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Department: Civil Engineering

Remote Sensing Techniques and GIS - CE6003

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Remote Sensing Techniques and GIS

-:- Definition and Proocess of Remote Sensing
-:- Remote Sensing And Its Components
-:- Electromagnetic Spectrum
-:- Wavelength Regions Important To Remote Sensing
-:- Wave Theory and Parrtical Theory
-:- Stefan Boltzmann law and Wien's displacementt law
-:- Energy Interactions With The Atmosphere
-:- Atmospheric Windows
-:- Spectral Signature Concepts Typical Spectral Reflectance Charactristics Of Water, Vegetation And Soil
-:- Important Questions and Answers - EMR And Its Interaction With Atmophere And Earth Material
-:- Remote Sensing Techniques: Types Of Platforms
-:- Orbit Types: Geo- Synchronous And Sun-Synchronous
-:- Passive and Active Sensors
-:- Resolution Concept: Spatial, Spectral, Radiometric Resolution
-:- Pay Load Description Of Important Earth Resources And Meterological Satellites
-:- Meterological Satellites
-:- Air Borne and Space borne TIR and Microwave Sensors
-:- Important Questions and Answers - Platforms and Sensors
-:- Image Interpretation: Types Of Data Products
-:- Types of Image Interpretation
-:- Basic Elements of Image Interpretation
-:- Visual Interpretation Keys
-:- Digital Image Processing
-:- Image Classification
-:- Important Questions Answers - Image Interpretation And Analysis
-:- Geographic Information System
-:- Geographic Information System: Maps Definition
-:- Geographic Information System: Map Projections
-:- Geographic Information System: Map Analysis
-:- Definitions of Geographic Information System(GIS)
-:- Basic Components of Geographic Information System(GIS)
-:- Standard Geographic Information System(GIS) Software
-:- Geographic Information System: Data Types
-:- DBMS (Data Base Management Systems)
-:- Important Questions and Answers - Geographic Information System
-:- Attribute Data Analysis
-:- Integerated Data Analysis
-:- Modeling In GIS Highway Alingment Studies
-:- Land Information System
-:- Important Questions and Answers - Data Entry, Storage and Analysis