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Important Question And Answer: Civil - Housing Programs

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1)What are the important concepts of the housing scheme?


v  Roominess


v  Flexibility


v  Grouping


v  Privacy


v  Elegance


2)What are the factors planning a housing scheme?


v  Social or cultural needs of the user


v  Cost factor or affordability


v  Climatic condition


v  Geological condition


v  House site should be able to get power supply, water supply, drainage, communication and transport.

3)What are the factors should be consider for the site selection?


v  Land cost


v  Distance from place of work


v  Ease of drainage


v  Location of school, college and public building


v  Wind velocity and direction


v  Annual rainfall


v  Transport facilities


4)What are the Public utility services?


v  Educational institutions


v  Electricity supply


v  Fire stations


v  Gas


v  Hospitals and health centers


v  Local industrial units


v  Market and shopping centre


v  Park and play ground


v  Public buildings like banks railway stations.


5)What are the advantages of cooperative housing?


v  The government should give the priority for the allotment of lands, building materials to the housing co operative.


v  The housing society should construct such houses for which the cost is with their limit of their members.


v  The poor and poor people should bring under scheme and entry of rich people should be discouraged in the housing co operatives.

6)What are the disadvantages of co-operative housing?


v  Non co-operation among the workers


v  Violation of rules and regulations


v  Misuse of powers


v  Improper supervision


v  Improper quality control in construction.


7)Define Slum?


The area is known as slum. Characterized by substandard housing


and living condition within a city.


8) What are the causes of slums?


v  Decentralization


v  Economic condition


v  Education


v  Improper use of land


v  Industrialization


v  Lack of zoning


v  Migrants


v  Powers of local authority.


v  Repair and maintenance.


9)What are the effects of slum?


v  Absence of amenities


v  Health


v  Surrounding locality


v  Undesirable spots


v  Working conditions


v  Slum clearance


10)           What are the objectives of slum Clearance?


v  To bring down the difference of the living standard of people of various classes


v  To prevent the occurrence of epidemics in the town or city


v  To provide the absolute basic minimum standard of essential amenities for a healthy living.


v  To remove the ugly spot or slum 'the town map.




11)           What are the methods of slum clearance?


Complete removal method


        Improvement method


12)           What are the important points to be considered improvement method?


v Amenities v Legal aspects v Transit camps


v Unauthorized persons.


13)           How to prevent the slum formation?


v  Cheaper housing


v  Compulsion of housing to employees


v  Rules and regulations to construct buildings


v  Restrictions or rent increases


v  Social educations


v  Prevention of unauthorized construction.


14)           Define lack of zoning?


If the town is not divided into suitable zones like residential, industrial, commercial the slums may be formed.




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