 esq. (3' X 4')


(v)             Bath cum (Toilet) - 2.7 m2 (6' X 5')


14.            What are the national level organizations?


  HUDCO - Housing Urban Development Corporation


  HDFC - Housing Development Financial Corporation


  LIC - Life Insurance Corporation


  National Banks


15.            What are the state level organizations?


  Housing board (TN housing board)


  Slum clearance board (TNSCB)


  Police housing corporation (TNPHC)


  Co-operative housing society


  Land development bank


  Private housing finance


  Rural to urban shifting of labor


  Balanced regional development,


  Magnitude of poverty .


  New policies and programmers.


  Role of housing and housing needs


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